24 Hour race?! Let's discuss please XD

Discussion in 'GT4 Race Reports' started by AE86Driver, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. liam98865


    mate b spec is were the computer takes over
  2. Ztressicedrag7

    Ztressicedrag7 (Banned)

    I am thinking of setting it in b spec and starting early in the morning set it to 3x normal speed thus taking 8hrs or what alot people say then staying and motoring the cars progress cause sometimes it wont pit and it really annoys me.

    anyway while trying to get first place i am gonna have to watch what corners i go through because sometimes it slips off and crashes so i might have to change the pases it gos past. if the Bentley speed 8 wasn't in it then i would have done these races last.

    so if u start at 7,8,9 am you will fin at 3 4 5 pm! and still have time to yourself to do whatever you want to do i going wake up at 7 and fin at 3.
  3. jg21


    So if I am to try and complete this raceon a slimline PS2, it will not break it.

    Can some one also give me some tips to do it
  4. SportWagon

    SportWagon Premium

    I done 24 hours on B-spec and A-spec, and left my slimline on for days at a time.

    Mine has the external power supply, though.