Burnout Paradise Remastered is Last Week’s Best Selling Game at UK Retail

Gaming 8 March 20, 2018 by

A lot has changed in the past decade, but people’s love for Burnout has not. The latest sales charts for UK retail are in and they highlight a very strong performance for Burnout Paradise Remastered. The EA-published release was highly anticipated and people in the UK snapped up the chance to return to Paradise City.

Two major titles launched last week with Paradise being joined by Kirby: Star Allies on Nintendo Switch. Both these games had the best possible debut they could have hoped for, coming in at first and second respectively.

Although players have been begging for a Burnout Paradise remaster, it is still very impressive to see the game at the very top of the charts. There are plenty of examples of fans asking for a new title or remaster and then it doesn’t actually perform well. Clearly, the general audience was also receptive to the game and ended up pushing it ahead of all the competition.

As far as rereleases go, Burnout Paradise Remastered is pretty basic. There’s a few touched up textures here and there but ultimately this is the exact same experience from a decade ago.

Bearing this in mind, EA will be very happy with its public reception. I know I’ve been playing it non-stop since release last Friday. Remastered is a trip back to one of the finest arcade racing games ever and holds up as you would expect. The only pitfall is probably the slightly expensive price given how little has been added to the title. In the end, that hasn’t stopped it having a strong debut in the UK region.

Two other games are hanging on in the top 40 in this latest chart. Racking up sales as always, Forza Horizon 3 is down in 28th which is quite a bit lower than usual. Microsoft’s latest exclusive for the console, Sea of Thieves, is due out this week so we won’t be surprised to see it rise back up the charts due to bundling. The other racing title is Gran Turismo Sport, which is currently in 33rd. Polyphony Digital’s online-focused racer is ticking away at the bottom of the chart but sales could be worse.

Congratulations to Stellar Entertainment, Criterion Games and EA for the successful launch of Burnout Paradise Remastered. You can read our full review right here if you’re still on the fence.

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