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Discussion in 'Motorsport' started by MustangRyan, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. MustangRyan

    United States North Carolina

    My favorite driver, Kenseth, got eliminated last week. His race last week at Phoenix went a lot like first race of 2016, the Daytona 500. Everything was looking good for him until the final lap, when it went all to hell in a hurry. I'm afraid Kenseth only has a few more real chances to compete for a second championship.

    So, let's talk about 2017.

    I'm most excited to see Clint Bowyer escape from racing purgatory and join SHR. I'm excited to see SHR move from Chevy to Ford. Unfortunately, this gives Ford five of the most disliked drivers in the field (Kes, Logano, Harvick, Kurt Busch, & Danica).

    United States MARYLAND fo sho

    That was...fast...?
  3. MustangRyan

    United States North Carolina

    I was ready to start this thread after Kenseth crashed last Sunday. :ouch:

    United States Dallas,Texas

    I don't know about that, he doesn't anywhere near the amount of hate the other four do. If anything, he gets more cheers.
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    United States MARYLAND fo sho

  6. BKGlover

    United States Texas

    With Jahgee off-site, you probably weren't getting sniped this time.

    I think 2017 could be the year JGR was hoping for this year, all four cars in the final 4 at Homestead. This'll be year 3 of the #19 team as it stands, Kyle and the #18 are strong, and if the #20 can shake their end-of-race gremlins, he could be the favorite. The weakest link in JGR itself I see is the #11 with Denny, a combo of driver, team, and equipment faults.

    Close behind would be Furniture Row. Truex should be as good as this year, but the new 77 and Erik Jones are gonna be the wild card. Could be great, could be mediocre, no one knows.

    Hendrick is next with Johnson and the 48 leading as of now, Chase and the 24 next in line, then a trying to return Jr. and Kasey Kahne. The 24 SHOULD break through, but the 88 and 5 are almost unknowns in this.

    After that, all bets are off. Penske will be trying to get SHR up to speed on Ford bits, all while keeping the 21 up and possibly dragging Roush with them. RCR and Ganassi can be so polarizing any of them could be contenders, or they could all end up as cabbies before the end of the year. Petty? I'm not even gonna feign it.

    Then there's the thorns in the eye, Front Row, BK, and now Leavine. I'd bet one of the three gets a win and really makes a mess of the Chase system.
  7. Leadfoot530

    United States Pittsburgh, PA

    Okay, I'm ready to move on after the last race in 2016 just backfired.

    I'm about ready to burn my Kyle Busch shirts. Every time...EVERY TIME I wear them, the finishes haven't gone my way...
  8. Eh Team

    Online Now!
    Canada With the igloos

    What if he was banned purposely so that he couldn't start the thread again. :odd::lol:
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  9. BKGlover

    United States Texas

    This is why I have given up almost all my "fandom". It's nothing but unndeeded heartache and despair. I've been much happier since.
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  10. outlaw4rc

    United States Las Vegas

    Carl Edwards or bust.


    Probably going to be bust because someone will just wreck him or won't even be in the finale.
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  11. Smurfybug

    United States Keasbey,NJ

    Wow, that was something wasn't it?

    United States MARYLAND fo sho

    Congrats to Jimmie Johnson the 2016 (sprint) Cup champion!

    United States Dallas,Texas

    Not gonna lie, I kinda had a thread saved before I found out Jahgee was banned :lol:
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  14. MustangRyan

    United States North Carolina

    That's my year. Panthers go 15-1 last season, but get killed in the Super Bowl earlier this year. This season, they keep finding new ways to lose.

    Last week was a double kick to the face, with the Panthers giving up a 17-0 lead at home, losing 20-17, despite not allowing Kansas City's offense to score a touchdown. Then, Kenseth looks poised to cruise to victory, with a berth in the title race hanging in the balance. The 95 cuts a tire with 1.5 laps remaining, brings out a caution, and all hell breaks loose on the restart. Kenseth went from race winner to eliminated because the 95 cut a tire twenty seconds too early.

