First Pictures of GT5’s New Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel

PlanetaDeJuego snagged the first official shots of the new “official” GT5 Thrustmaster T500 RS steering wheel. Notably, the T500 appears to feature a “reversible” pedal mount, which can be used in either a top or bottom-hinged configuration. Thanks to all who sent these in!

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  1. boblikepie

    I’m happy with my G25 and I will be till the day it dies. Sure it doesn’t have a handbrake or horn button but a sacrificed SIXAXIS should give me though functions in the new year along with other various buttons to have at a more convenient spot.

    The only thing that would make this a serious consideration if my G25 died was if the pedals had force feedback like different weights depending on the car you drive and also a force feedback shifter would be cool. But my G25 is still kicking like the day I saved it from EB so it’ll be a while before I replace it…

    1. JesseOZ

      I was about to call up and cancel my G27 order today, But I thought I might do some research first. Not much to find on the T500RS so I looked up the thrustmaster Warthog top of the range joystick.
      Found it on a online shop in NZ shocked $1099 on sale for $999.

      Can’t wait to get my G27……………..

    1. RallyRacer197

      I will actually probably get this, looks really nice and I’ve been hearing that the shifter will also have a handbrake, so my fingers are crossed for that

  2. Markyy

    whatever.. I just bought my new Driving Force GT and I am now contented with it.. I can beat those racers with G27 and that new wheel! hahaha come on guys.. it doesnt mean having that new wheel will make you professional. Geez it doesnt even have a knob for shifting.

    1. Bongo

      Madness to see this without the H-shifter!! Doesnt it seem weird to anyone to get a clutch and have to pay extra for the H-shifter to make good use of it? just bizare. The padals are a little on the excessively big size too no?

    2. NOS Waster

      First: I have a G27 and can guarantee you won’t beat me ;) J/K. You might (espescially since the potentiometers in my pedals are screwed up horribly.)

      Second: It is kinda stupid to pay extra for an H-Shifter

      Third: Why are people saying only 2 of the 4 buttons on the G27’s shifter (in a line) are supported? All 4 of mine work. Program L3 and R3 under the DFGT options and BAM it works :/

      Fourth: This probably won’t be the next wheel i get. I will be dropping insane amount of money on sim gear before i get a wheel dedicated to the PS3. (I’m talking about spending 4 to 5 thousand on wheel / pedals / shifters)

      Fifth: Looks like an awesome wheel. I hope we see reviews of it on here soon :)

  3. Murcie

    The only thing I’m liking about this compared to my G25 is the reversible pedals.

    I’m going to stick with the G. Full compatibility or not, it suits me down to the ground.

    1. GTsimms

      I just hope, it doesn’t have brushed motors like the Fanatec and Logitech’s. I would like to see them put into the driving options menu 270, 360, 400, 540, 720, 900, and 1080 options!

  4. Skymeat

    Well I was leaning to a G27 for a bit now. Glad I’ve held out. Another player in the mix.

    Last Thrustmaster product I bought was in the early 90’s and it was bomber, lasted till the mid 2000’s. If the construction is as good I’m sold.

  5. AengerdX

    I for one are retiring my g25 and passing it on to a friend as soon as i get this new wheel, the quality looks outstanding, and if it´s in the same quality bracket as my HOTAS flightstick i´ll be in heaven! :)

  6. EiFFeL

    It looks really good, and I think it will be probably slightly better than the G27. However, I hope it to be TOO expensive, so I’m gonna buy a G27 soon, which is an outstanding wheel by the way. And, it’s only a question of look, but the G27 looks more “solid” to me, stronger to hold being used a lot (Logitech products rock about that). The T500RS looks a little bit weaker.

    The reversible pedals are a GREAT detail, must say.

