2021 NFL Season

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Don't follow college football, so I can't really comment on the prospects. Will just say that the secondary was a real weak spot for the Panthers last year. Jaycee Horn seems like he's going fill that need nicely.
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Surprise! The Bengals don't select an offensive lineman in the 1st round...:rolleyes: Chase and Burrow are a good connection, clearly, but it will be hard for Burrow to get the ball to Chase if Burrow is laying on his back after getting sacked.

Who needs an offensive line anyway? -All NFL GM's yesterday. :rolleyes:

I had several teams getting O-line help in my mock draft and most of them went with the WR route. It seems I need to switch my brain off to do this thing, just like the actual guys that make the calls.

And yes, the Eagles are the new 00's Lions. 3 years, 3 WR's in the 1st round. WHY?
And yes, the Eagles are the new 00's Lions. 3 years, 3 WR's in the 1st round. WHY?

To make it worse, they have an old-ass Joe Flacco throwing the ball too. I mean Flacco's arm used to be great, but he's got some mileage on him now. I don't know enough about Jalen Hurts to know if he'll do good or not when Flacco inevitably becomes broken.
Still, I'm glad they passed on Sewell because that meant the Lions could get him
Poor guy gets passed up by one incompetent franchise to go to another. I often wonder how many of these draftees go, "🤬! Why did the Bengals / Lions / Browns / another fail team have to choose me?" :lol:
Wasn't sure what the hell the Panthers were doing trading back a couple of times in the 2nd round. They've gained some good capital though and drafted well so far. Is this what having a competent GM feels like? I could get used to it.
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How would you grade your team’s draft this year? For the Browns I would say a solid A.
Getting both Greg Newsome and JOK was absolute fantasy, also I like the day 3 guys a lot as well. The only real gripe I have if I could even have one is that they mostly drafted “undersized” players but I don’t think it'll be an issue at the next level as their skills and traits more than make up for it.
I only followed so much of the Houston Texans' picks. So this is who all we drafted:

* Davis Mills (QB, Stanford)
* Nico Collins (WR, Michigan)
* Brevin Jordan (TE, Miami (FL))
* Daviyon Nixon (DT, Iowa)
* Garret Wallow (ILB, TCU)
* Roy Lopez (DT, Arizona)

It's hard to be excited as a Houston Texans fan considering the unraveling that has happened since last season. From [finally] firing Bill O'Brien to winning only four games under Romeo Crennel, the DeShaun Watson situation, and more... the Texans are hoping for miracles to return to relevance. A lot will have to change in order to instill hope for Texans fans. It may take a few seasons, unless the Texans overachieve in 2021 (which I sincerely doubt) or 2022. Once the Texans snap out of being groggy, maybe they'll come back and just return to their former greatness.
On a much more lighthearted note, tonight is the night of the NFL Schedule reveal. This will be the first NFL season of three Preseason games and 17 regular season games. Who will play who? Will your team(s) play on Sunday nights? Will your team(s) play on Monday night? All will be revealed as the new season comes around.

To avoid being remiss, my condolences go out to all lives lost recently among the NFL.
Green Bay Packers reach one-year deal with veteran QB Blake Bortles, source says

Dear god. That Raiders schedule.

6 wins max. And Gruden, Mayock and Carr gotta go after the season ends. Enough is enough.
One of the best kickers in NFL history, Adam Vinatieri, has recently announced his retirement. 48 years old he is. He is a 4-time Super Bowl champion in his 24 seasons of play.

I wish Adam Vinatieri the best in his retirement.
It is being reported that WR Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons is expected to be traded with the Tennessee Titans (all things considered). So J. Jones will go from the NFC South to the AFC South. Meaning... my Texans will have to deal with him twice a season.
It is being reported that WR Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons is expected to be traded with the Tennessee Titans (all things considered). So J. Jones will go from the NFC South to the AFC South.

Know Julio is getting towards the back end of the his career. But a 2nd and 5th round pick is a steal for the Titans.
Meaning... my Texans will have to deal with him twice a season.

And I'm glad that the Panthers no longer have to. :lol:
A news note I forgot to report was that Johnathan Joseph recently retired from the NFL. Among his many stops, he played for my Houston Texans. So the Texans are becoming even more unraveled since the brutal 2020 season. I loved J-Jo. He was a solid defender for the Texans. Johnathan Joseph served 15 years in the NFL and even was a Pro Bowl selection.

Also, there was a report suggesting that DeShaun Watson wants to play for the Denver Broncos. I'm wondering how Denver fans would respond to Denver fans would feel about DeShaun Watson playing for the Broncos if this deal passed.
I loved when J-Jo was with the Bengals. He and Leon Hall were one of the top cornerback duos in the league when they were together.
Eli Manning is back! And he's returning to the New York Giants! He will be playing... a business operations and fan engagement role. So probably not the news you were hoping for if you wanted the Giants to return to Super Bowl-winning status. At least Eli Manning's back! :)
If you haven't heard recent news, Carl Nassib of the Oakland Raiders came out as gay. He becomes the first active player to "come out" about something like this. A number of NFL players and personalities applauded C. Nassib for this move. His jersey even recently became the best-selling jersey in the league recently. With cultural changes across society and better acceptance of LGBT+ matters, this is a good sign of progress to me.

You may recall there was someone a few years ago who was drafted being openly gay. Remember Michael Sam? He never played a regular season game, but it was one of the first signs of progress among LGBT+ matters. I think he used to play in college for the University of Missouri.

Anyhow... much love and respect to Carl Nassib. Even cooler story, he donated over $100K USD to The Trevor Project.
A few recent notes...

* Enjoy calling Washington as the "Washington Football Team" for one more season. They plan to come up with a permanent name for 2022.

* The league is now looking at calling games as forfeits and players not getting pay checks if they are affected by COVID-19/Coronavirus. What I would most be concerned with is... what if this was the Super Bowl and one or the other team had such issues?

Training Camp should begin soon or is underway.
Look who shown up for Training Camp this morning- DeShaun Watson! He took part in Training Camp to avoid getting fined $50K each day. D. Watson still is adamant about leaving the Houston Texans regardless.
You waited for months and months. Now, the first Preseason game for the 2021 season begins tonight! We have the Hall of Fame Game between the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Dallas Cowboys. The Hall of Fame Game is played in Canton, Ohio. We'll get our first look at some of the teams and players as this game takes place tonight at around 8:00 PM Eastern time. The game will be televised on your local FOX affiliate.

Should you be watching, enjoy the game!
Just about all the NFL Preseason action will begin tonight. Pending storms here in Houston, I will be watching my Texans play at the Green Bay Packers. Folks, I am NOT confident at all as a Texans fan. I'm all about... how quickly and how effectively can the Texans rebuild to prevent having as many dull seasons in the near future? Unless the Texans make leaps and bounds improvements in short order and return to being a playoff team, I won't be as jovial about the Texans in 2021.

Enjoy the preseason!
It was 26-7 as the Houston Texans defeated the Green Bay Packers in their preseason game. Texans scored first on a field goal, then the Packers hit pay dirt with a touchdown. The Texans since re-took the lead and had plenty of unanswered points. Offense and defense seemed consistent all game long. Up next for the Texans... at the Dallas Cowboys next Saturday.

It's just the Preseason, but congratulations to all Preseason winners this week!
The Houston Texans downed the Dallas Cowboys 20-14 tonight at Dallas. 2-0 in the 2021 Preseason now. Defense was more solid than the offense for Houston.