Assetto Corsa Competizione (Console) Review: Niche But Nice

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    I didn't wait for the review this time, but spot on!
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    Try this. I've found it pretty accurate. FWIW, I'm on PC and the aggressive setups are not easy to improve upon by much. A little tweaking here and there for my driving style and good to go usually. It's most important to get tire pressures in the right range (27.3-27.8) and use the brake temps to control temperatures and keep them in the ideal range although it's less important (90-100C). You'll need different settings here for a 15C track vs the same track at 40C, night vs. day etc. To tune tire pressure, run a couple of laps to get up to working temps then teleport back to the garage and immediately into the tuning setup. You'll see the PSI hot values there and can adjust pressures accordingly. When I save my setups I include the track temp in the title. That way if you go back to the same track it's easy to adjust pressures as temps go up or down. You can also set cold pressures in your pit stop tires. Keep in mind again, if you are pitting at night you'll want different pressures than in the heat of day etc.
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    I certainly could have chosen one of your many rude, insulting, and condescending post to reply to, but I just picked this one at random.

    Mature people can make a point in any conversation without insulting another person or without sounding like a condescending spoiled brat.

    What becomes readily apparent observing the way you post in these forums is that you are defensive and something drives you to insult others when you post. Adults are not starstruck by YouTube content creators. They are no more an expert then anyone who has years of experience Sim racing.

    Do not be so naive as to think none of those people you mentioned are not compensated for the things that they say, in one form or another.

    Perhaps you can do something novel and just give your own impressions from your own experiences of the game instead of blindly relying on other people's impressions.

    But, at the very least, find a way to make a point without insulting other people and belittling other people because it really only reflects something about you.
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    How you can make any reviews on racing game which runs 15 fps ?
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    I guess this one will improve and defo work better on the next gen, I’ve been racing with KS since day one and feel they are worth the spend, I have it on PC but sadly don’t have the rig to run it well, spot on review though
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    First off, I picked up my physical copy I purchased on June 4th from GameStop yesterday after work. I get home and there’s no code for the DLC pack. It wasn’t on the receipt or inside the case. They tried to reprint a receipt and that didn’t work. I called their customer service line and they tried to find a code. No luck. So GameStop is saying the developer didn’t send any dlc codes for the “International GT pack” and they won’t have them until after the 4th. Not happy about them advertising something they don’t have, yet.
    But I played the game today with both controller and wheel. Controller is doable but it’s better with the wheel in my opinion. I had the starter set to manual and couldn’t get the car start before the race formation started. Still learning how to do something’s as I go. So far so good though.
    What are the rain lights? Are they like fog lights? Like the lights in the front bumper of the 488 GT3?
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    Here is where I’m at right now:

    Deadzone 1%
    Speed Sensitivity 50%
    Steer Filter 60%
    Steer Speed 1%
    Steer Gamma 4.0
    Steer Assist Enabled
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    Easily, because it’s not.

    You need to assign a button to both the starter and ignition, I’ve not bothered until the add button box support.

    Rain lights are red high intensity lights on the rear of the car to make it more visible in heavy rain and spray.
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    I used to do a lot of tuning in pCARS as I felt the default setups weren't particularly great, but for AC I ran close to default, which I'll probably do in ACC too.
    Tire pressure management is critical so will try out what you say

    Also I haven't seen you on here for ages!
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    Thanks Dr. Frasier Crane. You have solved all my problems in one consultation. :/ All hail you!

    All these complaints before you even turned a wheel in the game.

    The YouTubers I’m start struck by have indicated that none of these “problems” are game breakers!
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    My post here in the other thread will show you the settings I used

    I now run without the steering assist, but You can see in the videos in the post that it was a learning curve for me
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    I couldn't keep the car on track with default settings, but I found these and have been loving it since

    Deadzone 0%
    Speed Sensitivity 75%
    Steer Filter 95%
    Steer Speed 100%
    Steer Gamma 1.5
    Steer Assist Enabled
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    Quit the attitude, @DriveSpark has perfectly valid complaints. You're just being obnoxious with your bs towards anyone being critical of this game. This game has bugs and various problems, and there is absolutely nothing you, or the Youtubers you love can say that makes them go away. Not to mention the fact that it is possible for someone to just not like a design choice a dev made for a game, and thus be turned away from said game solely because of it. There's no need to defend this game's honor. I mean it's not like the devs or the Youtubers will notice you doing so.
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    So the feedback that he took from other people who were yet to play the game and before himself having even played the game can be held as true and valid, but the YouTubers I have listed as exemplars which are a more visible true are invalid?

