Fanatec’s Giving Away $35,000 of Sim Racing Gear With 2018 Advent Calendar

Hardware 73 December 1, 2018 by

They say it’s the season of giving. Fanatec is certainly taking this on board, as it’s announced a giveaway of one free item every day, starting now and running to Christmas Eve.

Yes, that’s right: every day, each of the four regions of the Fanatec web store will have one free item for a lucky visitor, for 24 days. That’s nearly 100 items, totalling over $35,000 in value.

The rules are simple: each day at 1900 local time (EU is CET, AU is AEDT, US is PST, JP is JST) a discount code will pop up on one of the product pages on the shop. Add the item into your basket, enter the discount code, and bam, Santa’s coming a little early. You will have to pay shipping, but that’s a small price to pay for things like the new CSL Elite F1 Kit or even the Podium direct drive base (if those two show up during the event).

You’ll have to act fast, as only one person will be able to use the code in each region. By our count there’s about 40 or so items on the shop currently, so keep an eye on some of your favorites around that time each day for a chance to win. The announcement says it will be 24 different products each day, though it isn’t clear if they’ll still be the same for each region on a particular date.

The spoils don’t only go to the victor either: when a winner secures their free bit of sim racing gear, their receipt will also include a 10 codes for 10% off on the same item. Handy for friends looking to pick up the same thing, though they too will need to be speedy, as the discount is only valid for 24 hours.

Happy hunting!

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