Citroën GT Production Confirmed

March 5th, 2009 by Jordan Greer


We reported last December that Polyphony Digital’s Citroën GT may actually be headed for production.  That’s now confirmed thanks to Citroën Product Manager Vincent Besson‘s recent comments to Autocar.  Of course, no pricing or official specifications have been released, but we do know that it won’t contain the futuristic fuel-cells that we’ve played with in GT5 Prologue.  Instead, the French company will enlist V8 power from a GM or Ford motor, much like the one found in the concept that the car magazines have been playing with.  As was originally speculated, production will be limited to no more than 20 units, so you’d better get those orders in right away…  Thanks to Alex P. for the tip!

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  1. Mar. 6, 5:08pm

    @PJ: Yeah, I can imagine one of the 20 is going directly to Yamauchi, himself, and probably a few more to Citroen big-wigs. No powertrain stats yet, though. I’ll be sure and publish them once more info is released.

    @GTAce: Another great point – which version will be included in the full Gran Turismo 5? Once the car is in ‘production’, it would be a bit out of character for Polyphony to include a fanciful engine.

  2. Mar. 5, 9:58pm

    Oh i hope we will get the production version in GT5.
    I love the design and the version in Prologue is cool, but something more realistic with this look would be great.

  3. Mar. 5, 5:04pm

    PS. Any drivetrain stats on it? Is it 4wd like the one in the game? It has a 580hp V8(which most likely will come from a corvette) and LMP downforce.

  4. Mar. 5, 5:01pm

    The Citroen should be about 2 million or so. A lot of limited edition cars are 2 mil. We all know that half of them are gonna be bought by Japanese and the other half Europe and NA. Only because it was in GT.

  5. Mar. 5, 3:18pm

    You guys better hurry up, there’s only 10 left cause I’ve already pre-ordered the first half. :P

  6. Mar. 5, 11:05am

    well its citroen – so it must be crazy in some way ;)
    Its good they back after poor 90’s :)

  7. Mar. 5, 9:05am

    I do hope for the future owners that the cockpit is more user friendly than the ingame one.

  8. Mar. 5, 4:30am

    I think this is the price that Amar was mentioning:

    A worldwide competition too win the Citroën GT

    this would be a huge price…

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