Forza Horizon 5 Donut Media DLC Coming Soon

A surprise new DLC pack for Forza Horizon 5 is coming in the next few weeks, focusing on popular automotive YouTube channel Donut Media.

Update: The video has subsequently been removed and replaced with a new version. This changes the date to “Q4” 2022, but also omits several of the details of the previous video.

The information was revealed by Donut Media itself, in a recent podcast as part of its Past Gas series. Podcast host James Pumphrey stated that Donut had been under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for some time but could now announce the DLC.

Although Pumphrey didn’t go into any specific details, he did reveal that he, Nolan Sykes, Zach Jobe, Jeremiah Burton, and Justin Freeman would be appearing in the DLC — adding “They scanned our faces!”. Of course along with the channel’s hosts, some of Donut’s vehicles will be appearing in the game too.

That includes a pair of Nissan 350Zs called “Hi Car” and “Low Car”, and a pair of Toyota Tacoma Overlands called “Hi Truck” and “Low Truck”. In each case the Donut team modified the “Hi” vehicle with expensive parts and the “Low” with cheap parts. There’s also the “Money Pit” cars, which are a first-generation Mazda Miata and an E36 BMW 328 modified for track and offroad use respectively.

Putting all that together suggests that this pack will bring a new Horizon Story to the game, similar to the Top Gear Horizon Story from Forza Horizon 4, rather than an expansion pack like Hot Wheels — and is likely free as a result.

If so, that would consist of around six additional story missions, looking at the different Donut Media cars, with voice-over commentary from the Donut team — though we’re not quite sure why Playground Games would need to scan their faces for that…

There’s a little confusion over when the update containing the DLC will arrive, with Pumphrey stating August or September — and subsequently changing that to Q4 in the replacement video. We will of course have to wait for official confirmation from Playground Games on all fronts.

Technically this is the second time we’ve seen a Forza Horizon/donut crossover, although the last one was a good deal tastier. It’s also the second time Donut itself has been part of a racing game, previously appearing in DIRT 5.

You can catch Pumphrey’s announcement in the video below, cued up to the correct time stamp — though beware of robust language if you choose to listen to the rest of it:

Thanks to Apple Slipper for the tip-off!

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