2021 NFL Season

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To kick off the Fall/Autumn season, tonight's game between the Carolina Panthers at the Houston Texans will be on. It's NFC South meets AFC South. Tyrod Taylor will not be starting at QB because of a hamstring injury from the at Cleveland game last week. Taking snaps for the Texans will be David Mills. There are still low expectations for Houston, but if the Texans can at least play competitively tonight (like they did in a losing effort at Cleveland), this could help change the minds of minds of most doubters.

Enjoy tonight's action if you'll be watching!
I had no idea my local NBC affiliate (Channel 2 here in Houston) was showing the Panthers at Texans game. I was going to rant about not being able to see the game on TV without NFL Network or having to use the Yahoo! Sports app without WiFi ti see the game. First time I checked in, it was 7-6, Carolina Panthers. David Mills made his first start for the Texans. Final score ended up being 24-9, Carolina. We'll be at Buffalo on Sunday, October 3rd. It wasn't like we had everything in our favor to get the win. Just get after the next one.

Congratulations to all winners from Week 3!
Pretty good win for the Panthers. Darnold was solid and defense continues to impress. Just a shame that the win came at the cost of McCaffrey and first round pick Jaycee Horn both going down with injuries. Hopefully CMC's hamstring isn't too serious. Horn though apparently has broken bones in his foot. Looks like he's going to be out for a long time.
My Houston Texans already played this week (and failed). So let me talk about some of the action at the time of this post. Only games that went Final:

* The Pittsburgh Steelers some problems with a pack of fierce felines. The Cincinnati Bengals won today 24-10 in Pittsburgh.

* Cincinnati won; how did the other Ohio NFL team do? Well, they feasted on the visiting Chicago Bears 26-6.

* Someone had to win in Nashville. The Tennessee Titans took down the Indianapolis Colts 25-16.

* It was a sad day in Detroit. MoTown was singing the blues as the Detroit Lions lost 19-17 to the visiting Baltimore Ravens.

* It was a 31-19 victory for the Arizona Cardinals as they won at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

* It was a beautifully sunny day in Kansas City, Missouri; but the Los Angeles Chargers thunderstruck the Kansas City Chiefs 30-24.

* The New York Giants lost at home to the Atlanta Falcons 17-14.

* Who dat say dey gon' beat dem Saints? Well, it wasn't the New England Patriots, losing at home to New Orleans 28-13.

That's all for this post. We still have the nightcap of the Green Bay Packers at the San Francisco 49ers, and then the Monday Night game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.
As both a Browns and Ohio State fan I have to admit this game had a bit of extra juice getting to see Justin Fields return and make his starting debut, but very quickly it turned sour. Can any Bears fan tell me with a straight face that Nagy’s offensive game plan was not malicious? This seemed like Nagy intentionally gave Fields no help to prove his point Fields wasn’t ready. They ran maybe less than a handful of either screens or boots or basically anything that wasn’t spreading the field out and hoping Justin can read the defense, behind a bad O line while barely chipping one of the best pass rushers in the game. This was an absolute embarrassment on Chicago’s part. Without the two 1st quarter 4th down flubs and the 40+ yard DPI I have a hard time seeing this game anything closer than 36-0. The farther away from the game I get the less happy I am the Browns won and just get madder and madder at the Bears and Nagy. About the only thing positive for Chicago was the defense was solid for how long it had to be on the field, and the punter had some nice punts.
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Stop the count! :lol:

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 16-38-34 2021 NFL Division Standings.png

Panthers schedule is pretty favorable but it still might be a little tough for them for the next few weeks with McCaffery out. The defense though at least should keep them competitive.
Ever since we got Stafford, I've been looking forward to this season. A good QB was always the missing piece and he seems to have filled that space quite nicely.
Eagles at Cowboys TONIGHT!

We already had one primetime game in the state of Texas back on Thursday with the Houston Texans hosting the Carolina Panthers. Now, the other Texas NFL team goes primetime. A classic NFC East rivalry is in vogue tonight as the Dallas Cowboys meet the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams are 1-1 on the season and look to improve to 2-1. Will Dallas (Arlington, actually) be a no-fly zone to the Eagles, or can the Eagles soar into Dallas and down the Cowboys? All will be answered tonight.

OVER/UNDER: 51.5 pts.

