Kazunori Yamauchi at Pebble Beach 2009

September 12th, 2009 by Jordan Greer


You might remember last year when Kazunori Yamauchi handed out the “Polyphony Digital Trophy” at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.  At the time, his selection of a Lamborghini raised eyebrows in our forums, and it did turn out to be a pleasant case of foreshadowing!  This year, the award goes to a 1965 Alfa Romeo TZ2 – the company’s “last purpose-built GT racer”, of which only 12 were produced.  Before you get too excited, though, we should mention that there is no indication this car will be included in any GT game. It would be great, however, to see Polyphony Digital Trophy recipients included, much like the annual winners of the SEMA Gran Turismo Award

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  1. Sep. 15, 3:59pm

    ha, o gosh what would their kid look like o_0

  2. Sep. 15, 9:25am

    ;) That could be Kaz’s wife.

  3. Sep. 14, 4:13pm

    Aston Martin One-77!!!!!

  4. Sep. 14, 7:45am

    I agree … but it would be real nice to make every car and color from any manufacturer…

  5. Sep. 13, 8:24pm
    Sam__ NY

    We atleast need the optional extras like you get when you buy a real car, GT5P already has car color as an option, but GT5 needs things like interior upulstry option, or rim option, choosing weather you want your car to be manual or auto, any of that would keep me happy, but forza customization for GT5 would just be SICK!!!

  6. Sep. 13, 8:09pm

    The paint pallet that is…

  7. Sep. 13, 8:07pm

    lol Yeah Sam, That would be something right … I would hate to have a race with 12-16 red enzo’s, Im not a forza fan buy any means but the way you can customize a car with the paint and rims is crazy! ,Still it’s not worth buying a 360 with the red eye lmao! We need that on GT5!

  8. Sep. 13, 2:08pm
    Sam__ NY


    highly doubt it. although this major advancement at the TGS could be anything so keep your fingers crossed.

  9. Sep. 13, 12:57pm

    LMAO and “tuned”

  10. Sep. 13, 12:56pm

    And i meant “info”

  11. Sep. 13, 12:56pm

    Not to get off the subject but has anyone heard if gt5 will have extensive customization as far as paint and rims etc…

  12. Sep. 13, 12:53pm

    Mr X thanks for the into ,that car has a viper v 10 tunded to make 650 bhp…..

  13. Sep. 13, 12:50pm

    if the alfa is gonna be in GT5, doesn’t that mean PD has to model it. PD said car modeling takes up to 6 months. I CANT WAIT 6 MORRE MONTHS FOR GT5!!!!

  14. Sep. 13, 12:04pm

    edit to my previous post, sun ripend rich people in CALIFORNIA!

  15. Sep. 13, 12:03pm

    Thats what rich sun ripend people look like in the south of france (the lady) lol!

    I would hope that all the Pebble Beach and also SEMA gran turismo winners are in GT5. It looks like they have the licences for all the brands in question apart from the Porsche.

    That Alfa is really a thing of beauty, pretty much all Alfas have been.

  16. Sep. 13, 9:58am

    That woman next to KY is so skinny, OMG.

  17. Sep. 13, 12:41am
    Mr. X

    Got it.
    It’s a Devon Motor Works Devon GTX.

  18. Sep. 13, 12:39am
    Mr. X

    What is that wonderful red creature with the black stripe?
    Like icant said, it looks like a TVR.

  19. Sep. 12, 8:59pm

    Somebody give that lady a “What not to Wear” award.

  20. Sep. 12, 7:52pm

    Has anyone ever seen the cars in pic 9 & 11 if so what are they ? in pic 11 that car kinda looks like a tvr?

  21. Sep. 12, 7:40pm

    trip in there’s no way to finish a project !!

    Yamauchi they’re thinking?

    this waste of time angry me

  22. Sep. 12, 7:06pm

    Wheres translator guy!?!?!?!?!?

  23. Sep. 12, 6:40pm

    Sweet Car Show!!!!!!! ;-)

  24. Sep. 12, 6:14pm

    glad to c gtplanet is follow KY ever move. u never know when the next GT5 news might drop. lol ;)

  25. Sep. 12, 5:21pm

    in the main picture that lady behind him looks like a zombie haha. also i hope that aston martin one-77 is in GT5

  26. Sep. 12, 3:10pm

    beautiful cars!hope we see some in gt5!

  27. Sep. 12, 2:45pm

    Beautiful machines there.

  28. Sep. 12, 1:59pm

    That woman is disgustingly wrinkled. If it wasn’t for those sexy cars, I’d be dead.

  29. Sep. 12, 12:55pm

    If its not Jap its scrap

  30. Sep. 12, 12:33pm

    Cool. But there’s no Subaru.

  31. Sep. 12, 12:28pm

    i wont some good clasics in GT5

  32. Sep. 12, 12:19pm

    Some really beautiful cars there ;-)

  33. Sep. 12, 12:10pm

    Proud to be italian.

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