Anyone cancelled preorder after trying the beta?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by Gunma36, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. TamasToth


    I didn't preordered and after the beta I ... will not be in a hurry to buy it. I'm not convinced. Livery customization and the whole visual are awesome, but this game is meant to be a driving simulator. Now I can simulate a lot of fantasy cars' behaviour. If simulation, I prefer the hundreds of real cars, old- and youngtimers, like in previous GTs, then this virtual somethings.
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  2. euclid58


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    I think I'll keep my preorder intact, but I also need a PS4 for it... So my physical copy will go on the rack and I'll wait and see how things go after launch.. I'm hoping some more world circuits get added because right now the track roster is not inspiring at all.. It's got Nordschliefe at least so that's good, but missing a couple others I'd expect to be there.. Also concerned the server network will be strong enough to support the demand at launch.. I am sincerely hoping for the best outcome for PD and all the loyal fans of the franchise.. I expect to be playing at some point next year..
  3. MikeV27

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    Not cancelling, I think it's really good and the focus on multiplayer is right up my alley. Didn't expect or even want another GT7 type game tbh.
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