Any change GT1 will be Freeware one day?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 1' started by PSN:And-War, May 15, 2019.

  1. PSN:And-War


    GT One is a old Classic title, do you think we will ever see the code relesed like Doom and some of the other classics?
  2. pez2k


    Sadly it's very unlikely to see a source release - Doom is the exception rather than the rule as John Carmack pushed for open-source releases of all of the engines that he developed at id Software.

    Going freeware is even less likely as not even Doom is freeware, GTA1 and 2 are the only examples I can think of, and they're no longer available anyway.

    The problem with a source release too is that there would be no legitimate way to make any use of it - the compilers used are part of confidential Sony SDKs, it would be impossible to boot a recompiled disc on an unmodified console, and private sale of development hardware that could run it is not allowed either.
  3. gtfrick


    And unlike Doom, there is no PC or DOS version of Gran Turismo, so a freeware release wouldn't make sense, because emulation would be needed in order to play it. Not to mention that GT1 is available on the Playstation Store.

    A source code release would also not make much sense either, since the game is written for the Playstation. What if it was written in assembly language? RISC and IA-32/x86-64 are wildly different, and almost nobody writes in assembly language anymore

    The only hope we could have is if someone somehow reverse engineers the game and makes a freeware version that requires most of the original VOL files, since that would be the only way to make a freeware version that doesn't infringe copyright law, since it is just an engine, not a game. I wish that would come true some day. Maybe somebody will make an open-source version of GT1. I certainly can't because the most mundane knowledge of Javascript wouldn't be enough to reverse engineer a Playstation game without any available source code.