Abarth 1500 Bertone B.A.T. 1 Coupe Wins Gran Turismo Trophy at Pebble Beach 2010

August 27th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

For the third consecutive year, Kazunori Yamauchi has been invited to the prestigious Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance to present the Gran Turismo Trophy – an award “to support those who make efforts to preserve irreplaceable, precious automotive culture for future generations to come”. This year, it goes to the one and only 1952 Abarth 1500 Biposto Coupe in existence – an unusual, quirky, and significant car. From the official announcement:

Designed by master designer Franco Scaglione, working for Bertone at the time, the Abarth 1500 Biposto boasted not only a mix of strong character and unique style, but first-class aerodynamics as well. The eye-opening triple headlights and the carved out features of the front and rear fenders gave it its own unique look, while the shape of the rear featured hints of the coming of the popular tailfin design. The overall design later proved to produce superior aerodynamics in wind tunnel testing, thanks in part to Scaglione’s previous study of aeronautical engineering. Scaglione was later credited for having “anticipated the flow of air” way back in the 1950s.

There was only one Abarth 1500 Biposto manufactured, and it was shown in the 1952 Torino Auto Show. After that it was purchased by Packard of the United States, and it disappeared from the public’s eye. This historically significant car was restored to perfection by Chris Drake of the United Kingdom, and brought to the United States to appear at the 2010 Concours de Elegance in Pebble Beach where it took home the Gran Turismo Trophy.

Read more on the car’s fascinating history right here – it was regularly used by its previous owner to pick up his children from school!

It is likely – though not guaranteed – this little Abarth will be coming to a Gran Turismo game near you. The 2008 winner – a 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400 Bertoni Prototype – was just confirmed for GT5 at Gamescom 2010. Last year’s winner, a 1965 Alfa Romeo TZ2, has yet to be seen…

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  1. Aug. 29, 9:38pm

    Hope the LFA in the background of the SLR makes it into the game

  2. Aug. 29, 4:31pm

    Mr Scaglione may of stumbled on an idea on air flow at the rear, but appears to have had complete disregard about impact damage to limbs and torsos that the airs scoops and front sharp casing around the front light arrangements would cause.

    Well done Mr Scaglione, it’s a classic ‘Deathrace 2000’ car!

  3. Aug. 28, 1:30pm
    GTSeries Maniac

    It ain’t ugly,it’s a rare jewell :3

  4. Aug. 28, 1:15pm

    one of the ugliest car ive ever seen, please dont tell me this will be one of the premium cars in the game

  5. Aug. 28, 10:24am

    Well said Strikey! The Radical needs to be in the game as a premium model. Once I’ve finished the main career mode, the next few months (and years) afterwards will be spent hopefully thrashing a Radical around the ‘ring and bettering my lap times. I certainly won’t be spending any longer than is absolutely necessary driving that Fiat!

  6. Aug. 28, 6:53am

    Europe the land of Classic ans super cars

    Thats why GT5 is very popular, because Europeans know quality when they see it.

    not like the Americans were all they have is Smoke and mirrors a.k.a “Definitive”

    • Aug. 28, 12:05pm

      I’m not sure what your point is. Pebble Beach is in California, about as far as you can get from Europe in the northern hemisphere. Grow up.

  7. Aug. 28, 6:15am
    Gran Turismo Vet

    Incredible, the Gran Turismo brand has become such an important part of the Automotive industry and I didn`t even notice. I`m proud of PD.

  8. Aug. 27, 4:28pm

    Beautiful piece of art (that moves)!

  9. Aug. 27, 4:21pm

    this better not be a premium. why is there no pictures of the new Bugatti Veyron SS? that was EASILY the best car at pebble beach

    • Aug. 27, 5:19pm

      I toast to that! Bugatti has made in my opinion, the most beautiful cars in history, past and present!

    • Aug. 28, 12:12am

      I’m hoping the Bugatti EB110 is in GT5 & some of the older ones. Maybe the SS will be in GT5 after the record it set & what it did at the top gear track. We can only hope

  10. Aug. 27, 3:57pm

    Wow, that car is horrible.

  11. Aug. 27, 12:45pm
    Peter Emo

    Kaz looks good in a suit!

  12. Aug. 27, 12:36pm

    It’s nice to see KY in a suit!

    • Aug. 27, 5:20pm

      It’s kinda funny how the woman he’s always with is taller than him, haha. Is that his wife?

  13. Aug. 27, 12:32pm

    While it’s nice to know that the Biposto Coupe will likely make it into the game at some point, I would hope Kazunori is also taking a long, hard look at the beautiful Ferrari 250 LM sitting there. It’s also a former Le Mans winner and would really compliment the F330 P4.

    • Aug. 27, 2:45pm

      Yea, that Ferrari would be very welcome in the game, especially because of its wheels *-*.

      I like also those very very old cars whose lights are “outside”. Some of them have been tuned nowadays, becoming “hot rods”. Maybe in GT6…

    • Aug. 28, 12:42am

      The 250 LM is my favorite Ferrari so I’d really love that. The 330 P4, Mark IV and XJ13 were the best news to come out of Gamescon (well, that a Karting) and I guess it’s not unreasonable to expect this beauty to also be part of GT5.

  14. Aug. 27, 12:29pm

    Gotta love 50’s design.

