Bahrain International Circuit (dv) 1.0 +video

Greatest Missing F1 Circuits Collection: Home of Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix

  1. Bruno Pro
    Death Valley
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    This is the part of the project:
    Greatest Missing F1 Circuits Collection

    The idea is to make recreation of best F1 circuits missing from the game (GT6)

    Asian Pack

    · Sepang International Circuit: New and ultramodern; It was the first of the new breed of circuits that now dominate F1.

    · Shanghai International Circuit: Home of Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix

    · Bahrain International Circuit: created rather fitting environment of Death Valley
    (Presented here)

    · Bahrain International Circuit: created in Eifel Flat

    European Pack

    · Sochi Autodrom, the newest member of F1 family, Grand Prix of Russia

    · Hockenheimring, track that hosts (with Nurbugring GP) German Grand Prix

    American Pack

    · Austin's Circuit of the Americas appears to have finally ended 26 year search that USA has once again a modern and quality Formula 1 venue.

    Bahrain International Circuit (dv) - Death Valley version
    Bahrain info.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Silvio
    Version: 1.0 +video
    Nice work. Good feeling , very close to original
  2. jontikis
    Version: 1.0 +video
    Even without the help from a photo, like in Eifel Flat, the result is great! Good job Bruno :)
    1. Bruno Pro
      Author's Response
      Thanks for trying the track and reviewing it. I actually had a help from an image (in front of me though, not in the Creator of course)
      What I actually did, I opened Google maps and measured all the distances. And with above mentioned picture in front of me I had help to create this more accurate