Enjoy tonight's game if you'll be watching!
So the Bengals came alive and whooped the Steelers, which is nice. I still don't know how the season is going to play out, and I won't get to see unless for some odd reason my cable package carries any Cincinnati channels or I shovel out some bucks for NFL Sunday Ticket.

Indy, on the other hand, is now sitting 0-3 because they know I'm making my move there this weekend. Yay.
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The Dallas Cowboys roughed up the Philadelphia Eagles at home 41-21 on Monday Night Football.

Let's do Week 4 of NFL Football! Allow me to share some of the upcoming matches this week:

  • WAS {Football Team} at ATL Falcons
  • HOU Texans at BUF Bills
  • DET Lions at CHI Bears
  • NYG Giants at NO Saints
  • TEN Titans at NYJ Jets
  • KC Chiefs at PHI Eagles
  • BAL Ravens at DEN Broncos
  • ARI Cardinals at LAR Rams
  • TB Buccaneers at NE Patriots (SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL)
  • LV Raiders at LAC Chargers (MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL)

The Cardinals at Rams game is the only game this week where both teams are 3-0 heading into this week's games. So as you see the schedule, we begin this week with a cat fight in beautiful Cincinnati. We then have Tom Brady's new team... playing at his old team on Sunday night. Finally, an AFC West showdown happens with the Raiders taking on the Chargers.

Enjoy this week's games!
It's time to start Week 4, and we start with a cat fight. It's the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Cincinnati Bengals. Jacksonville is seeking their first win of the season. Cincinnati looks to improve to 3-1. Usually, "Cincinnati" and "prime time" don't usually go well or end well when placed in the same sentence. But we'll see what happens tonight in lovely Cincinnati.

Enjoy tonight's game if you'll be watching or following!
It was 24-21 in Cincinnati as the Cincinnati Bengals downed the Jacksonville Jaguars at home. Jacksonville is now 0-4 on the 2021 season. Cincy proved to be the better cats on this night, improving to 3-1. Cheers to Dolph Drago and Eva on the Bengals winning!
Color me surprised. As mentioned, Cincy is typically awful in prime time. Plus I was expecting Lawrence to finally get his first win, because that's how the Bengals roll; allow major milestones for players, allow players to have career games, etc... With that said, for whatever reason, they tend to play well when wearing their orange uniforms. Fitting that it would end on the last play of the game.

It looked bleak just before halftime. Stopping the Jags at the goal line before the end of the half changed the momentum of the game. Burrow took over from there. Uzomah had a great game as well making key plays. Now if only they can keep the play up for the entire season and not fizzle out like the Reds did...
I knew the Houston Texans were going to get wrecked today. And... I was right. Texans failed 40-0 at Buffalo. It's the first time the Texans have been shut out in a game in over five years. At times, it seemed the Texans could make the game close or play a bit harder. Weather and a rookie QB on Houston's side prevented the Texans from being even upset-minded. So we're stuck on one win this season. Almost wished we play Jacksonville 17 times to finish the regular season undefeated at this point. It was probably also a good thing the broadcast had technical difficulties, because I couldn't stand hearing about how 🤬 the 2021 Houston Texans are.

Up next for Houston... we're back home to host the New England Patriots next Sunday at Noon.

Congratulations to all other winner this week! Too bad my Texans aren't among the winning teams (again).
Not sure which win was more surprising. The Giants winning in the Superdome in OT 27-21, or the Jets managing to stun the Titans in OT 27-24 in East Rutherford.
That probably some of the worst Browns offensive football I’ve seen since at least 2019. Baker flat out smoked a lot of easy/wide open throws. I think it’s time to just sit Wills until he can be full go. Appreciate the give-a-darn but 70% of him for half a game ain’t cutting it. But it’s glad to know that the defense is kinda good and didn’t just benifit from a awful Bears game plan with a rookie qb and bad o line. In the end it doesn’t mater how you win in the nfl just that you do.
In the "Brady Bowl" last night, it was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Tom Brady's current team) defeating his former team 19-17 at New England. Brady even surpassed Drew Brees for career passing yardage in last night's game.

Raiders at Chargers TONIGHT!

