Buy Fanatec’s Latest Limited Edition Wheel, Get F1 2019 For a Dollar

Fanatec is back with an evolution of its ClubSport Formula wheel. And you can even get a brand new game with it, for a buck.

The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2019 is, as the name implies, a special edition to celebrate this season. Fanatec is the official sim racing hardware sponsor of the series (and its esports championship), so it only makes sense.

Like previous models, the cutaway-style rim comes loaded with features. Its silver detailing contrasts with the carbon fiber face plate, while genuine leather wraps the handles.

Much like the real items Hamilton et al use, the ClubSport F1 is positively festooned with buttons and dials. According to Fanatec, all told players will be able to adjust 67 different functions in-game.

The game in question is F1 2019. Codemasters’ new title releases in a matter of weeks, and Fanatec is offering a special deal to its customers. If you order any steering wheel from the website you’ll be eligible to add a digital copy of F1 2019 to your order for $1 (1 EUR / 1.5 AUD / 120 JPY).

Like previous F1 rims, the 2019 model slots into the existing Fanatec ecosystem. It will work with future items too: specifically, sim racers can upgrade to the Podium Series dual-clutch paddle shifter unit.

The ClubSport F1 2019 is available to pre-order today for 349.95 USD/EUR and is scheduled to start shipping early June. It’s limited to 2019 units, and at the time of writing there were just over 400 remaining. You can reserve yours now via any of the affiliate links below to support GTPlanet:

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