Activating SRF in some quick matches?

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    Thank you for the times.:tup:

    I couldn't really say which is the best car as it's really down to how you drive and whether you like under or over steer. The HSV's have a nice balance with the lowest torque, the SC430's have a load of torque but I find they have too much under steer in the slow corners and high speed over steer. The GTR's are in between them both. I'd go with the power though and choose the GTR for Suzuka.

    The Nissan at Indy is unbelievable when you get onto the start/finish straight but the low speed corners hurt it too much and I struggle to get into the 24s with it. If I had to pick a car for there, it would have to be the TS030 for the hybrid boost out of those corners and how easy it changes direction. I've done a couple of mid 22s and consistently hit low 23-high 22s. Mid 23s with all of the others.
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