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Formula 1's Asian back-to-back arrives at the historic figure-of-eight Suzuka circuit. Designed for Sochiro Honda by John 'Hans' Hugenholtz the track saw its first action way back in 1962 which makes it one of the oldest tracks used by F1. It's arguably one of the most iconic too with a fiendish mix of technical corners and long straights that test real-world and simulation racers alike. Unlike many modern tracks the corners are still revered by name - the Senna esses, Degner, 130R, Spoon... so much more awe-inspiring than "Turn 8".

Suzuka has seen more than its fair share of excitement, drama and tragedy over the years, particularly the famous Senna .vs. Prost incidents and, of course, Jules Bianchi's horrific 2014 accident in terrible weather conditions.

This year sees Hamilton arrive with a 34 point lead in the World Driver's championship after two terrible races for Ferrari. Some would say that Hamilton's pace hasn't justified his luck - and perhaps that's true, he was beaten on straight pace in Malaysia where a DNS for Raikkonnen followed a historic first lap double-DNF for Ferrari in Singapore. Mercedes say that they're working hard to understand where the speed has gone while Ferrari are presumably working hard to get two cars to the end of a race. Vettel is hoping to avoid having to change his gearbox (possibly damaged in Malaysia's bizarre post-race collision with Stroll) and will be aiming for a race-controlling pole position. EDIT: Vettel's gearbox is said to be okay - he'll certainly be hoping it is!

Verstappen will be hoping to take another victory (although statistically he only wins when Kvyat gets demoted) while Ricciardo will be trying hard to get his own Red Bull up into the mix. Bottas will just be trying to regain his form - he describes the second half of the season as his "hardest time in F1, ever".

Pierre Gasly is one to watch this weekend, he knows Suzuka like the back of his hand (even with his gloves on) and impressed with his solid performance for STR in last week's debut.

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Nah, Suzuka is always a bore-fest race, I'm just starting to appreciate it from the driving side. At least Fuji gave us two unforgettable races in its current configuration.
I think it has some fun spots and enjoyed racing it in GT6. Is there some conspiracy to control what circuits get to be used by making the Grade1 requirements so high that it's obvious certain places will never make it?
I think it has some fun spots and enjoyed racing it in GT6. Is there some conspiracy to control what circuits get to be used by making the Grade1 requirements so high that it's obvious certain places will never make it?
It's a load of 90 degree bends with no interesting fast corners. F1 races would be dryer than anything there.

Grade 1 requirements are stringent. Look up Appendix O in this list for the full regulations.
Motegi is currently Grade 2
Motegi is my favorite Japanese track. Now I feel like an outcast. T-T

But I agree that it would probably be the worst for F1.
Motegi would be like a weird, alternative Tilkedrome in a way. Mostly flat, dull corners from what I recall, but there might be divebombs everywhere from everyone at the beginning of the race though, so who knows? :lol:

Suzuka is pretty good, it has a great mix of corners, the fans are always enthusiastic - plus it has a more entertaining, more involved lap than what I'd imagine Fuji would be with the current cars. We already have one dreadfully long straight in the form of Mexico, we probably won't benefit with another one.
Point being we don't need more 200+mph straights, we need more 'compact' circuits like the Hungaroring, that was a great race to head into the summer break with.

Anyways, ever wanted to see anime-eyes on some of your favorite drivers? - Of course not!, but F1 went and did it anyways. :rolleyes:
Ferrari have issued this funky retro poster for the Japanese GP. It looks rather like a target for Lance Stroll, but maybe that's just me :D

When was the last time we have had 3 teams this close in performance shame redbull didn't have this speed earlier in the season.
I won’t be surprised to see Lewis with another pole again. Sure his Mercedes power is something, but that man can make his car work when it shouldn’t.
I missed P1 and just tuned in before the delayed P2. The Dutch reporter said something about a more then likely "illegal" something of Vettel and his Ferrari? I missed the complete message so asking here. Is that maybe the new part of the nose as mentioned by @TenEightyOne ?
I will also miss P2. Duty calls...

After seeing the Sainz' crash I now also understand why Max just had a P6 time.
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