Fanatec Launches CSL DD “Race Ready” Bundle; Other Direct Drive Wheels Available Again

Fanatec has launched what it terms “the best deal in sim racing” with a new bundle containing its CSL DD direct drive base, pedals, and wheel rim for $/€499.95.

The “Race Ready” bundle consists of the 5Nm CSL DD base, the CSL Pedals, and a CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2, which would come in at $549.95 if purchased separately. Whether or not it’s the best deal in sim racing, we can’t think of any ways to get a full direct drive setup for less.

Of course with the wheel rim specified, the bundle is only compatible with PC setups as the P1 V2 isn’t Xbox-compatible and the CSL DD isn’t PlayStation-compatible. However, with production issues now easing, the majority of Fanatec’s direct drive catalog is now available either already in stock or to order for delivery towards the end of March and start of April.

The CSL DD base itself is available to order in 5Nm and 8Nm forms, with the Gran Turismo DD also available to order but only as the 8Nm version. Deliveries are estimated from March 24 to April 11.

When it comes to bundles, the 8Nm GT DD with CSL pedals is in stock now, as is the Premium version with the added load cell brake pedal. There’s no wait necessary on either.

For CSL DD bundles, both the Race Ready set above and the Esports Premium bundle — with the addition of the load cell brake and F1 Esports V2 wheel — are available to order, with deliveries estimated at April 11.

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