Could the PS5 Get Bespoke AMD Hardware?

With the 2018 E3 show over and done with, the rumor mill is now back up and running. While Sony confirmed it wouldn’t be talking PS5 at the show, the latest rumors focus on it anyway. Forbes now has a bit more insight into the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Currently, the information on the PS5 is fairly scant. However, we do know the PS4 is entering into its twilight years which means a new console is on the horizon. The best guess anyone has right now puts the release in 2019.

Unfortunately, in the report for Forbes, we didn’t get a better understanding of the release date. We do get an idea as to what might power the PS5 though.

Citing “industry sources”, Forbes explains that the PS5 will get the new AMD Navi GPU architecture. This comes as no surprise since the PS4 (along with the Xbox One) currently uses AMD Jaguar chips. However, the surprising bit in the Forbes article is that the new AMD Navi architecture is being made specifically for Sony.

Further adding to this, Forbes also reports the Sony connection is responsible for the delay of the Vega architecture. If you follow PC gaming at all, you know the Vega graphics cards have struggled against the latest crop from nVidia.

In addition to the Navi rumors, Forbes also reported back in May that the PS5 will also lean on the AMD Zen CPU.

So what does this mean for gamers? Well, the most impactful is that the next-gen Xbox and the PS5 will use different technologies. While they both still might use AMD they won’t be as closely related as they are now. This could lead to multi-platform games looking better on one system due to optimization.

Going even deeper, this could also lead to console exclusives. However, companies like EA, Ubisoft, and the other big players will likely always keep games multi-platform. But for the smaller developers and especially indie devs, you could see them choose one system over the other.

Of course, this is still speculation at this point. It also relies heavily on who the industry sources were.

It is entirely believable that AMD is making a bespoke chipset for Sony. However, with so many uses now for GPUs, the Navi could end up in something other than a console.

As always, we will let you know more as news pops up about the PS5.

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