In vogue tonight is the AFC West and two of its formidable teams. This Monday Night Football takes place at SoFi Stadium in Ingleood, California- home to Super Bowl LVI, as well as the home stadium for the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams. Who knows? Maybe one of these teams could be playing in Super Bowl LVI at season's end. If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it all the way to the Super Bowl with the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, then anything's possible. So the Away team here is returning to California. Formerly the Oakland Raiders, the now Las Vegas Raiders are 3-0 on the 2021 NFL season so far, leading the AFC west. The Los Angeles Chargers, meanwhile, are 2-1 on the 2021 season and 3rd in the AFC West. Can the Raiders remain undefeated, or will the Chargers take down the black and silver boys from Las Vegas? All will be answered tonight on Monday Night Football!

OVER/UNDER: 51 pts.

Bet wisely. And enjoy tonight's game if you will be watching or following!
I got a LOT to get to in this post, so let me get things started. Your winners from last night were the Los Angeles Chargers, winning over the Oakland Raiders 28-14 on Monday Night Football from SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

It is now the 5th week of the 2021 NFL season, and before going any further, here is a look at how each team is doing so far this season. Try to find your favorite team(s):

--- STANDINGS UPDATE (as of October 5, 2021) ---
AFC EAST: Buffalo (3-1), MIA, NE, and NYJ (1-3 each)
AFC NORTH: Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Cleveland (3-1 each), PIT (1-3)
AFC SOUTH: Tennessee (2-2), HOU and IND (1-3 each), JAX (0-4)
AFC WEST: Los Angeles Chargers, Denver, and Las Vegas (3-1 each), KC (2-2)

NFC EAST: Dallas (3-1), WAS (2-2), PHI and NYG (1-3)
NFC NORTH: Green Bay (3-1), CHI (2-2), MIN (1-3), DET (0-4)
NFC SOUTH: Tampa Bay and Carolina (3-1 each), NO (2-2), ATL (1-3)
NFC WEST: Arizona (4-0), LAR (3-1), SEA and SF (2-2 each)

A long ways to go, and anything can still happen. So don't think the season is over if your favorite team(s) is/are failing.

Now let's talk about Week 5's games. Here are some of the many matches slated for this week:

  • NYJ Jets vs. ATL Falcons <<< from London, England, UK
  • GB Packers at CIN Bengals
  • DET Lions at MIN Vikings
  • MIA Dolphins at TB Buccaneers
  • TEN Titans at JAX Jaguars
  • NE Patriots at HOU Texans

Hello, England! The country known best for another kind of football will get some gridiron football as the Jets and Falcons play over there on Sunday morning. Various other teams continue on their season. Arizona will try to stay undefeated. Back when I started following football around 2002 when the Houston Texans came into the league, the Cardinals were quite sorry. Great to see the team out in the desert doing so well so far this season.

I'll end this post with some musings.

* I have been seeing reports and such about how former Houston Texans' coach Bill O'Brien tried to intentionally get fired from the Texans so he could try to succeed Bill Belichick. Okay- so you ruin MY team just to try to succeed Bill Belichick in the future? Then you do things like let go of J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins (two great players) just to make this happen? The Texans are already a mess, and this just further solidifies the futility the Texans have had of late. My respect for Bill O'Brien is vastly lowered now after this monkeyshine of his.

* Today's Texans have won a grand total of one game, as most thought the Texans would finish 0-17. The fewest wins the Texans have gotten was two, and they've done that twice. This team seems like an expansion team rather than a once potent power. Not much for Texans fans to get excited about in 2021. There is excitement in regards to the team being and staying competitive. Trouble is, they can't get back to their winning ways. Most of this is just about wanting Tyrod Taylor to get back into good health. I also fear a weird scenario where DeShaun Watson (remember him?), who doesn't want to play with the Texans any more, may end up trying to save the team as a last resort. However, I'm sure he'll be like, "🤬 the Texans, save your own selves." Sunday's fail at the Bills this past Sunday was the first time the Texans got shut out in over five years, and it was the first time they lost by 40 or more points in team history.

* If you think the 2021 Houston Texans are the worst, wait until you hear of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-4 on the season and have lost 19 straight games. In case you're wondering about the longest losing streak in NFL history, it was the Chicago Cardinals of 1942-1945 that lost 29 straight games. Coach Urban Meyer recently was seen in a video with a woman at a bar who wasn't Meyer's wife. The Jacksonville Jaguars are an exponentially bigger mess than the Texans; and if the Jags don't get it together, they'll be futile for seasons to come.

Other than all of this, enjoy this week's games!
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I like how Meyer said he didn't know what to do and I instantly thought "well the Simpsons did this first."