  15. Aug. 27, 11:56am

    I wish I were there since I live only two hours away. It’s quite reassuring knowing that one of, and/or rare, cars are being preserved; great classic and beautiful cars.

  16. Aug. 27, 11:38am

    WTG KY!

    what a strange, but fascinating, automobile!

  17. Aug. 27, 11:23am
    Mr Latte

    Gees this man must run up some serious AIRMILES!

    Interesting looking car though…

  18. Aug. 27, 9:53am

    Car looks ugly from certain vantage points, but you can really see the applied science of aerodynamics.

  19. Aug. 27, 9:36am

    I’d almost bet my own car that this will begin to be meticulously modeled and added as DLC.

  20. Aug. 27, 8:35am

    This is not “Gran Turismo 5 News at GTPlanet”.
    Why post this? It’s of no use to anyone. It has NOTHING to do with GT5.

    • Aug. 27, 8:56am

      Why must people complain about posts like this, IF YOU WANT ONLY OFFICIAL GT NEWS, THEN GO TO GRAN-TURISMO.COM

    • Aug. 27, 10:17am

      One, this is the lead designer of GT5 giving out this trophy.
      Two, on a related point, the trophy means that this car will probably be in GT5 at some point, whether at launch or with DLC.
      To say it has NOTHING to do with GT5 is ludicrous. Also, it looks to me like people are enjoying this post, so it was ‘of use’ to a lot of people.

      On topic, this car is pretty unique, and I like the front end, but I’m not sure if I like the cutouts by the wheels.

    • Aug. 27, 1:08pm

      Ironically, this comes directly from the official site, If you don’t think this is interesting or relevant, you shouldn’t read this blog.

    • Aug. 27, 1:30pm

      Oh snap! hehe

    • Aug. 28, 4:28am

      KITTY GOT WET! Nero, you might as well shut up. Jordan has the right to post whatever he wants. In fact, if he really wanted to, he could make a post about a shiny new pair of sneakers he just bought. HE decides whether a post is relevant or not, not you. Do ALL of the posts interest me personally? No. But I’m not gonna moan about it because GTPlanet a great site. It’s certainly where I get all of my GT5 news.
      If you don’t support the site, then GTFO?

      I second Fritter’s post.
      What does Kaz have to do with GT5? Hmmm…

      Back to the actual post… That is one ugly car IMO! It’s not my style anyhow. The other cars look pretty nice though.

      Jordan, I don’t know how you put up with some of these people haha. I know I would sure get frustrated trying to keep people entertained till release and having some knucklehead moan about it. Hope things are getting better for ya.

  21. Aug. 27, 6:03am
    Magic Ayrton

    Hopefully those eye ties will be quiet about their pesky flag now… LOVE GT5!!

  22. Aug. 27, 5:54am

    Mr. Kaz looks a real gentleman in a suit. /thumbs up

  23. Aug. 27, 5:39am

    The headlight in the middle is just a real interesting design. Plus the design of the wheelarches, again that is real nice and of course seeing kazanouri in a suit was a breath of fresh air.

  24. Aug. 27, 5:10am

    …Ok.Ive been thinking,Nascar,go karts,classic cars many current day average to super salloons are in GT5?

  25. Aug. 27, 4:13am

    I hope classic rallys and the arbarth are in gt5

  26. Aug. 27, 3:58am

    nice pics jordan

  27. Aug. 27, 3:34am

    Of the 3 winners I like the Miura (love), Alfa Romeo TZ2, and then this one, in that order.

  28. Aug. 27, 3:24am

    All of these need to be put in game. Heck, how about every car from every Pebble Beach ever?

    • Aug. 27, 3:31am

      No thank you! =)

    • Aug. 28, 12:32am

      Zenith, that would be ridiculously awesome!!

  29. Aug. 27, 2:57am

    Nice to see Kaz in a suit .

  30. Aug. 27, 2:48am

    Please let this be a standard model and not premium! I would like to see a Radical SR5 or other track monster being featured and included in GT5. Enough with the trip down memory lane Kaz!

    • Aug. 27, 3:22am

      Yes, it’s MUCH more important to show the beautiful interior of a generic track day car made out of tin with a recycled Honda engine than the masterpiece up there


    • Aug. 27, 7:45am

      Zenith has the right idea.

    • Aug. 27, 8:49am

      Premium models take 6 months to build and we are about 2 months, maybe less, away from the gold date. I think it’s out of the question that this car with be in the game as a premium.

      I love the look of some classical cars, but agree that in in Gran Turismo I’d prefer more focus on fast sports cars that this type of bizarre.

    • Aug. 28, 8:32am

      It may just be a track day car but it holds the fastest laptime round the ring for a production car!

  31. Aug. 27, 2:02am

    Just remove the Fiat 500 and give us this show-winner !

    • Aug. 27, 2:09am

      And just why would they do that?

    • Aug. 27, 4:03am

      Alright, DON’T remove the Fiat, and give us both – pleeeze !
      Maybe, it’s too late now, only 9 weeks to release-day

    • Aug. 27, 5:18pm

      YES! REMOVE THE 500!

  32. Aug. 27, 2:00am

    I really hope to see this added in a “Spec” update.

  33. Aug. 27, 2:00am

    Cue 1952 Abarth 1500 Biposto Coupe as late inclusion premium model in 3.. 2.. 1..

    Mad looking car by the way. Absolutely love 50’s and 60’s car design. That one is pretty special.

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