  7. GT5Canuck

    I can (and did) snag a refubished DFGT locally (as in 8 blocks away) for $45. Or I can get the above for $500-700. What to do, what to do…

    1. occasionalracer

      I’m thinking snag yourself another 20, flip them for profit and grab yourself an almighty Thrustmaster…

    2. AGTFan

      @ occasionalracer: What if the Thrustmaster one is crap? Because PD puts their sticker no it does not mean it’s the best wheel out there. The endorsed Logitech GT was a far lower quality wheel than the G25/G27

    3. occasionalracer

      It doesn’t take a genius to conclude the DFGT isn’t in the same league. At the $500 price range they better have this thing built better than the competition and I do see a certain meaning of the GT logo, I think it gives it a lot of credibility to be good. To me it’s a question of will it exceed the quality of the Fanatec RS3, which a real solid build. The only thing I know it has in terms of new tech is that HEART. We’ll know when the first good reviews come in.

  8. John Marine

    I’m such a Logitech person that it’s a tad unusual to see another branded wheel get promoted for Gran Turismo. Seems like a very nice and capable wheel package, though.

  9. Tintorera

    I’we had my G27 for a year now and there is no way I’m replacing that now…
    Poor timing to release the new “official” wheel after the game is released. I’am happy with my G27;)

    1. occasionalracer

      Ya unbelievable this thing didn’t hit the market with the release of GT5, and the fact PD didn’t even mention a GT branded wheel is in the works is mind boggling. PD needs to be more open to the public, as well as open to public opinion/recommendations. KY, you’re still the man.

    2. AGTFan

      @ tintorera. couldnt’ agree with you more. Not sure if KY is still the man. G25/G27 should have been in at release time. We don’t even have a date when we can expect full support of the wheels. November 2012?

  10. Lischynski

    Thank you GTPLANET! You have prevented me from buying a ~$500 wheel because there is no way this thing will work with my playseat. Getting a G25 to replace my DFP for Christmas! Almost thought I’d be suckered into getting one of these. NO THANKS!

  11. Michael

    Given the fact that the shifter is going to be sold seperately and Thrustmaster’s history of flight controllers, the shifter might be top notch! I like the looks of the steering wheel, and the way they did the pedals. It seems like they actually put alot of time and quality into this one… I’m just hoping their quality control is better than for.. say their ferrari wheels..

    1. Zenith

      I just don’t see what we’re paying for here. You can get a G25 for like $150 these days.

      I’ll hold onto my money until the next big step forward comes, this wheel is just perfection of existing technology.

    2. ML

      the G25 is only that cheap because it is no longer in production, and there is the (arguably) better G27 in the market.

    1. DrTrouserPlank

      Yup. It’s a bit silly seeing as race cars are set depending on the circuit and generally have no amount of lock at all, and most normal road cars have 900 degrees, and frankly in a video game even that feels like too much sometimes given the type of corners you have to deal with and the speed of input required being far higher on tracks than on the road.

    2. anotherone10

      1080 degrees of rotation is good for drifting, which i love. Thats the only use i can think of for that much rotation ☺

  12. DrTrouserPlank

    The pedal look good. How they feel is the next question.

    Unless however this wheel is actually “full-size” it’s not going to be any improvement over the G25. Even on this wheel I’ll be amazed if they implement a progressive clutch engagement. Thrustmaster have a lot to prove regarding the quality and it’s pricetag, as the G25/27 will now represent the “budget” high-end option and represent very good value for money.

    This wheel being released after the game however further illustrates what a botched release this was, and evidently not to the intended timeline.

    1. ScoobyArtz

      That’s a nice wheel, but I still hope my G27 will have improved functionality. At least I can remap the buttons on my steering wheel.

      I would get this wheel for sure if I didn’t buy my G27 before the game launched! crossing my fingers for full G27 support.

  13. MrSkyline

    is it me or does the wheel look allot bigger than the logitech wheels?
    Compared to the D-pad and other butons

    1. DrTrouserPlank

      It does look bigger. In fact if it’s not full size it’s a bit pointless. Also the paddle shifters look massive which makes me think its at least 75% scale, maybe even full scale.

