Experience Gran Turismo at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016


First mentioned on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, before then being confirmed by Polyphony themselves care of the PitStop, Gran Turismo will have a presence at this weekend’s Tokyo Auto Salon. There are some surprises to be had, too.

Up first is the advanced 7-cylinder motion rig “ACSIM-S07F” from Access Inc., running Gran Turismo 6. Covered in detail previously, this will be another opportunity for players who may have missed the Tokyo Motor Show to try the sophisticated setup out.

GT6-Motion-RigInterestingly, the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon will mark the first time the Toyota FT-1 has been shown in Japan. Revealed in-game almost exactly two years ago, the car was designed by Toyota’s California-based Calty Design Research centre, and has since gone on to spawn two additional variants in Gran Turismo 6. Calty is also responsible for other Toyota products in the game: the mid-90’s Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC, the final generation of Celica, and the RSC sport concept (which, for better or worse, was ahead of the coupe-crossover trend now embodied in the BMW X6 et al). Toyota will also be using the show to make the world debut of the S-FR Racing Concept, the Gazoo-fettled version of the cute little sports car previously seen at the Tokyo Motor Show (and also playable in a special build of GT6).

Toyota S-FR Racing ConceptMazda will have a significant presence as well, with the LM55 Vision GT and RX-Vision concepts, both of which have wowed crowds throughout the year. This will mark the second time the LM55 has been viewable at a Japanese event – and the first for Eastern Japan – after taking part in the Mazda Fan Festa in 2015, while the RX-Vision made its debut at the afore-mentioned Tokyo Motor Show back in October.

Those clamoring for more news on Gran Turismo Sport should temper expectations: while the PlayStation blog makes mention of a GT Sport video, the lack of information about it on the PitStop leads us to believe it will be the launch trailer. It seems unlikely that Polyphony would choose this event to showcase new information on the game, but not impossible, so we’ll nevertheless keep our eyes and ears peeled. There is, after all, a live stream for the show…

GT6 Photomode image by Mattpro.

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  1. TRLWNC7396

    I wonder how soon and how much information will be put out to let us know about GT Sport.

    We shall see! I’m hopeful! (But patient and realistic.. ;) )

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