10 reasons why Ferrari Challenge is better than GT5P

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    I've never compared FC to any PC games because (as a longtime Mac user) I haven't had the opportunity (yet) to try any decent PC sims. I find it pretty easy to believe that the best PC sims would be equal or better than FC in most categories, including FFB. The primary reason to play FC as well as GT5P is the greater variety of tracks it offers - clearly this is not factor when compared to PC sims.

    I think FC is a much stranger beast than GT5P. It seems to me that the GT series has always been primarily about "collecting" & driving a large variety & quantity of production cars - cars rendered with more care & attention to detail than any other game, console or PC. I don't think any PC game will ever rival GT in this regard, so GT will always have its market niche. FC, on the other hand, is an oddly arcade-looking game that has surprisingly deep & complex physics - a combination that I can see alienating both arcade & sim racers.

    I've always seen FC as a game filling a gap in the PS3 racing line-up while we wait for GT5 (this is assuming that PD finally fulfills expectations about damage, decent AI, weather, full on-line functionality etc.). The game that fascinates me is SHIFT - is it possible that it will be like FC with better graphics (& the Nordschliefe) :tup: or will it turn out to be another GRiD? :tdown:
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    Here is one point I agree on apart from the FC reference, it wont be close to FC. Since SHIFT comes from a PC hardcore sim developer its hopefully closer to a really good PC sim and better than GT5P. But since EA is the publisher, who knows?
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    I'm looking forward to SHIFT and will probably hold off buying a console until it comes out. I'm a big PC sim fan, I'm hoping SHIFT will handle as good as the PC sims but with awesome graphics, something PC sims suck at (mostly due to the fact most PC sims are pre-PS3 era). Though it could easily just be another GRID which would be disappointing, I couldn't stand GRID, the handling was horrible.
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    Watching that, ahem, review, I realized what exactly my problem is with FC. If the rear tires kick left, the front end kicks right, and when a rear slide is corrected, again, the rear tires kick back in, and the front tires kick back in line with them. Almost as if the rear tires can't slide without the front tires sliding inward, which, anyone who's slid a car irl, whether in rain, snow, or dry road knows that's just not how it works. The back end steps out, the front end should stay exactly where it is, provided it's not a 4 wheel slide, which I think is impossible in FC, because it seems the front tires can't slide in FC. They just track normally, as you don't turn fast enough around a corner, slow it down, car's still tracking the same, you're just making it around the corner.
    Anyway, I think I've said my piece here, blame everyone who doesnt like FC for being fanboys all you like, but sometimes people don't like a game for what it is, not what it isn't.

    P.S. Got a good chuckle when the reviewer said this game is better than Forza and GT5P other than glitches, etc.:lol:
    Actually I have, nothing in it feels right. Yes, the AI is better, and the impacts are better, but when simply driving around by yourself feels artificial, what good is it? And how does mentioning the Ferrari Challenge wheel seem fanboyish? I still haven't seen the slightest evidence it's not a wheel for the game, just a couple of people who call everyone a "fanboy" (which sounds dumb as hell fyi") just because they think GT5P is better.
    And one last FYI, Need for speed has better ai at times than GT5P, and better collision physics, so, let's call it a really good sim?

    In GT5P the cars slide naturally, maybe minus a few glitched cars, the front end doesn't have to dive inside for the back end to come out, the cars slide like real cars. Without that, you're just playing, well, nfs, fc, grid, well, it's a big list. And it's called turntable physics, I believe. The only way the car can slide out of line is to rotate like one of those platforms you might see at a dealer, where the car on it spins in perfect circles.
    So like I said, if you're bored, and want to play a mediocre sim at best, sure, try FC, but don't give people false hopes that it's gonna be super awesome. That's just irresponsible.
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    I have already told you that this wheel has nothing at all to do with Ferrari Challenge (The Game). If you don't want to believe me why don't you ask them?

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    I have a mixed opinion about FC. Here is my review of FC with the G25.

    I really enjoy the sounds. They just make you enjoy the cars. I often find myself letting off the brakes just to hear the brake squeal. I also like the pops and cracks of the exhaust.

    As for ffb, I like how the steering loosens up when your understeering through the corner. In GT you really don't know when you steer angle is too great. I like how you can really turn up the force of the feedback aswell.

    I love the Challenge portion of the game. For me this is where the game shines, as I have yet to race online. I like where you can setup the duration of the race. Running a 30 minute race will definitely wear you out. Also, as being a championship, you get to know your competitors. Heck, I even pull for some of them to get second place.:sly: Speaking of that, you don't have to worry about winning every race, as your opponents don't have consistent finishes. I like how you can adjust the ai to meet your skill aswell, and their dynamic difficulty makes it that much better. All in all it, makes for a rather enjoyable season.

    Ok, you know if you read a Pros section, then you would know there would be a Cons section.:nervous:

    Ok, lets talk about the sound. The tire noise (IMO) is worse than GT1's. When I downshift, sometimes I get this weird chinging sound like a baseball bat hitting a chainlink fence.