    1. AGNT009

      Having said that, there doesnt seem to be anywhere for a spring or something that would offer resistance in these pedals… If its there, its hidden well. I think I’ll wait for reviews before I buy it, but Ive been wanting someone to lay out the pedals like that for years, and finally someone did!

    2. occasionalracer

      I’ve had my G25 pedals set up like that for years, you just need to take the assembly apart and mount them upside down to a solid frame of some sort. There’s a bunch of youtube vids that show peoples setups.

  14. Jump_Ace

    Sure hope the angle on that pedal plate can be adjusted. I don’t think I could use it on my Playseat Evo. that already has an upward angle for the pedals.

  15. Sertsa

    “Mom, can you get me a Thrustmaster for Christmas?”
    “A WHAT!?”
    “A Thrustmaster! And the Thrustmaster stick accessory would be awesome.”
    “Harold! Have you been leaving your web sites on the computer again?! Jimmy just asked for a Thrustmaster. I swear…”
    “What are you talking, about mom? It’s for Gran Turismo! It’s a wheel!”
    “Oh, whew. Thought you had one.”
    “It’s obsolete. With this new wheel, GT5 will no longer be a mix of awesomeness and disappointment.”
    “OK, but can we call it … something else?”
    “Mega-awesome supreme GT slick shifting Yamauchi deluxe?”
    “Your father already calls his that. How about ‘Frank?'”

    1. FlareKR

      Just made my day.
      “Mega-awesome supreme GT slick shifting Yamauchi deluxe”
      Looks like Harold’s been playing with something else after he’s done :-D

  16. Chris

    That’s pretty nice. Wish I even had space for a wheel. I technically do, but due to the setup of my room, I would be to the far right of my TV :/

    1. Dave-o

      Yeah I think so too. That’s why they are so big. I have seen fixed and moving in real cars. I prefer moving myself, although it is a brain bender when you get crossed up (on the game, not in real cars ;-)).

    1. James Sturdy

      Will be interesting to see how this mounts to existing cockpits / seats etc.

      Can’t see that fitting in a VisionRacer setup for example…

      Hopefully it turns out to be a good wheel however, competition is always a good thing.

      My G25 is eyeing this nervously.

  17. ddl8

    Pedals look solid, but the wheel looks cheap – however maybe its just photo and in real life the wheel looks good, I dont know.

  18. Ryan

    I see a clutch, but no shifter?

    Thrustmasters products have been so-so as of recent. This wheel looks like a good start for them, but just from looking at it I think it needs refinement.

  19. g27 guy

    Well, I am not pissed at all. I like the wheel, but what can I do. It is the marketing and business game. I play the same game with my work. So, now the question comes, what is the price of the wheel? If it is the $500 plus the price of the shifter, then I am not going to even bother with. If it is comparable with the g27 then I may give it a shot.

    1. TakeshiSkunk

      Wait…what. A lot of sports cars don’t even have 900. My 1983 Parisienne only has 900…why would we possibly need 1080.

    2. stevenhiggster

      I’ve always wondered why we even have 900! Most racing cars strive to have less turns lock to lock not more! F1 cars are 360 degrees lock to lock why on earth would we want 1080?

    3. RTSolvalou

      You will be able to calibrate where you want full lock to hit, it will mirror it for the opposite turn so it will be symmetrical, and if you can’t handle it then put a bit of tape around where you have set full lock to hit.

      (There may be a slim chance that you can set full lock mechanically)

    4. TakeshiSkunk

      “Because 90% of the cars in GT aren’t racecars.”

      Yes but what I’m saying is that the majority of non-racing cars only have 900 and some have less than that. I’m only even giving the benefit of the doubt here, I can’t think of any car at all that has more than 900.

    5. occasionalracer

      I think pick-up trucks and other larger hauling vehicles go beyond 900 deg. It’d be sweet if they put some MAN trucks in the game for fun.

