Explore the World in Style With This Off-Road Bentley Continental GT

Car Culture 11 September 10, 2017 by

We’re fans of ridiculous off-road vehicles. Whether it’s a lifted Mercedes wagon, a supercar turned dune buggy, or a real life Warthog, they pique our interest. Now there’s a new car to add to our growing list of weird off-road vehicles: a Mad Max-inspired Bentley Continental GT.

This GT owes its existence to the Supercar Megabuild on the National Geographic Channel. For those that watch the show, you know building strange vehicles is its specialty. From a Rolls Royce drift car to an Audi R8 on tank tracks, nothing is too outlandish for Megabuild.

The owner of this Bentley wanted a grand touring car capable of tackling any terrain. The show’s hosts, professional drifter Shane Lynch and Dan Baruffo of Perfect Paint & Automotive set out to give him just that.

Starting with a run of the mill 2004 Bentley Continental GT with 119,000 miles on the clock, the hosts set to work.

They added an off-road suspension with eight Quantum Racing shocks and custom built control arms to give it a slight lift. Then they added a set of beefy 265/65/17 Insa Turbo tires to give it all-terrain grip. To keep everything covered, a set of custom fenders drape over the wheels.

To give the car a more off-road appearance, Shane and Dan added a custom-build ADS Steel external roll cage. They then attached a super bright Lazer Lamps LED light bar, which is good for about 25,000 lumens. Along with the lights, a spare tire and some Jerrycans complete the look.

The Bentley gets a whole host of off-road protection too. A custom bash bar up front keeps hazards away from the bumper while trekking through the woods. Underneath, the car also gets a full skid tray to protect from rocks and stumps.  

The final touch came from a matte army green wrap that tied the whole car together.

On the inside, the Bentley kept pretty much all its amenities. It still has the original leather seats, sat nav, and other luxury items. This keeps the driver riding in complete comfort while tackling anything Mother Nature throws at them. 

Amazingly the car is completely road legal in the UK. It also has a MOT until November 2017. However, there’s no mention if the MOT is from before or after the build.

The car went up on eBay last week, and demand for the not-a-Bentayga was surprisingly strong. When bidding wrapped earlier today, the battle Bentley ended up with over 100 bids, the winning one being £40,800.

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