    Why does his true trump my true?

    Your defenses and reckless backing of each other are non sensical.
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    You wanted to know what was inappropriate? That lot along with all the other pictures of pies you've posted in other threads.

    They have their opinion. You have yours, but you can lose the attitude.
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    I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

    it sure would help if the explained what the settings actually did.
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    Is this framedrops still a thing? Somebody can test it on Standard PS4? :

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    I just did 10 laps on SPA.

    PS 4 1TB slim, with Logitech G29

    I had no where near that much lag.

    Again for me, its perfectly playable. I agre it could be optimised but its not that bad as some people make it out to be.

    Also I dident see all the youtube reviews.

    But I just saw Jardier's

    And as I see it he is no where in the pocket of Kunos. He is a monster in these games, and he gave his honest opinion.

    It wasent like he candy coated the whole game. He did actually say that some parts where horibel, night driving in the rain. But his overall opinion is that the game is very good for what it is on a 7 year old console.

    Anyway. Its not worth it to get agry with people who has a diferent opinion. We are humans, we have our own individual beliefs, the way our brain is working is that we always seek to confirm what we already belive is right. So its kinda pointless to get upset when someone else has a diferent belief.
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    The review it´s spot on.

    Love the physics/sound the FFB on the wheel it´s so damn good.

    But it has some major flaws in my opinion.

    Lack of lobby creations option it´s just one of them, but regarding the game department i think devs must pay more attention to other details, a good tutorial for newcomers and detailed info about all the steps and options it presents.

    Resuming, when people try to compare ACC with Grand turismo for example forget that both are racing games and there are a lot of areas that needs to be polished and be worked to be intuitive regarding ACC experience that is, content/graphics and simplicity is where Gt sport shines while ACC shines in physics/sound.
    For people that know the rules of the sport probably have no issues but the truth is that they are there and for a game that intend to sell copys theres a lot to be done in some areas, it have bugs and needs work regarding menus and explanations for newcomers.
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    What wheel are you using out of interest and what are your settings? As I have a very different opinion to yours on the FFB on a wheel (have a G29).
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    I was disappointed at first at the physics and FFB. Because I was comparing It to AC I thought physics and FFB would be equal to or improved on AC's all ready superior levels. So after an entire day of driving I've come to the conclusion that ACC's physics and FFB are at a lower level. To me physics and FFB feels 100 miles apart from AC, feels light. I got used to It and there is enough feed back, I'm enjoying the title:). Graphics look great to me, as for the 30 FPS that was never a concern to me looks and runs fine. I see mild stuttering on replays that does not bother me.
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    my take on some points in the review:

    No explanations on the setup screen, no tutorials:
    ACC is ported from the PC. These things don't exist in the PC version and never were an issue. Coding a tutorial, writing explanations on the setup screen (and translating them to several languages) all would cost time and money. Kunos is a team of about 20 people, remember that. All informations you need and want are in the official ACC forums. That's like the manual for ACC, it's just online and not in the game. There is also an unofficial wiki.

    No information about mandatory pitstops:
    My guess is that Kunos assumed that people who buy this niche game are somewhat interested in the real life series and have some knowledge about the pitstops. BUT, on PC it's v1.4.4 and consoles are still on v1.3.7, and on PC there is a little information window in the HUD that informs you about the mandatory many, requirements like tyre change and/or driver swap, and if the pit window is open, also maximum driver times.. so you see, it's still in development on PC and every new little feature will also come to consoles sooner or later.
    And that the pit limiter only works in 1st gear is prominently presented to you on the screen when you drive into the pits (or at the beginning when you leave the pits in the practice session) :D

    ACC may leave you alone with many things but at the same time it encourages you to just try and error and explore the game on your own. It's like driving in a foreign city or state and just navigating by the street signs. A map is available in the glovebox if you need assistance.
    But what people want nowadays, is a fully fledged navigation system that you find in an Audi A6 (big triple A developer) but they forget that they sit in a 70's muscle car (Kunos).

