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  1. Hey guys, i have seen a lot of drag racing servers recently, i was wondering which cars are the best for drag racing? I want to know full race cars and none race cars.
  2. evil_c5


    in gt4, the escudo would dominate the drag strip or a maxed out skyline or viper with a super tall gearing where you cross the finish line almost on the limiter in 6th gear.

    gt5, not sure. the x1 is insane fast, so i would asume that would be the car. but real cars, i would think power to weight and proper gearing would be the key.
  3. I get that, but i need good examples of cars.
  4. X1, Bugatti Veyron (obvious choice) and a FGT?
  5. Highlandor

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    What racing you doing?? Is it actual strict drag racing of 1/4 mile or more street racing where the distance can be longer or shorter??

    Some cars might be better suited to short drags, other to longer drags i.e. some cars are so powerful, you cannot apply full throttle until maybe 2nd / 3rd / or even 4th gear, especially if you are 'street racing' on sports tyres. What tyres are you using, what level of tuning is allowed?

    Also, other things to consider is your launch technique, on very powerful cars you need optimum revs for a good or perfect launch, otherwise a lesser car driven by a better driver may beat you.

    Without specific details, I'd guess the folllowing:

    Road cars:

    Audi Le mans concept / R8
    Lamborghini Gallardo 560 / Mucialago 670SV
    Viper ACR '08
    Ford GT
    Maclaren F1
    Ferrari Enzo
    Amuse GT1 turbo
    Camaro trans cammer
    Corvette ZR1
    TommyKaira ZZII
    R35gtr V Spec

    Just fully modify any of these. There's too many to list really, providing more details will help make it easier to be specific

    Race cars:

    Any 'Le Mans' cars really, Minolta Toyota is a prize car, it's free, why not use that
    Escudo suzuki
    Formula Gran Turismo
    Ferrari F2007 / 2010
    Redbull X1
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  6. kancrman1975


    I think the '62 Buick Special would qualify as a dragger
  7. allen-XY

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    If there is no restriction.
    I will say Redbull X2010. Full throttle and keep it there, it will go faster than your brain.
  8. Which is the fastest 1/4 mile?

    Wales Newport

    Veyron is fastest road car out of the box. A tuned TVR Cerbera Speed 12 is capable of beating a tuned veyron if you get the settings right. Heres a tip, in nearly all powerful cars start in 2nd gear, you get a jump of the start before any wheelspin occurs, which can be crucial in winning a drag race. A Minolta race car can beat a Veyron, but again it has to be tuned precisely. FGT beats all cars apart from the X2010 (although it's faster to 100mph).
  10. Jesus

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    Its not the best drag car for mid and top end speeds but my fully tuned RX7 goes off the line like an absolute rocket.
  11. ninhasso


    I just beat 2 veyrons, a mclaren f1 and a murcielago with my furai
    and believe it or note, the murcielago was the 2º fastest
  12. My fully tuned Skyline R34 GT-R starts like a rocket and thats when the transmissions is set with pretty long gears. If I turned it down, i reckon it could do 0-60mph in less than 3seconds.
  13. Sweet ideas guys, i have found the R8 to be a damn good dragger
  14. markyboy92


    Got a ford GT that does 0-60 in aprox 2 secs and beats/keeps up with most veyrons and its only 870bhp, also got a Dc5 that does 0-100 in 7.2 (as far as i know the quickest fwd honda in the world) nobody usually comes close/unbeaten. Then again i had a EP civic which was about 7.6 0-100 and that never got beaten on a drag by any fwd honda.
  15. samblackoncrack


    In GT4 I remember having a WRX running 8.5 sec 1/4miles. I like this idea of drag racing. It would be good to set up a 400hp drag race or something similar. Maybe a non race car non veyron drag race.

    Does anyone know what are the main component of the setup that yu should be adjusting. is Toe? Ride height? LSD?

    Cheers :)

  16. tdk


    What drag racing servers..?

    Is there a drag strip in GT5 that I don't know about?

    United States Gotham

    There are always rooms online that are held at SSR7 that say "DRAG ONLY" or "1/4 MILE DRAG". Half of the rooms are usually Honda/Acura only. People usually race to the second green light in the tunnel.
  18. Danny_GT2


    I've only driven Veyron but would say the best would be Veyron, X1, Formula GT & Escudo! My 860bhp Lambo SV is very quick off the line too!
  19. in my opinion, talking about street cars thats not a veyron

    1/4 mile
    - audi le mans quattro
    - zz ii
    - if you get a good launch- zr1, ford gt

    ssr7 tunnel
    - enzo
    - viper acr
    - speed 12
    - ford gt
  20. zzz_pt

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    gtr black mask...another one for the list ;) a rocket
  21. the gtr is too slow for the tunnel(enzos are going almost 250mph at the end of the tunnel) and its definitely a great 1/4 mile car

    when those high powered cars "hook" its hard to beat them

    the zzii is pretty good in the 1/4 but i have been beaten by a zr1

    for both types or races i start in 2nd for the rwd cars and just use auto on the awd cars
  22. mafia_boy


    Sorry but they aren't drag races, and it's pointless to setup purely for drag (especially on SSR7) because there are no dedicated timers, there are no lights for pure standing starts, NOTHING. Not to mention there are heaps of places to drag at which are better than SSR7 like Le Sarthe 2009 II to drag along or the TGTT along the runway or even Fuji's or SSR5's main straight. SSR7's used for top speed shootouts more than anything.
  23. reverand33


    i am suprised nobody mention the audi rs6, its a station wagon with a twin turbo v10 stock.

    some of the fastest
    speed 12
    ford gt
    acr viper

    fun to drag
    spirra 4.6
    458 italia

    been doing alot of drag racing and i like the speed 12 the most, they are a little harder to obtain and master.

    you usually turn around on the track and head to the tunnel. and launch from the line either at a designated time or convient time, Ex. 23'00.00"
  24. drag racing is definitely "doable" as long as people follow instructions

    i have the rs6 too, it launches great but a little too heavy... especially for the long runs in the tunnel

    when a 900+ hp rwd gets a good launch, no awd(besides the veyron) car can beat it...

    Wales Newport

    ZZII, got my ass kicked by one last night. Wish i hadn't traded mine now :(
  26. true story, i got my ass kicked by a zzii and since then i have been looking for one

    lucked out and got a trade and its one of my fastest 1/4 car
  27. nycboy21


    The 04 SL 65 AMG. 255 mph @ 950 hp
  28. TeddyBear-420


    shelly (new dealership) fully tuned. custom transmision set to the speed you need. BTW i wheelie this cars. thats not a joke.
  29. gt5drifter94


    i have been in drag racing 1/4 mile and i have found the best set of cars for muscle car drags (if tuned right by best i mean mathamaticly) through a long prosses i have found the power to weight ratio for 20 different cars mostly muscle cars to many to list if you want to know a spacific car from 1964 to 1971 send me a message.
  30. DLR

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    Cuda, Charger super bee and Cobra :D
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