asm and tcs help

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Easy thing to fix. Go into car settings and set the TCS and ASM to zero (0) that should turn it off. Let the drifting begin!
Yeah, i usually turn that crap off. The only exceptions are: sometimes i'll have the TCS set to 1 if i'm in a car that can't get a good launch. I only do this in super-tight competitive situations when my car qualifies within a half second of the competition. If i'm in a more relaxed race, i'll turn it off cuz i dont' mind all the tire smoke!

Grassroots Motorsports magazine just did a side by side test in a new 3 or 5-series BMW sedan (can't remember if it was a 3 or 5) on a test track. They used 2 drivers (one experienced with the course and the other guy was less experienced). The BMW was driven in 8 different situations:

{1} ABS only
{2}ABS and traction controls on,
{3} ABS, traction controls, and Stability on and
{4} no brake or traction controls.

They did 4 tests on a wet track and 4 on a dry track. Turns out the best lap times with both drivers were with ABS only. When they switched the ABS off, the car became unsteady....locking wheels and all that and the drivers couldn't brake as late as they did with ABS on.

With the traction controller on, the drivers could no longer ‘steer’ the BMW with their foot. When they gave it too much gas, the sedan would hesitate instead of move as the traction control would limit throttle input.

With the stability control and traction on...the BMW was too limited. They couldn't get any oversteer because of the TCS on and the stability control was now kicking in, interfering with their cornering.

I just thought this was interesting because this seems comparable to GT3 cars with TCS and ASC off since all Gran Turismo cars in the 3rd game automatically have ABS brakes.