    1. Blueyond

      Except for some buttons on the wheel my G27 works fine. I don’t even have to press triangle to get the clutch to work. And I can use the buttons on the shifter, they work fine. So I don’t see how the G27 is not fully supported? Combined the G27 has way more buttons than this wheel, as far as I can see, so I think it’s fair that not all the buttons work, especially since the G27 wasn’t made for GT…

    2. Geo_212

      People mean “fully supported” as being able to program all of the separate buttons on the wheel. By default, only two of the six buttons on the G27 wheel can be used and only two out of four on the shifter module. The wheel is compatible, just not FULLY compatible.

    3. J. Hayden-Kart Racer

      yea us G25 will be SOOOOOO disappointed… LOL JK- this doesnt even have a shifter!! only sissy paddle shifters lol

    4. Zuel

      @ Blueyond
      The G25 or G27 is not supported buy GT5. If you don’t see it in the configuration screen. the Thrust Master wheel is there.

      @ J. Hayden-Kart Racer

      The shifter is sold separately.

    5. Faux Shaux

      I don’t comment very often, but I just thought it was necessary to let you know, Zuel, that I think you’re a competent human being. You know your stuff about the video game steering wheel market. And the video game pedals market. And the video game shifter market. You really do know your stuff.

      And I think you’re a swell guy overall, Zuel. Furthermore, I think that you don’t have to make asinine remarks to multiple statements via one comment to convince others you’re worth the oxygen you’re consuming right now. You were fine just the way you were before December 3rd at 5:17 pm (adjust for time zone difference if necessary).

      In other words, chill out.


      Faux Shaux

    6. OmniusGT

      After using the Driving Force Pro with GT4 and upgrading to the Driving Force GT for GT5 (which didn’t arrive as we all know) so the wheel was used for Prologue and other driving games, its a shame to see Logitech ‘losing’ the GT licence…

      The question is, if this T500 is the new official wheel, why has the ‘on the fly’ extra buttons been dropped? The Plus and Minus buttons, scroll wheel and menu button? It seems strange that if you go for this wheel, you can’t do that anymore, you can tell this if you go into the options to configure the T500 in GT5, there is no option to configure any of the unused buttons for these Driving Force GT only buttons.

      Also looking at the T500, how would you attach it to a desk (I have my Driving Force GT clamped to my desk using the internal clamps) but I can’t see anything on the photos of this new wheel?

    7. Vulcao

      Faux Shaux,

      are you mad? I can’t believe I waste 1 minute of my life by reading your pointless comment.

      By the way, the shifter will really be sold separately, read the articles.

    8. ToreDL87

      I`m a G25 owner and yes ofcourse I am pissed that the Logitech G25 is not supported, thanks for pointing that out Adam, since you just reminded me that PD screwed us on this one and went with a different brand instead :P

      Try to wringle out of that while youre at it trying to insult g2x wheel owners :P

    9. darou


      There’s no more need to press the triangle button for clutch.. I guess Logtitech is to be blamed for the firmware regarding the full compatibility

    10. midnightchuki

      yeah the g27 is supported, no more pushing triangle to activate clutch. its just you can customize your buttons on it. but wasn’t there a post that they were working on it being fully supported?

    11. robulus

      Dunno. I’ll wait for some reviews. But I’m thinking it might force the G27 price down a bit, and with the shifter included, I’d be inclined to pick up one of those, officially supported or no. This looks a little chintzy. Can anyone confirm force feedback and vibration are both fully supported on G25/G27? I heard a rumour they weren’t?

    12. CommonSense!

      I’m not sure what you people are talking about. I have the G25 and it’s compatable. I don’t want to hear this “FULLY” compatable crap just because it’s not in the options menu. As long as you plug it into the system and it works, then who cares if it’s in the menu or not? I use my G25 & Playseats Evolution Racing Seat with Gran Turismo on my 50″ 1080P Plasma HDTV every day without any issues. Not too mention this wheel is a ‘Playstation’ Gran Turismo specific wheel. My G25 is compatable with multiple systems. Also, ‘7 buttons’ on my G25 work with GT and I never programmed them. You also DON’T have to press triangle to use the clutch. I’m not against this wheel but, Your Ignorance annoys me.

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