Aston Martin’s AM-RB 001 Makes Its Vision Gran Turismo Look Tame

July 5th, 2016 by Kyle Patrick


We first reported on the Aston Martin/Red Bull collaboration back in March, and today, the sheets were pulled back. Dubbed AM-RB 001 – a name likely to be replaced with one starting with V when deliveries start in 2018 – it promises a level of road car performance practically unheard of until now.

While many of the details are still under wraps, the boys from Gaydon have confirmed that a clean-sheet V12 design will find its way behind the driver, breathing without the aid of turbos. The 7.0L will be extremely high-revving, as the target is the golden 1:1 horsepower/kilogram ratio, with the car expected to land under the four-digit mark on the scales.

am-rb-001_08_resizedAs if that’s not enough, Aston Martin has also confirmed an even more extreme track-only version will be produced, with projected performance on par with the LMP1 racers of today. Including 25 of this extreme variant as well as any prototypes, production will end somewhere between 99 and 150 units, according to Aston CEO Andy Palmer. Whatever the car does end up being called, it will be built at the same plant in Gaydon that constructed Aston’s previous hypercar, the One-77.

As befitting a car with a multi-million pound price tag, no stone has been left unturned in the hunt for performance. The Red Bull-designed transmission will have no reverse gear, with the car instead relying on a battery for backing up, as well as an additional performance boost moving forward. The brakes drop the ceramic aspect of the fashionable carbon-ceramic discs found elsewhere on road cars. According to our friends at Evo, not a single piece of the entire car is crafted from steel.

With Adrian Newey, Red Bull’s record-setting design guru, behind the project, there are not only obvious F1 influences, but also nods to his virtual work. The X-series of cars in Gran Turismo are hinted at in the vast amounts of negative space behind the front wheels, a sort of underbody alternative to what we’ve seen recently on Ford’s GT. Looking towards the front of the car through these cutaways, we see the inboard push-rod suspension, which Newey promises will help provide the dual-personalities needed for a car of such broad talents:

“I’ve always been adamant that the AM-RB 001 should be a true road car that’s also capable of extreme performance on track, and this means it really has to be a car of two characters. That’s the secret we’re trying to put into this car – the technology that allows it to be docile and comfortable, but with immense outright capabilities.”

Aston Martin’s lead designer, Marek Reichman, has imbued the model with a handful of family features. The swollen, flowing arches hark back to the DBR1 sports racers of the 50’s, while the trademark grille shape is present up front as well as in the small, active rear spoiler. The floating roof line ties the AM-RB to the recently-revealed DB11 grand tourer, though that’s about where the similarities end between the two cars.

To our eyes, the Red Bull X2010 and Aston’s Vision GT are the most obvious influences, with a pinch of Maserati’s glorious Birdcage 75th concept from 2005 in the smooth curve of the passenger cell and the tautly-drawn bodywork. There’s also shades of Jaguar’s sadly-cancelled C-X75 project in the stubby nose.

Plenty of companies have made bold performance claims before only to fall short, but with the engineering might of Adrian Newey and the Red Bull team behind this project, we wouldn’t bet against them. Roll on, 2018.

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  1. Jul. 6, 11:58am

    Ugly it may be, but it sounds fast as hell.

    • Jul. 6, 12:10pm

      Rocket on wheels X)

  2. Jul. 6, 10:19am

    I think its a Road Going, two seaters Red Bull Standard with no rear Spoiler.

  3. Jul. 6, 7:09am
    Dushan 77

    Wow!!!. That looks cool.

  4. Jul. 6, 5:26am

    Jesus Christ, this thing is ugly as hell.

  5. Jul. 6, 4:50am

    For me, that’s a bit too much like a Pagani Huayra from the side. I liked the GT Vision design, which at least looked like an Aston Martin.

    • Jul. 6, 11:12am

      I saw that Huayra profile too, Elf. Then when you pan towards the front the hood of an Audi LMP begins to show.

      More than a hundred years of automotive design. It’s becoming difficult to be completly original. Especialy while we continue place occupants and powerplants low and between four wheels.

      No, it doesn’t look like any AstonMartin l can remember. The AM Vision Concept is a car l like to drive in GT6. This one will, hopefully, be fun as well in 7.

  6. Jul. 6, 4:34am

    It looks nice but it’s not an Aston. I’m lost to where Aston want to go, I thought they had a good spot before but now I’m not sure, they seems to want to cover the whole car spectrum from 100’000 USD and more.

  7. Jul. 5, 10:33pm

    From the side and rear I think it’s spot on, but the front has this platypus and walrus thing going on that really isn’t working for me at all.

  8. Jul. 5, 7:32pm

    Is it just me, or does this car look like ED-209 from the front profile?

  9. Jul. 5, 7:27pm

    This is a beauty!
    It reminds me of Iteldesign Nazca C2 X)

    • Jul. 6, 12:06pm

      IF they’re able to find an aerodynamical solution to keep the performance of the front to make it even better in shape – it’ll become a masterpiece :)

    • Jul. 6, 8:02pm

      I think what Chrysler has done with their 21st century cars like the Copperhead’s bluntnose and Audi’s and Porsche’s upright headlight LMP designs, may be a way to go to change things up a bit in styling.

      Chrysler has some nice looking 300s but Audi and Porsche failed, in terms of looks, when they flaired the aft end of the front fenders.

  10. Jul. 5, 6:44pm
    Scuderia Paul

    I think the AM-RB 001 is an incredible looking machine with it’s uncompromising focus on aerodynamic performance. It looks not just modern but futuristic.

    The steering wheel appears to be central which suggests the car will be a single seater as there is barely enough space for a driver let alone a passenger. As I said in the forums, where are they going to fit a V12 and gearbox? It’s tiny!

    Imagine what the track variant will look like…

  11. Jul. 5, 6:28pm

    Like most Astons, l like the shape of this one. The green house looks to be small enough to be a single or tandom seater.

    • Jul. 5, 7:08pm

      Partictulary ftom the front, ot reminds me of the 50s Audi and pontooned fendered TestaRossas.

    • Jul. 6, 12:08pm

      Auto Union you mean ?

    • Jul. 6, 7:47pm

      Yup ;)

  12. Jul. 5, 6:06pm

    Looks like a new Dauer… super ugly the one from GT was night and day better. Sad. Aston has lost their footing as most beautiful cars. It was good while it lasted.

  13. Jul. 5, 4:33pm

    Lol, 3 Million for that ugly thing?

    • Jul. 6, 12:04pm

      Things can be ugly when attempting to make something fast :)
      At least this is among the prettiest of the uglies <<< if i wanted to speak in your own language in taste :)

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