    It wasn't an issue on the PC, it won't be a big issue on console either, just "take over the steering wheel" and explore the settings, forums, wiki.

    It's not everyone's cup of tea to get so little help, but I think it's somehow satisfying to figure things out by yourself. If you just want to jump in and race, ACC is not the right thing for you. In fact, the top tier sim dev studios focus their time and money on physics and tire model, they are just as nerdy as most of the simracers that buy these sims. These sims are very "dry", and that's not a flaw, it's an advantage for what they aim for.
    When a "dry" sim comes to a console that stands for "convenient gaming", it surely can get confusing for many people "how this game passed QA" or so :boggled:

    Take it as what it is, and as elitist as it may sound: adapt to it.
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    My same setup, my same result...
    Maybe we the lucky ones :cheers:
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    I'm running very close to this as well, I tied a few others and then saw yours. These make the game so damn enjoyable to play.
    FPS and slight stutter in helmet cam aside, I really love how this game feels and plays.

    Thank you for sharing!
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    I personally :bowdown::bowdown:, bold lines in particular...
  27. Jamesways


    I agree and I get the point, but I don't have a ton of time to game with little kids.
    I wish I had time to do full race weekends and tweak and test and totally sim out.
    But honestly most of my time is in practices sessions or doing quick races.

    I love to watch endurance racing and fantasize about being a GT3 driver and this is all I've wanted from a game, so I do get to just jump in a do a 5 or 10 or 40min race pretending to be a driver.

    Probably not the mentality of an average console racing fan though, if that's a even a category these days.
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    Hear this, if you have the game (do you?): for what it's worth, I'm far from thinking about weekend races at the moment, let alone online challenges...
    No, what excites me at the moment and I think for the forseeable future is the sheer pleasure of DRIVING, in the real sense that is... With ACC you'll hardly get bored of it (granted, if you really love it...)
    We got about 12 unique cars plus 11 (+4) supeclassic tracks: what are you doing here? :D:D
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    I can't review what isn't there. If it's not in the console release I'm reviewing, I can't talk about it. I'm sure that there's plenty of excellent resources - GTPlanet is one - but they're not in the game.

    It's also vital to inform players what they should expect. Nobody should read my review and come away thinking that ACC is plug and play, because it isn't. They should think that there's barely any explanation for anything and there's a lot of assumed knowledge, along with a largely unhelpful UI... and that's the case. Then, when they pick up the game, they should have their expectations set at the right level and don't end up ranting at us for not telling them these things or review-bombing it on Metacritic.

    With regards to the lack of info on what's supposed to happen each race, there's a key component of a race weekend that ACC doesn't simulate, and that's the very first thing that happens: the driver briefing. That's the portion of a weekend where drivers are told what is expected of them, including specific rules (like track limits, which may not be quite as simple as the white lines).

    A driver briefing screen telling players things like pit/tyre/driver requirements would help immensely. It doesn't need to be a 45-minute presentation from the race stewards, just a large box that says "this is how many times you must pit, this is when the pit window opens and closes, these are the tyres you can use" literally anywhere on the screen before the race.

    This would prevent a lot of frustration from people being penalised and disqualified for things they didn't know they had to do.

    I cannot see that information anywhere:

    Assetto Corsa Competizione_20200625152458.jpg

    It tells me that the pit limiter is on, and that I am in first gear, but unless I'm looking right through it, nowhere can I see it saying that it only works in 1st.

    That's from the first lap from a completely fresh game on a different account which has never played it, with everything set to Beginner (even auto gears; also you can bypass the auto gears if you like - which is a nice touch I didn't actually know about).
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    Of course I have the game! I love it so far. I have the setting dialed in and it feels amazing.
    30fps is a bummer, but I love that I can drive official cars on the official tracks at any time of day.

    Just waiting on a FOV patch and I'm good.
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