Always use S1/S1 tyres on road cars

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo PSP' started by scleeve, Oct 14, 2009.

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    R3 is not a real world term. It is just how PD ranks their generic tires.

    I dont know a lot about tires, but those are not the highest level of racing tires available (which would be R3 in GT). According to the tires that sit below them on the rack, thay are all street tires. They may have an R and a 3 in the title of the specific tire, but they do not correspond to R3 tires in GT.
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    I'm guessing R3 tyres would be racing tyres with the softest compound. High grip but wear down faster. No such trade off in the game though, so R1's and R2's really have no point.
  3. scleeve


    GT's N1 right through to R3 tyres are classes made up for this game only, they don't exist in real life and the game doesn't explain the different between them, so the whole point of the thread was to suggest which class of tyre was closest to what we all use on the road, i.e. S1.

    I have no experience of using full slicks, ie. v soft compound no tread tyres, but I did use semi-slick tyres (soft compound, minor treads) on the Pulsar, I used Toyo R888's, grip was awesome, and they are used in the UK and various other Time Attack series becuase they are road legal (also used on the Megane R26-R), I'm guessing that in the game these are R1 class, here's a picture of them...


    I wish there was tyre wear in GT PSP, and I would prefer to see engine and component wear in games too, that way you would have to keep an eye on temps and short shift, break earlier due to fade, and generally look after your car the longer the race went on. Hope its in GT5.
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    Cool, the only thing I knew to look for in tires really was what people said about them on

    I figured the n1-r3 things were made up, but I do remember hearing some mention in sport compact car of R compound tires, whatever that means.
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    I'd say it's fair to use the tyres that come with the car.
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    I almost always use the default tires. With no power tuning, S3 tires and above on road cars is overkill IMO. With race cars however, I usually use R1-R3 tires since IRL they're using slicks as well.
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    Oh sure mate =)
    R3 tires are wayyyy to grippy for the normal road cars
    I mean, I got a Nurburgring time of 7'05.328 with the new GT-R
    C'mon guys, its 20 seconds faster than the official timing for the GT-R

    Dude, go make a Time Trial competition. I'll join you =)
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    Yeaaa, dude like your choice here.
    It was much more a harder challenge.
    But It felt faster for some reason.
    Maybe because this is the 1st lap with the S1s and I was being cautious.
    Good call for the S1 setup mate =D