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  1. whatbrown


    Ok, I know there is a car sounds thread, but this is specific to what you think sounds great. I will start:

    69 Camaro with race exhaust

    Viper ACR period

    Maserati Gran Turismo with race exhaust

    Gallardo with race exhaust
  2. Corvette stingray with all exhaust upgrades but no flywheel upgrade. The note warrbles when you reach redline, it's quite a sound.
  3. Eunos_Cosmo

    Iran San Francisco, Ca

    RE-Amemiya Asparadrink RX-7 GT300

    Brap brap brap brap brap brap
  4. Dracwolley


  5. Grayfox

    Australia Australia

    my EK civic with sports exhast and NA tune lv1
  6. danjama

    United Kingdom London

    Either the Calsonic GT500, or the Ferrari F40.
  7. a.r.a.b_2nv


    787B and the Mclaren F1 are the best sounding cars I have I'm not sure if they're the best sounding cars in the game but they're two of the best sounding cars in the game and also Grayfox I have a Civic Type R '97 in the game aswell and it sounds mean revving to 10,000 RPM :p
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  8. Anes


    Mazda 787B in cockpit view
    Mclaren F1 fully modified in cockpit view
    Ferrari F430 Scuderia fully modified in any view. Particularly in the replay default camera <3
  9. Nissan GT-R 07 with everything on it. Has a nice backfire. Too bad no cars have Blow off valves or external wastegates when the turbo kicks in, thatd be sick.
  10. Mazda 787B hands down. The idle is so close to the real thing its uncanny.

    McLaren F1. Only driven the stealth edition, but it sounds like it's running on the furious souls of ancient warriors from Valhalla rather than petrol.

    Lexus LF-A, even better with race exhaust and engine mods.
  11. Only had time to play the cars available in arcade mode so far but the Zonda R sounds pretty mean
  12. OkeyD


    The LFA sounds nice. So does the Alfa 8C.
  13. r34 GTR!

    Blow off valve ROCKS!!!

  14. disinfected

    United States STL

    '98 Gathers Drider Civic..hands down, amazing! And nice rare find.


    787b by far
  16. hardvibes

    Italy Rome, Italy

    To be honest the best sounding and more realistic cars in GT5 are Nascars.
  17. necrodh


    less talking, more videos!:drool:
  18. fortino555


    American Muscle! Such as the Vette and Camaro Sound amazing!
  19. 458 Italia
  20. fitftw


    87 Mugen Motul Civic
  21. J-PaP

    Australia Australia

    The gt40 at the start of the s licence test at tokyo r246. I was behind it thinking.. whoa.
  22. Sum1s2pid

    United States CA, USA

    So far, of the ones I've messed around with so far, the chase-cam of a Ferrari 599 with the titanium racing exhaust at redline and the bumper / cockpit of the '91 NSX RM..
  23. Adamater210


    Zonda C12
  24. The Peugeot 205 T16 sounds absolutely terrifying, and I'm pretty sure it sounded nothing like that in GT4.
  25. konig

    United States United S

    458 italia or f430 scuderia (just has that high revving ferrari quality)

    anyone know a car with the most high revving engine? (except f1 car)
  26. Osr20_L


    Mazda 787B by far..!!!!!
  27. Sum1s2pid

    United States CA, USA

    The Spoon Civic cranks out 12K RPM.
  28. Hanako787b


    When racing again the Saleen S7, is sounds like a beastmonger and terrifies me when it drafts past on the long straights such as SSR7... wonder what it sounds like with racing exhaust... (wow) The LF-A sounds great of course as well...
    All in all I think they did great with sound, as a whole its a huge improvement and I have only used 7 standard cars, gets my hopes up for the premiums.. haw haw
  29. Gizmo247


    I'd have to say the Zonda R.
  30. CCX

    England England

    LFA and Murcielago SV. :drool:
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