Catching Up with 2011 U.S. GT Academy Champion Bryan Heitkotter at Indianapolis

September 15th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

Nissan USA have released this short video reviewing Bryan Heitkotter’s very mixed weekend at the Brickyard Sports Car Challenge on July 27th.

Despite the race marking Bryan’s first visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as a driver, he scored his second pole position in the Grand Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge following his earlier race at Mid-Ohio. With the Doran Racing team not entered for the Lime Rock event in two weeks, the Indianapolis race marked Bryan’s final race of the season in this series.

Meanwhile in South America, Jordan Tresson and the Signatech Nissan racing team are competing in the 6hr of São Paulo. With qualifying completed amid rainstorms on Saturday, the team qualified 13th overall and 6th in class for today’s race. You can watch a live stream on the official FIA WEC website with English commentary from Radio Le Mans with John Hindhaugh.

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  1. Sep. 16, 10:10pm
    Veyron Tony

    Hi Guys, I watch the race today on speed, no Bryan. What happened to the Perilli race he was competing in?

  2. Sep. 16, 1:46am
    Pit Crew

    Gonna checkout the livestream (Jordans Race) during the football games tomorrow. GTAcademy grads rock wherever they race. Kudos Bryan on the Pole (Mid Ohio).
    Good luck Jordan

    I may be in the minority, but already looking forward to the next Academy.

  3. Sep. 15, 2:43pm

    Laguna Seca is on SPEED this weekend

    • Sep. 15, 7:42pm

      Sorry bro, that race was last weekend. Spurt of Daytona took that one

    • Sep. 15, 7:51pm

      Spirit of Daytona****

    • Sep. 17, 2:25pm

      ^^^ He’s talking about the Continental Series race, which is on tape delay.

  4. Sep. 15, 2:22pm

    I was there for this race it really was an awful day

    felt like I jumped in a swimming pool in my clothes

  5. Sep. 15, 2:22pm

    I was there at the track and the Infield section of the IMS was a RIVER! They had to stop the race just to get the track somewhat halfway decent to race on. I hope the Speedway works on the drainage of the infield so it drains lot better when it rains.

    • Sep. 15, 7:49pm

      The oval layout is absolutely the most pristine racing grounds in the world. Last year in qualifying there was a over a full inch of standing water on the track, they had it bone dry and ready to rock in 2 hours, and that track doesn’t having banking to help either. Never a problem with pavement ever, it’s great. However that infield layout is terrible, lol. Slick, ruff, layout needs a work. Plus the gravel is the deepest ever because they have to have moto gp as well. If they did the work it would be an awesome GT venue and I hope the redo it with a little reconfiguring

  6. Sep. 15, 1:55pm

    Bryan, very impressive my friend, you’ve come out of nowhere this second half of the season; Doran Racing let B.J. Sacharius start for the first 30 mins for driver points then let bryan take over for the extended stint, he seems like such a strong finisher, to strong to be starting, think we would see lot more first place finishings for the 370z…. Excellent work Bryan, congrats on getting that first historic pole for the CTSCC first time at Indy Roadcourse, such an impressive thing on your rookie year with the Team, & the Series, you should be PROUD of yourself, I know we are proud of you starting off so impressive… Your moving on to World Challenge now, is that correct? Cant wait to see how established and successful you become in the future, good work my friend….

  7. Sep. 15, 12:21pm

    I’m sick of any news related to GT Academy…

    • Sep. 15, 1:38pm

      Urrr, challengerrt10, this has nothing to do with GT Academy. This section is related to motorsport.

    • Sep. 15, 1:59pm

      challengerrt10, who asked you, go back to your video game…let me quess your the guy who drives the Veyron….hehe Theoretically, I didn’t even have to write tis rude comment, your thoughts speak for its self…

  8. Sep. 15, 11:44am

    Why did they dry the track? I watched this race on tv and didn’t understand it then either. Let them race on a wet track.
    Also, a motorhome outside of the track caught fire and put smoke over the front straightaway lol.

    • Sep. 15, 11:58am

      Sometimes races get ya know “too god damn wet!” I was in go-kart race, the final race of the season. Then the track was literally a river. Never driven on anything like that before.

      If they can dry the track, why not do so?

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