Citroën GT Priced at $1.8 Million, Six to be Produced

Polyphony Digital’s Citroën GT is set to become one of the most expensive “production cars” (if you can really call it that…) sold today, coming in at £1.1 million pounds or approximately $1.8 million U.S. dollars.  AutoCar got the scoop from “senior inside sources”, who revealed that only six of the cars will be made – all of which will be powered by either a “Ford or GM V8”.  That’s considerably less than the 20 production models that were hinted at before, but according to AutoCar, “most of the concept’s features should make the final production version, including the carbon-fibre construction and eccentric interior details such as the copper trim.”  Sweet!  The final production version of the car is expected to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

While you’re saving up, check out this video showing the GT’s recent tour around London.

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  1. Kiratpal

    BOO FOR OR GM V8 BOOO!!!!. they should get the buggati engine and put it in ther or Mclaren’s or the Pagani Zonda’s 7.2 Liter V12

  2. JeeZ

    if i had the money i would have definatly bought this ! if i can say that i own a citroen gt supercar, 1 of six produced in the world, then owning a lambo, ferrari or a bugatti would just sound really dull…

  3. dada da

    Bilbo dude stuff it, GT is the best driving simulator on consoles, Forza is a joke, and yes i have both consoles, the 360 and the PS3 but i will not buy a Forza game for the 360, they suck, but GT 5 is on the top of my most wanded list, and this car is awsome and without GT CITROEN never build it. Forget Forza, GT is da king, END OF STORY…

  4. Bilbo

    That’s just how much it costs to make a car that takes no damage and magically bounces off other cars.

  5. me

    Alan the maclren f1 used a BMW v12 engine and is not a BMW also the Audi r8 v10 used a lambo engine

  6. Alan

    Itll be powered by either a Ford or a Gm v8?, then why is this being called a Citroen in the first place if they are getting another manufacturers engine in it, is citroen owned by ford? why can citroen not come up with their own engine for it?

  7. Nomino

    Well, I personally think it looks amazing…… fugly. One of the worst looking cars ever, it should have stayed in video game mode only. £1.1m for a French Sh!troen?! LMAO! Good luck to those who get one…at least they can also afford the never ending service and repair bills.

  8. AL

    V8 ? i thought this car is electric powered… assuming from what i played in gt5P..

    or a hybrid at least.

  9. RaLpH89

    Maybe, because it’s a concept car. All concept cars are always cost a fortune or priceless compare to their fully production model that cost half the concept price, but some car manufacture just want to show they have the ability to make hyper cars just like Bugatti and their $5,000,000+ car. Look at the GTR 35 that cost $70,000, my guess is the GTR Proto cost about 140,000+ to build. They just remove this and that or add this or that, simple math actually, they just add the one they like then remove the one they don’t like. Maybe the GT by Citroen had some gold rims, titanium body, and light weight bullet proof, blast proof glass that can stand a nuclear blast, with rockets and machine guns and blades that chop off kids walking down the street, who knows. ‘sarcasm’

  10. brettjr25

    Why is it priced this high? There is absolutely no way it’s going to run as insanely great as it does in GT5: Prologue unless they put a V12 in it and have it run across tracks using magnets. If it’s just because of the styling I still think the Audi R8 looks better.

  11. Mike M

    Whay not Ford? I think the engine from the Ford GT would fit this car quite nicely. It seems wide enough for that.

  12. RavenWolfx

    Gtone339: not much point in making a carbon fiber car to minimize weight if you throw in a bunch of heavy fuel cells. a finely tuned engine will weigh enough.

  13. altimlo

    would this car be in the futur FORZA
    sorry fanboyism
    this car is amazing a cant belive they consider making a production version of it

  14. Sergio

    I think Kaz is getting one… So he got to bring GT5 out immediately to earn this money for that car :D

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