Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon 5 Set For Forza Monthly January 26; Nissan Z Revealed

The next Forza Monthly — the first of the year — is set for this Thursday, January 26, and it looks to pack information for both Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon 5.

It comes in the same week where Turn10 is set to reveal new information on the next FM title at the Xbox & Bethesda Developer_Direct event on Wednesday, January 25. With this in mind, the announcement of the monthly livestream suggests the hype train will continue forward, and we’ll likely take a deeper dive into whatever is revealed the day prior.

The Wednesday presentation promises “extended gameplay showcases”, so there’s a high likelihood we’ll have our first in-depth look into what the game has to offer. Beyond that, a release date is also a possibility as all we’ve known up until now is the game is slated for a Spring 2023 window.

Ordinarily Forza Monthly fits into a one-hour slot, but it looks to have 90 minutes allocated to it, so there’s sure to be plenty of things for the Turn10 staff and presenters to discuss.

If that weren’t quite enough, Forza Horizon 5 will also take the stage during a Let’s Go live stream to show off Series 17, set to debut on February 2.

S17 is officially known as “Japanese Automotive”, which we’re expecting to mean a celebration of all things related to Japanese automobiles. Certainly the choice of promotional image leans into that with two things immediately apparent.

Firstly there’s the all-new Nissan Z, which we can now say will be making its series debut in FH5 when S17 lands on February 2 — confirming the Torben Tuesday crossword puzzle clue. The second is the environment the car is in, which looks to be a Tokyo Drift-style multilevel parking garage.

That could mean a reveal of the already-teased second expansion for the game, but a close look suggests that the background for the the seventh-generation Z is the Aerodromo en la Selva. The garage then could be anything down to and including a new EventLab prop, or part of a new Horizon Story. Either way we’ll learn more about what S17 brings to the table on Thursday.

The festivities kick off on Twitch and YouTube, with Forza Monthly coming first at 1700 UTC, and Let’s Go 90 minutes later at 1830.

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