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Was going through my AC folder checking on existing mods I had as I like to keep quality over quantity then came across this 2000gt rework from "Lu Thua Kien & Sapsan" I downloaded about a year ago from Facebook group Assetto Mod Central. It's same authors who did that good quality 968 Turbo C mod that was doing the rounds on here a few months back. I searched this forum but this hasn't been posted before on here so those without facebook might not be aware of this yet.

It's actually really well done update on that old model and still the best all round version of this car which I feel other mods the 3d model is a bit rough and very much looking it's age now.

It comes with both road and race version but mapping was reworked so skins don't translate from other mods unfortunately. Anyway I remembered where I downloaded it from and found the original post, it has no mention on ether the post or the FB groups rules that d/l link can't be shared so here it is then. If you do want to find the original post just search the term "2000gt" on that FB group and it's a few posts down.

Change log from authors original post

"List of changes: complete overhaul of the interior and exterior. Appearance and interior are brought in maximum accordance with the original car of 1967 of release. New textures, presets, effects, etc. Physics edited to match the passport data of the original car (many thanks to Charles K. West for help with this).
The package includes two cars:
* road option: spoke wheels Yamaha, stock engine
* Sports option: alloy racing wheels, a lightweight aluminum body, the engine matches Yamaha's modifications for the Suzuki and Fuji competitions."

Mod Authors - "Lu Thua Kien & Sapsan"



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Already done last year, we do it with Legion, but we start with this version of the track but finally, we work on the 1988's one to modify it, because of the elevation change before the swimming pool, so you got 2 new versions, the 1973/75 one and the 1976/85 one, both of them based on the 1988 one, hope it is clear, both are available on perendinator blog, hf ;)
But I mean to make a new route through the port and other areas, this is what I have in my head, I am doing it for myself, I have started it but I do not know if I am going to finish it, if I finish it I will pass it on to you And if you like it, do whatever you want with it, but at first it's just for me.

this is what i have in mind





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United States
Could you upload it somewhere else ? Can't download it, virus detected every single time

Glad I wasn't the only one experiencing this. To me it only happen with Microsoft Edge, but no problem with Google Chrome.

Midweek update madness!!!

Troyton Raceway v1.0
View attachment 1016380
v1.0 changelog by @shin956 and @RMi_wood;
Create two layouts (GP, Club)
Physical mesh added
Reworked the trees
Adjusted shaders
Adjusted ext_config.ini
VAO has been renewed
New map.png
Updated grass texture
Surface adjustments
Create overlays.ini
Adjust groove.ini
New AI + cam for Club layout
Added reverberation to the tunnel
Loading screens & updated banner skin
Random small fixes

:: mirror ::

Love this fantasy course, but it could use a few more pits. At least 20 pits. The more the better. (I need to include this in my custom championship for fantasy circuits which is 20 grid large)
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Virgin Islands US
Testing the Refraction on the pop ups they look quite nice anyways i just need to redo the Lods and its done almost the whole thing was revamped The exhausts, the back box thingy, The front Lamborghini logo, The interior meshes, The mirror mesh is not blocky anymore, The front lights now use internal meshes for the lights instead of the glass used before and on the outside the front lights now use refraction including turn signals which also use the internal mesh for lighting too instead of the glass.
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the liveries from wip 2019 version are fit for this gem. by 2019 version i mean the one where sprint version was updated to 0.6 and endu is still 0.3 with missed cockpit parts & rims are different. After renaming liveries and applying the template for ao we can have proper skins
Not really though, the skins from the earlier conversion was improperly converted since there are many noticeable imperfections. Not worth it imo
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United States
Personally I can't stand the track, no matter what the layout or car it just sucks.

Too flat, miles of tarmac run off and decreasing radius corners that lead into decreasing radius corners.

It's the bane of any career run in ACC as well.

Shouldn't Moderators be you say...unbiased?
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Update grass textures
TV cam and ext_config.ini by CrisT86

Nice improvement of the track. Small note for a future update.



the two marked spots flicker quite a bit. This is a bit annoying.

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Can I request something from you guys?

I'm trying to make an event with Porsche 919 Hybrid EVO (TopRace's mod).

Can someone make a alternative skins for it? Even changing the colors of the original skin is OK for me.

I need about 10-14 skins for it (+ original skin). Huge thanks in advance.