Fanatec Reveals ClubSport F1 2020 Limited Edition Wheel, Open for Preorders Now

In what’s becoming a yearly event, Fanatec has unveiled a new, limited edition version of its ClubSport F1 steering wheel. The F1 2020 wheel, limited to just 2,020 units, is available for preorder today, with the first wheels shipping out on July 7.

The 2020 model builds on the 2019 version. It includes RGB LEDs for both the rev lights and the flag lights, a central OLED display screen, and all the switches, dials and buttons you could hope for. In total there’s 67 different inputs available.

New for 2020 is the forged carbon finish. The front plate of the 11-inch wheel is 1/5th of an inch (5mm) thick and features this natty material which is essentially made by chopping up carbon fiber before injecting it with resin to give a speckled, marble-like finish. Lamborghini and Callaway (the golf club manufacturer, not the performance car tuners) developed forged carbon as a cheaper version of carbon fiber, where strength isn’t as important as weight.

Around the back you’ll find the new ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module. This also features a forged carbon finish exclusive to the F1 2020 LE, and uses Hall Effect sensors to execute precise gear shifts. Similar to the Podium Advanced Paddle Module, the CSPM features just a single paddle on each side — although you can upgrade if required.

The leather grips now feature perforated leather, to prevent the wheel or the driver’s hands getting sweaty during a long run. There’s also a set of 11 customizable button caps, with a full set of stickers from Fanatec’s catalog.

Just like last year’s wheel, this year’s features a further incentive. Anyone who buys one of the 2,020 available wheels can, for $1 extra, pick up the Deluxe Schumacher Edition of the new F1 2020 game. Add it at checkout, and you’ll get a game key on July 7.

If you’re interested in the ClubSport F1 2020 Limited Edition, you can pre-order the wheel through the links below. You’ll need to be quick though, as once they’re gone, that’s it… until 2021.

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