Fanatec Offers 20% Discounts in Black Friday 2020 Deals

Hardware 79 November 26, 2020 by

It’s time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: the time of year at which the best deals can be had on usually expensive sim-racing hardware.

As ever, Fanatec is leading the way with some solid discounts on its steering wheel peripherals this year, but it’s keeping things a little more basic with its 2020 Black Friday offerings.

In a carefully curated deal, Fanatec has picked a selection of its best-selling PC, PlayStation, and Xbox wheels, and giving a flat 20% discount on all of them. These are limited to 14,000 total units globally, and once they’re gone that’s the end of it.

To avoid some of the unpleasantness we’ve seen in recent weeks with Xbox Series X and PS5 sales, and to ease pressure on the site, Fanatec won’t announce when the sale goes live. It’ll simply start the event at some point before 1100 UTC on Friday 27.

The full list of available items is as follows:

You can take advantage of the deals, when they go live, in your regional Fanatec store:

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