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Has anyone had problems with the BMW M1 Procar edited by Mascot? For me the wipers work but they clean 2 or 3 times and then stop, it is quite annoying to have to keep pressing the button.
Anyone knows how to fix it?
Do Stream Edges/Points affect fps much? Personally I'm not too worried about a little fps drop, but while creating my Hampton Downs config the other day I only made a few that were easily visible from the track as I was worried that if I went all out and did all of the off track buildings that it would kill fps on lower spec pc's.

I tested macau with the full monty vs. only the overhead objects and there was minimal difference, surprisingly, on my system- maybe 2 fps. For some that could be critical I suppose, but it's easy to remedy, just delete the unwanted stream edges in the config. I tried to list the object names so bridges should be identifiable versus buildings, etc.
EDIT: Found it and blimey no wonder your fingers fell off! Excellent work :bowdown: - Sometimes less is more for me as I'm not too worried about all the streaming edges/points when whizzing past

Yep my bad - it happens sometimes - apologies but in my defence, I'm not going to trawl all the past entries here or RD as my first port of call for the rainfx is Github ac-custom-shaders-patch/acc-extension-config and if it hasn't got one I'll make one and share - if you got a link to yours I'll remove mine. Maybe you could add yours to the Github tack configs?

No worries, you don't have to delete anything, but like I said, maybe just do a quick search before uploading stuff to help keep it in perspective for the end user. What you are doing is cool- I think if you just spend a little more time in fleshing out more detail they could certainly be ready for github. There's nothing better than finding stuff people created where it's obvious they put their heart and soul into it.

it's a shame because your 2 versions have the same name "eastern_creek2014" I use the CrisT86 version but I would also like to use the updated version from DaBaeda .... so i can't install both versions at the same time same filename

It's the same version, mine have also RainFX and LightFX and VAO, things that the @DaBaeda version don't have as far i remember. I only downloaded it to grab and add his own quality cam (thanks for that man) to improve the track instead of wasting time by making mine as i did in the past for other tracks updated ;)
Not the rims too big, because the creator of this car don’t know how resize (or just don’t know how to convert) the rim, that’s all.

Yapp, unfortunately way too big. They look like 20 inches on that car, a shame.

Hello everyone, I would like some advice from those who know about modding. I have noticed that many modified cars have a poorly crafted collider (I am especially referring to the visual collider). I would like to know what is the best way to correct this error and which program is more user-friendly to do it. I have no experience in 3d programs but the idea is to learn. Thanks for your help.

Learn some blender, colliders are "simple" objects and should be easy to adju- ...wait, what is the visual collider?
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I know this site, but there isn't the Mercury Capri.. only mustang..
I also ask one more thing.. exist these tracks?:
Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park
Heartland Motorsports Park
Florida State Fairgrounds
Del Mar Fairgrounds

Wild Horse Pass is being worked on by @pk3r72owns.

The others do not exist. I would love to see Del Mar however considering I live 10 minutes from there haha.
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One day, board members will stop thinking they need to dumb games down for people...


But you're right - I keep an eye on Forza DLCs in case interesting interesting appears, but when I see something like a 'hot wheels' set I think to myself "who buys this?", but it certainly seems like the novelty factor does have great sales appeal. And ultimately, if they can sell 20 of something that people only use once or 10 of something that people will use for years... their job is (usually) to do the former. I guess both approaches can work, ACC seems to be doing rather well despite taking the exact opposite approach and AC modding reaches across the entire spectrum.
This came out a few weeks after Project Cars 3 launched, so maybe they already learnt their lesson.... and then EA bought them.

Not gonna lie though, that Hot Wheels dlc for Forza Horizon was incredible, and that's coming from someone that likes his games as sim as possible.
Whenever I generated new custom previews for the Honda NSX GT3 Evo (which I tweaked its material values using Kunos premade ones) with that GT6 style one, the outer part of the front grille its almost all blue for some reason, does this maybe happen to someone else as well even if its materials aren't edited at all?

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That’s why your name is on the side :D

Due to real world matters sucking all my attention up, I failed to notice Cozy 61, but now I have... and had a good laugh. Thanks for that, as a laugh was much needed.

Now all I need is to locate my Burkina Faso passport so I can apply for my racing superlicence.
Got some weird question, running the Chivas Super GT 2013 mod, and I am not sure if it has anything to do with what I am running, but I noticed that in the early part of the race if I were to take a screenshot the wheels are blurred properly

But as the race went on at some point it stopped doing that, for whatever car that is in focus:


I've never notice this happen before. And I've ran similar length races with other mods(most recently with the VRC LMP cars and the GTPlanet/Rollovers DPis).

I don't think I've changed any other settings recently, CSP 1.7.1 I think is what I've ran. I've tried 1.7.2 but it does some weird stuff to lights and glare that I revert back to 1.7.1. Any ideas? The CSP accumulation blur is set to on and the option of disable AC rim blur is on as well. But then I've always had that set up like that.

Addendum to this, it seems to be definitely related to the mod itself. Enabling the "AC rim blur" can fake the effect somewhat but doesn't hide it completely. As the letters on the tire will still just shown to be the same "amount" of blur regardless of the length of the exposure even if the spokes are now shown to be blurry. And if I take a picture at the same time of another car thats not part of the Super GT pack in the same field their wheels/tires will rotate and blur properly..
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