Another week another Panthers trade for a CB. This time they gave up a 6th round pick next year, for Stephon Gilmore. Who was being cut by the Patriots anyway. Seems like his health might be an issue but it's low risk high reward for Carolina, imo. Now if they could only get their abysmal O-Line sorted out...
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We begin Week 5 with a Thursday Night match with the NFC West in vogue. The Thursday Night Football match tonight involves the Los Angeles Rams at the Seattle Seahawks. Enjoy tonight's action if you'll be watching!
Heads up! There is a game on right now from London, so I apologize for not hyping up this Sunday earlier because I kind of overslept. But enjoy today's games as well as the nightcap tonight between the Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs!
The Houston Texans failed again. Stuck on one win, our latest fail was 25-22 to the New England Patriots to fall to 1-4 on the 2021 season. We'll probably be stuck on one win when we head to the Indianapolis Colts next week, since we constantly lose at Indy. Three-for-three on 4th downs by the Texans in the first half of this game. Special teams were atrocious by both teams in the first half. Some thought the Texans were trying to be too cute when up 22-9. But... it's another fail for the Texans, and it's damned sad.

Hopefully your team(s) did better, but congratulations to all winners from this week.
What a game between Cincinnati and Green Bay. It was actually televised here in Indy since it was on FOX plus the Colts don't play until Monday night. :D

With just over 2 minutes left in regulation, the Bengals and Packers were tied 22-22. Crosby (who had missed a point after earlier in the game but had made 27 straight FG) missed the go-ahead field goal. McPherson then hit the upright during a 57 yard attempt to put the Bengals ahead. This led to Rodgers quickly driving the Packers back down the field to set up another attempt. Another miss and OT incoming! Cincy won the coin toss and got the ball first, only to see Burrow throw an inexplicable interception. It looked over. Green Bay was already in field goal range. But guess what? Crosby shanked his third straight try! There was still hope for the Bengals. Ja'marr Chase made a fantastic catch to move them down the field. McPherson gave it another go only to see the ball hit the flag at the top of the upright. Argh!! Green Bay started to drive again, but the Bengals stalled them at 3rd and 16. The next play nearly resulted in a first down, but Cobb came up inches short. And two Bengal defenders came away hobbling. The Packers tried to draw them offsides on 4th down, but no one jumped and the 2 minute warning (which I didn't know existed in OT) came. After the break, the field goal unit came onto the field for a 49 yard attempt. Another shot for Crosby to win it, and unfortunately for us suffering Cincinnati fans, he finally connected. Bengals lost 25-22.

Cincinnati struggled mightily to keep Davante Adams in check. He finished with 11 catches for 206 yards and a TD (which I feel could have been overturned, since he retained less control than Calvin Johnson did in that controversial non-touchdown play all those years ago), but what are you going to do? The Bengals are now 3-2 on the season.

Edit: I just read that Burrow was taken to the hospital after the game for a throat contusion. Hopefully he is okay. Last thing we need is for him to go down again.
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This Chargers v. Browns game is incredible. Chargers just scored to make it 42-41 Browns leading but missed the extra point.
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This is me, every Sunday morning...


Also, Goff is not a good QB. I was hopeful that he was going to be serviceable when the Lions got him, but good god almighty he needs to learn how to hang on to balls in scoring position. He also needs to learn to have some vision out there and not just throw to whatever receiver he determined he was going to throw to before the play started. Seriously, throwing into triple coverage, throwing to a guy who got held up and is behind on his route, throwing to a ghost. These are all things Goff does. I hate that the QB draft class next year sucks because this means we're stuck with this guy for another year.

Oh and I really hope the Lions and Jags end up 0-17 at the end of the season and the Lions lose the number one pick because the Jags suck slightly more. That would be the ultimate Lions move.
Buffalo is the truth so far this season. They walloped the Kansas City Chiefs 38-20 in Kansas City[, Missouri]. Now on to Monday Night. So...

Colts at Ravens TONIGHT!

Baltimore once had a football team, and that team moved on to Indianapolis and became the Colts. Baltimore's (or "B-More" to some) newer team is the Ravens. So this match in the AFC can be thought of as old Baltimore meets new Baltimore. It's the AFC South's Colts meeting the AFC North's Ravens. Indy is 1-3 on the season, and Baltimore is 3-1. Find out who'll take this one tonight!

OVER/UNDER: 46 pts.

Enjoy tonight's game if you'll be watching!