AI Difficulty Level?

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  1. psychoazubi


    I think it depends what you are racing. I'm racing the ai at 100% in gt4 and it's the best offline racing I ever had. They battle me quite hard but I managed a 15 lap fight for p1 in hockenheim without any contact
  2. Mr Tree

    Mr Tree

    I am new to the genre and bought me a g29 plus project cars (for ps4)

    Currently I have my ai set at 35-45. I have just a little bit of room to spare (if I wouldn't go off track due to heeing stupid). Also I have all driving aids off (exept drivingline as a guideline)

    Does this get better?
  3. Sick Cylinder

    Sick Cylinder Premium

    The AI competitiveness seems to vary so you may need to tweak it according to car and circuit. Your skill level will increase and as it does you will be able to raise the AI difficulty level.

    I think there is a relationship with the grip level of the car - I find that the AI can be turned up for high grip cars such as single seaters, but you may need to turn it down for low grip cars such as historic saloons. You should be able to get good offline races / practise races by fiddling with the AI level and altering your starting position - starting at the front, middle or back. If you set race to time instead of laps the game will give you fastest lap times - use these to tweak your AI level and start position until you get competitive races.