Tokyo Motor Show Brings Updated GT6 Motion Simulator Rig


While the 44th Tokyo Motor Show brought us plenty of interesting Gran Turismo news – a slightly modified version of Nissan’s Vision GT car made its debut, while Toyota’s new S-FR small sports car was playable – one thing that may have flown under some radars was Polyphony’s newest motion simulator rig, which was set up specifically for taking the little Toyota for a spin in a special limited edition of GT6.

GT6-Access-Inc-ACSIM-S07F-03The issue many motion rigs face is realistically simulating oversteer: it is an integral piece of the feedback puzzle, but providing a player with the sensation of g-forces has so far proven difficult. Step forward Access Inc, which has worked closely with PD on this new rig, the snappily-named “ACSIM-S07F”.

The 7 in the name is key: while the frame has the standard four cylinders acting upon it for pitch and roll, and the seat has two more for nuanced three-dimensional movement, Access has installed a seventh cylinder horizontally below the seat. This cylinder is in charge of moving the player’s hips backwards as the car loses rear-end grip in a slide.

This isn’t the only step the rig takes to get closer to reality, either: the brake pedal is hydraulic, and operates on an actual caliper through a very real master cylinder. The result, according to PD, is a much heavier, more sensitive feel through the brake pedal.


The system appears to be a further evolution of the SimCraft rig demoed just over a year ago, and is likely to be just as expensive. That Polyphony is dedicated to continuing work on motion simulators is encouraging, and hopefully this means costs will continue to tumble down to make them a viable option for dedicated sim players in the future.

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  1. SavageEvil

    No one notices the sweet piece of something something on the left? That is one nicely built trunk, oh that rig is pretty sweet too.

  2. biftizmo

    This is just a robot device…’s programmed with data collected from within GT physics…these peramiters are inherent in the game since GT5.. Looks like they built the foundations for future posseble upgrades,maybe until console restrictions were no longer relevant… VR and eventually this motion technology is what will make a worthy GT7 for the massive PS4 capability…this GT6 game is great as it is just bring it to PS4 now….and we’re happy to wait for the rest…there’s no going back to the drawing board with this game…each new release actually gets better and is not a remake of the same thing….

  3. Flash3001

    As PD is trying to blur the lines between Real and Virtual, it makes a lot of sense for them to be investing their time in this sort of technology.

    It would be funny to have one of those made with 3 spheres to freely simulate rollovers. haha

    1. Johnnypenso

      It already works with GT. Rigs like this have been around for many years in sim racing. All the data is there already, it just needs to be interpreted by the rig software and translated into motion.

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