Climactic Weekend at Donington Park for Mardenborough

September 29th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

After a mixed birthday weekend at Silverstone, Jann Mardenborough goes into the final round of the Avon Tyres British GT Championship knowing a win will secure the title.

The RJN Motorsport team sit in third place in the championship after the last endurance round saw the top five completely reshuffle. With 108.5pt on the board and 25pt for a win, bringing the GT-R home at the head of the field in Sunday’s race will give them an unassailable points lead.

The half-hour qualifying session for the race starts at 16.50GMT with the 2hr race getting underway at 13.40GMT on Sunday. A same-day race show will be available, for the first time ever, on MotorsTV at 17.00GMT.

Over at Sakhir, Bahrain, 2010’s winner Jordan Tresson will take the reins of the Signatech Nissan LMP2 again for the 6th round of the FIA World Endurance Championship. The warm qualifying yesterday saw the team place 9th in class, albeit with a car set up for the gruelling 6 hour race rather than outright qualifying speed.

The race starts at 13.00GMT today and can be followed with the official WEC live feed and on Radio Le Mans.

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  1. Oct. 1, 6:56am
    flink racquet

    The Lamborghini in the picture looks nice. DLC? Seems likely. Not sure if GT5 or GT6 though.

    • Oct. 1, 1:11pm

      Lambo……Haha, your funny. But DLC MP4-12C GT3, i want!

  2. Sep. 30, 3:12pm

    RJN finish 16th I think.

  3. Sep. 30, 2:40pm

    Did he do it?

  4. Sep. 30, 6:16am

    Go for it, Jann.
    Break a leg.

  5. Sep. 29, 9:49pm

    Can’t wait to visit the UK for half year in 2013. Means I’ll get Euro sport at my cousins and won’t miss any good GT class racing at all.

    • Sep. 30, 5:41am

      Hope its the first half. Less Rain and Premier League heats up

    • Sep. 30, 5:41pm

      Yup, going in January :)

    • Oct. 2, 8:45am

      EuroSport? They don’t show much so far as I know. But hey… you’ll be IN the UK! Go to the tracks and see the real thing. Silverstone won’t be more than a 2 or 3 hour drive away (unless they’re right up in Scotland) and the WEC opening round is there in April. Plenty of lover category GT at many of the other circuits too.

  6. Sep. 29, 6:11pm
    Mac K

    Good luck Jan the Man! Looking forward to your feature in Evo magazine next month as well.

  7. Sep. 29, 5:34pm

    Good luck Jann, that MP4 behind looks mean, track is one of britain greats, both need and should be in GT6

  8. Sep. 29, 3:28pm

    I wish jann all the best!

  9. Sep. 29, 11:03am


  10. Sep. 29, 10:52am

    Yeh good luck,great track

    • Sep. 29, 10:53am

      now get those 2 cars in GT5 or 6…….

  11. Sep. 29, 7:58am

    good luck jordan and jann

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