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The 2014 Bathurst 12 Hours didn’t end so well for the GT Academy team. After a strong qualifying performance, a colossal accident for Katsumasa Chiyo at Skyline in the third hour ended their race.

Not ones to take defeat lying down, the team has returned for the 2015 event. An enforced driver change has put them into the amateur class of the GT3 category instead of the top Pro-Am group, but this doesn’t seem to have slowed them down too much as Chiyo has put the #35 GT-R 3rd on the grid with a 2’03.297 lap, seven tenths from pole.

Bathurst bit back almost immediately though, as Chiyo scraped the wall at the Cutting and had to limp back to the pits with some unsightly rear end damage. The team is confident of getting it all straightened up for the start of the race, which will be taken by Wolfgang Reip.

Race Coverage

  • Starting Time: February 7th, 1850 UTC/GMT (convert to your local time here)
  • Full live stream, starting at 1830 UTC/GMT for International viewers here (and Australian viewers here)
  • Live timing at the official Bathurst 12 website
  • Radiolemans‘ live radio broadcast.
  • Official Bathurst 12hr Twitter account and Facebook page.

Community Discussion

Join the discussion in the 2015 Bathurst 12 Hours thread in the GTPlanet Forums.

Image courtesy of NISMO.tv.

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Comments (28)

  1. Hanako787b

    Congrats as Gran Turismo wins the Bathurst 12 hour!! Well done to Florian, Wolfgang, and Chiyo. Chiyo the beast
    Powers the final blast for Godzilla!! Long live the GT-R!!!!

  2. sangdude82

    Wow, just wow… I thought it was over for Nissan when the safety car came out but with the series of insane overtakes from Chiyo San made the victory possible for Nissan!!! After 23 agonising years, the Nissan GT-R has returned to the top spot of the Bathurst. Big big congrats to everyone at Nissan. Godzilla is the King of the mountain :D

  3. Skizzorex

    Congrats to the entire team on the win. I watched those last 30 minutes, and they were some of the best racing I’ve seen in a while.

  4. Punknoodle

    Well done Nissan but I wish the camera was focussed on the cars battling for 2nd, 3rd and 4th behind him, they were having an awesome battle and it all came down to the final corner that we missed to see the Nissan gliding solo over the finish line. I understand it’s an important image to get but surely the guy on Murray’s corner should have focused on the battle and left the next camera get the solo Nissan.

  5. Need4Speed685

    Huge congrats to Chiyo-san, Reip, Strauss and everyone at Nissan Motorsport!

    You guys made history out there today!

  6. jezboosted

    OMG – he just flew past the audi and the Bentley


    Awesome effort guys and congratulations

  7. David Bailey

    Watching the action on TV . Great race, bathurst is famous for the V8s but these GT3 cars are monsters check out the Bentleys and how good do the mercs sound!
    Already spoken to my mates we’re going up next year for the weekend.

  8. 0r3n

    5 hours in…. Florian doing well in first just edging out an Aussie (Canto) in a SLS AMG GT3… im a little bit torn… awesome race…
    Now to my Bathurst wishlist … i want the Bentley Continental GT3 car… that thing looks awesome. .. and some of the liveries from this race….especially the red Ferrari with a Kankaroo on the side. … thats looks awesome… and the Porches. .. and whilst were at it a special DLC with historical Fords and Holdens past Bathurst winners…

  9. Blood*Specter

    Last year’s Bathurst 12h was about the best car race I’ve ever seen. And someone driving a McLaren did an in race 2 minute lap. The battles between McLaren, Ferrari and Merc was back and forth the entire race. Epic. I’m looking forward to this one.

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