    That's two straight years of playoff elimination for the 20 while leading a race in the final laps. My wife has asked several times why I continue to watch sports.
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  15. Northstar

    United States Minnesota

    I guess that's one nice thing about being a Minnesota sports fan, I've been disappointed so many times over the years it really doesn't have much of an effect on me anymore. :lol:

    My predictions for 2017:

    I watch the first few races until the rest of the racing world starts their seasons and don't tune in again until they turn right.
  16. TheBook

    United States Sturgis, MI

    As a Lions fan, I feel your pain. :lol:
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  17. Northstar

    United States Minnesota

    At least the Pistons and Red Wings have won championships this lifetime. The Twins have one but I was 2 at the time and I'm not really into basketball so the Lynx winning doesn't mean much to me.
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  18. Adamgp

    United States Land of the smelly onion

    2016 has been a good year in the sports world, JJ wins a record tying #7 and the Cubs finally win the WS again.
  19. Blood Eagle

    United States California

    Looking forward to see what Erik Jones can do in the 77. SHR to Ford. For Tony Stewart to be the Chevy leg humper he always has been, that's a weird thing for me to wrap my head around. I think Ford has something big planned. Good for Bowyer. Fresh start for him. But honestly I think SHR's good days are over.
  20. BKGlover

    United States Texas

    Yeah. Yeah, I know. I've been asked that about sports and video games. I gave up the sports side, games are harder to give up.
    I rooted for the Packer's since '97, but after suffering through my dad's "Watch Party" (read: reason for everyone except me to get :censored:-faced and be massive jack-asses) I decided I'd had enough with it. Next in line was the Mavs...That didn't last too long as they choked year after year, usually to the hapless Kings. Then the Rangers, and that went horribly. In the time I rooted for them, they lost every game I attended. Racing-wise it went Bobby Labonte & Dodge to Kasey Kahne & Dodge to just Dodge, then with it just being the Penske guys I finally said :censored: it.

    It sucks.
  21. Kingofweasles

    United States California

    This is the plan I stuck with all year and I enjoyed it. It might change if NASCAR goes ahead and impliments the "Caution-Clock" in all three divisions next year like a couple of websites I frequent have rumoured...
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  22. GTFan24


    Alright so the first 2017 question: Will we see a new Camry?
  23. Blood Eagle

    United States California

    Not until 2018. You heard it here.
  24. outlaw4rc

    United States Las Vegas

    Well, could be worse. I'm also a Panthers fan and an Edwards fan. Hopes and dreams destroyed just like Edwards' car and no prior title to fall back on.
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  25. ukfan758

    United States Louisville, KY

    The 2017 TV schedule:

    Cup Series:
    *Many races have later starting times this year, there are now only two 1PM EST starts. The Daytona 500 now starts at 2 EST.*

    *Races at Indianapolis, Bristol (summer), and Talladega (fall) will move from NBCSN to NBC while the races at Darlington, Charlotte (fall), and Kansas (fall) will move from NBC to NBCSN. Watkins Glen will return to NBCSN after being on USA in 2016.*

    February 18: Unlimited/Shootout (Daytona) [​IMG]
    February 23: Duels (Daytona) [​IMG]

    February 26: Daytona 500 (Daytona) [​IMG]

    March 5: Atlanta [​IMG]

    March 12: Las Vegas [​IMG]

    March 19: Phoenix [​IMG]

    March 26: Auto Club Speedway [​IMG]
    April 2: Martinsville [​IMG]

    April 9: Texas [​IMG]

    April 23: Bristol [​IMG]

    April 30: Richmond [​IMG]

    May 7: Talladega [​IMG]
    May 13: Kansas [​IMG]
    May 19: Showdown (Charlotte) [​IMG]
    May 20: All-Star Race (Charlotte) [​IMG]

    May 28: CocaCola 600 (Charlotte) [​IMG]
    June 4: Dover [​IMG]
    June 11: Pocono [​IMG]
    June 18: Michigan [​IMG]
    June 25: Sonoma [​IMG]

    July 1: Daytona [​IMG]
    July 8: Kentucky [​IMG]
    July 16: New Hampshire [​IMG]

    July 23: Indianapolis [​IMG]
    July 30: Pocono [​IMG]
    August 6: Watkins Glen [​IMG]
    August 13: Michigan [​IMG]

    August 19: Bristol [​IMG]
    September 3: Darlington [​IMG]
    September 9: Richmond [​IMG]
    September 17: Chicagoland [​IMG]
    September 24: New Hampshire [​IMG]
    October 1: Dover [​IMG]
    October 7: Charlotte [​IMG]

    October 15: Talladega [​IMG]
    October 22: Kansas [​IMG]
    October 29: Martinsville [​IMG]

    November 5: Texas [​IMG]

    November 12: Phoenix [​IMG]

    November 19: Homestead [​IMG]

