Assetto Corsa Competizione GT2 Pack Accidentally Confirmed for 2023

The long-hinted GT2 pack for Assetto Corsa Competizione has been confirmed, seemingly by accident, during a special live stream from the SRO Motorsports Group at this season’s 24 Hours of Spa.

This hour-long press conference detailed the SRO’s activities over the last 12 months and plans for the next, with Stephane Ratel himself presenting alongside a number of guests for each specific discipline and partnership.

ACC has become an integral part of the SRO’s racing portfolio, not only hosting the official GT World Challenge Esports and Intercontinental GT Championship Esports, but becoming a part of the real thing too.

That’s because the GT World Challenge has become a three-pronged championship, with points gathered from Sprint Series and Endurance Series events added to an Esports arm, called the Fanatec Esports GT Pro Series.

This sees the teams entered for the full season submit a pro driver each to an esports race ahead of the Endurance Series rounds of the championship. With five points available for a win, it’s potentially worth as much as a Sprint Series round if one team can win all five events.

Before Marco Massarutto, co-founder of the Kunos Simulazioni developer behind ACC, could take to the stage though, Ratel let slip that the GT2 series would become part of the title soon.

Shortly after a brief presentation from Fanatec’s Robert Rossi, Ratel commented on the accuracy of the ACC simulator and added “I’m very happy because I heard… now you are going to do the GT2 so I will be able to train in the sim”.

When Massarutto presented his section a little later on, he quipped that “the decision to produce the GT2 pack actually has been taken yesterday, so it was not a story to be told today… but we are friends so we won’t pay any royalty on that and we are still friends!”.

The GT2 field currently consists of the Audi R8 LMS GT2, Brabham BT63 GT2, KTM X-BOW GT2, Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo GT2, and Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport, with the Mercedes AMG GT Track Series as an invitational class, and the Maserati MC20 GT2 set to be introduced next season.

That likely means all seven cars will be coming to ACC in 2023, and Massarutto made a particular point of saying that the decision was inspired by the Maserati in particular.

In addition to confirming the GT2 pack for 2023, Massarutto also announced that ACC will be supporting the 2023 GTWC season with new liveries and the new cars that will race in 2023. They’ll be the new Ferrari 296 GT3 — also unveiled today — Porsche 992 911 GT3, and the Evo2 model of the Lamborghini Huracan GT3.

With Assetto Corsa 2 set to arrive in 2024, Massarutto also hinted that this could be the final DLC for ACC, noting that the pack could be “to say goodbye”.

The content is all set to arrive in 2023, although no specific date has yet been revealed. You can see full the stream below, cued up to the start of Massarutto’s contributions:

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