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Ken Block Drives the Audi e-tron Vision GT Concept

American motorsport personality Ken Block has released a new video in which he gets behind the wheel of a number of famous Audi vehicles, including the fully functional e-tron Vision GT from Gran Turismo Sport.

Gran Turismo Nissan Skyline Pace Car Replica Comes Up For Sale

As we’ve seen previously on GTPlanet, there’s plenty of demand out there for Gran Turismo collectibles. However one listing on a German automotive classifieds site might be among the most exclusive collectible of them all: a replica of the game’s famous Skyline Pace Car.

This AE86 Toyota Corolla Just Sold For a Record-Breaking $64,000

Despite the impending approach of the death of internal combustion — or perhaps because of it — classic car prices seem to be only heading upwards right now. Case in point, this 35-year old hatchback which just sold at auction for a record price of £46,000 ($63,785).

MINI Becomes the Official Safety Car of Formula E

Just like Formula One, Formula E has a new safety car for the 2021 season, and it too is British. However, a big V8 wouldn’t really fit the image of the series, so the new car is — appropriately — an EV.

Toyota Wants to Get to Know Potential GR Super Sport Customers Before They Buy

Toyota Gazoo Racing has issued a questionnaire to prospective customers for the new GR Super Sport, digging into their interests, intent and history of sports car ownership. The brief survey, originally revealed on Reddit, appears very much like a set of questions that will determine who’ll be allowed to buy one of the $1m+ hypercars when they hit the showrooms.

The Best Car Ads of 2021’s Super Bowl LV

The Super Bowl is the season-ending championship game of football in the USA. It’s a mixture of sports and entertainment that’s hard to beat, with the famous “halftime show” rivaling most live concerts (Prince’s performance at Super Bowl XLI a particular highlight).

Test Your Badge Knowledge With Our Car Logo Quiz

Earlier this week, Korean car brand Kia updated its logo. Don’t worry, it still spells out “Kia”, it’s just in a slightly newer and funkier font — but it got us thinking: how easy is it to recognize car company logos, or even tell them apart?