    Xfinity Series:

    *The 4 races on NBC will be Iowa, Road America, Kansas, and Phoenix. The races at Darlington, Chicagoland, and Texas will move to NBCSN.*

    February 25: Daytona [​IMG]
    March 4: Atlanta [​IMG]
    March 11: Las Vegas [​IMG]

    March 18: Phoenix [​IMG]

    March 25: Auto Club [​IMG]

    April 8: Texas [​IMG]

    April 22: Bristol [​IMG]
    April 29: Richmond [​IMG]

    May 6: Talladega [​IMG]

    May 27: Charlotte [​IMG]
    June 3: Dover [​IMG]

    June 10: Pocono [​IMG]

    June 17: Michigan [​IMG]
    June 24: Iowa [​IMG]

    June 30: Daytona [​IMG]
    July 7: Kentucky [​IMG]
    July 15: New Hampshire [​IMG]
    July 22: Indianapolis [​IMG]

    July 29: Iowa [​IMG]
    August 5: Watkins Glen [​IMG]
    August 12: Mid-Ohio [​IMG]
    August 18: Bristol [​IMG]

    August 27: Road America [​IMG]

    September 2: Darlington [​IMG]
    September 8: Richmond [​IMG]
    September 16: Chicagoland [​IMG]
    September 23: Kentucky [​IMG]
    September 30: Dover [​IMG]
    October 6: Charlotte [​IMG]

    October 21: Kansas [​IMG]

    November 4: Texas [​IMG]

    November 11: Phoenix [​IMG]

    November 18: Homestead [​IMG]

    Truck Series:

    February 24: Daytona [​IMG]
    March 4: Atlanta [​IMG]
    April 1: Martinsville [​IMG]
    May 12: Kansas [​IMG]
    May 19: Charlotte [​IMG]
    June 2: Dover [​IMG]
    June 9: Texas [​IMG]
    June 17: Gateway [​IMG]
    June 23: Iowa [​IMG]
    July 6: Kentucky [​IMG]
    July 19: Eldora [​IMG]
    July 29: Pocono [​IMG]
    August 12: Michigan [​IMG]
    August 16: Bristol [​IMG]
    September 3: Canadian Tire [​IMG]
    September 15: Chicagoland [​IMG]
    September 23: New Hampshire [​IMG]
    September 30: Las Vegas [​IMG]

    October 14: Talladega [​IMG]

    October 28: Martinsville [​IMG]
    November 3: Texas [​IMG]
    November 10: Phoenix [​IMG]
    November 17: Homestead [​IMG]

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  26. BKGlover

    United States Texas

    I know it's subject to change, but there's something I don't see that makes me...less dismissive. No mention of FS2.
  27. NinjaDesignz

    United States Michigan

    Alright, after that heartbreaking lost. I'm ready to move on.

    To quote Carl "We'll be on fire next year". I really hope this is true. Plus, I have to wait another year to see Carl on twitter.

    United States Dallas,Texas

    Would you say it was...freaky fast? :p

    I think Erik Jones proved in 2015 that he can handle a Cup car (that and if I'm not mistaken, he's tested in one as well) so he already has some idea of what to do and will now have a fast team (that more or less will now be JGR II after the speed they've shown).

    As for Stewart, well he's not driving so he doesn't have to worry too much about violating his GM loyalty. The team itself has also proven at times to be actually better then Hendrick in Chevy equipment so I wouldn't be too surprised if when they got to a competitive point, they are at times as good as Penske. Either way, I see another forgettable year for Roush and even if Buescher gets in 16 (which I feel is a forgone conclusion at this point), its not gonna be any better as they stay stuck at the back.
  29. MustangRyan

    United States North Carolina

    Which team wins a Cup race first next season: RCR, Roush, Petty, or Front Row?

    It's got to be RCR, with Dillon or Newman, right?

    I think I would bet on Blaney and the Wood Brothers first over all of those teams.
  30. BKGlover

    United States Texas

    Of those 4? I want to say Front Row as a joke but they're all jokes. Newman has a little left, give him a really good car he could do it, Menard likes to "LOL, HAI" every once in a while, especially at Dega and Daytona. Austin...well, there was a white-and-black car that stuck it's nose in the title contender's race at Homestead. He's done it a few times, he just needs to figure out how to not :censored: it up at the end, which lets be honest is why he, and Chase Elliott by shenanigans, were out of the chase.

    In short, Don't Bet!
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