    As for physics, I don't too much care for it. I pride myself with smooth inputs, put with FC, I'm anything but smooth. It is a constant battle with understeer and oversteer with no apparent rhyme or reason. Smoothness just doesn't happen for me. Also, no working clutch for the street cars is a bit of a bummer.

    I hate how you have to unlock tracks by racing in the Challenge series. Your first time on a track and your on a qualifing lap, with no practice time. GT has never had a problem allowing you to practice. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy unlocking cars, but not tracks. Another thing I dislike is the tracks quality. As others have said, they are not exactly accurate. When I found out the FC included VIR, I was floored, as it is the closest road course to my house. I figured it would be great practice for me, so when I go to the actual VIR, I won't be a fish out of water. Though I quickly got disappointed when I realised the accuracy the track was off.

    The ai has a problem about constantly blocking you. You'll find cleaner drivers on GT5P online.:scared: Now, if you are lapping them, its not so bad, but if it is for position, prepare yourself to pass on the outside as it is much safer.

    As for the graphics, they suck! The car models look nice, but the environments look kind-of PS2ish. The livery mode, while nice thought, is horrible. It seems like a hal**** attempt. I mean they stole half of Forza's idea, but left out all the good stuff. It just not user friendly.

    In closing, I find FC is enjoyable, but I was always seem to go back to GT5P, as I feel more connected with it's driving model, and the graphics don't hurt either. Eventually I'll get through the whole game, but it'll take me awhile.

    For all the reasons that I have stated, I rate Ferrari Challenge a "NE" Not for Everyone, because it is not exactly polished.

    P.S. I bought this game awhile back due to this thread, but I haven't read every post. Everything in my post has most likely already been covered, but I figured I'd give my review aswell, to help as many people as we can to decide wether or not to buy Ferrari Challenge.
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    I find Ferrari Challenge a really really stupid game and I admire people who can enjoy in it...
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    Thanks! Feels good, to be admired! :p
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    Yes were a special breed. :)
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    Inspired by the SC online beta, I thought I should play this first, before buying SC.

    Currently playing with Sixaxis and all assists off but level 1 ABS.

    This game is HARD with those settings, a proper 'challange', much more than GT5P was on any assist setting. Hence the reward factor is huge, much larger than GT5p. I'm not saying it's a better game, just the differential between success and failure is much larger than GT5P. Higher highs, lower lows etc.

    Also I have to disagree with people's comments on graphics. GT5p is a beautiful looking game in static and slow speeds but falls apart into a cartoon world when you go faster. FC is the other way round.

    So to answer the question which game is better, I'll answer both.
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    Just wanted to re-examine this now that I've put more time into FC. Despite what abaxas says, I still find the graphics disappointing. I run a lot in the wet now, which really increases the enjoyment for me because I'm not distracted as much by the poor graphics. Really, this game doesn't look that much better than GT4, it really isn't up to PS3 standards. Mind you, I play on a 720p DLP projector on a very good screen - so my picture is about 6 feet wide. This is wonderful in some ways, but it also does a very good job of showing-off any game defects.

    I am, however, absolutely loving the physics model. It is much more "hardcore" than GT5p is now. It is more like GT5p was when it was first released. You have to really concentrate and work at it. When you complete a race your heart is also racing and you may be sweating (at least, I am using my G25 with FFB set at full).

    In a direct comparison of physics and FFB I would say this:

    GT5p does a better job of only one thing: It relays the weight-balance of the car through the wheel better and more realistically. For example, in a real car with the engine behind the driver, you can really "feel" it back there. GT5p is much better at this than FC. In all other ways the physics and the feedback of FC are more realistic and more challenging. FC reacts properly when you make a mistake, and overall it is easier to tell where the limit of your car is in FC. FC maps understeer through the wheel properly, which GT5p doesn't seem to do at all. Most important is the just-mentioned way the games respond to mistakes. FC will properly react when you screw-up. Stomp the gas too hard out of a corner? FC is much more likely to send you spinning off (realistic), whereas in GT5p the car often remains way too easy to control (not realistic). Lift off too much mid-corner in a mid-engine car? This is WAY too easy to manage in the current version of GT5p. In FC it is much trickier and much more realistic. I've said it before and I'll say it again: SPEC I of GT5p certainly wasn't perfect, but it was much closer to reality than the super-tame super-easy super-gamey revision we got with SPEC II and later. GT4 has much more convincing physics than GT5p. Here's hoping the full release of GT5 corrects these problems.

    I'm an avid auto-crosser, and I'm now good enough at it to believe that my opinions are at least reasonably valid. (I've have quite a few Vintage-class wins under my belt now - been doing very well this season, especially considering my car has often less that half the power of anything else I run against, and sometimes less than 20% the power). So I do have at least some real-life experience to base these opinions on.

    I do, however, remain very frustrated with the AI cars in FC. They will often pull into me, even when I clearly have advantage, "track position", whatever you want to call it. A common issue is the "dive bomb", where I hold the inside line, get substantially ahead of the AI car I'm passing, only to find the AI car dive bombs me, putting the front of the AI car into my rear quarter. This does substantially reduce the enjoyment of FC, but this is the same complaint we probably all have about the AI cars in GT5p (and GT4, and......)
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