Best Steering Wheel on the Market for GTS?

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    Well someone's just a bit smug...

    I'm sorry, "won't" afford? "Yea, sorry kids we can't give you any Christmas gifts this year because daddy had to buy one all for himself." :lol:
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    It might sound weird coming from me, but I agree. I play ds4 guys all the time who are faster than me on my wheel..
    Politics man.

    As for Artasean, okay man. I have no beef with you personally at all, just people who espouse incorrect concepts in general. The throttle thing was expressly made for the purpose of attacking a game. I dunno what else to say. My pedals work fine.
    I judge by what I have not by you tube videos made in a slanted fashion.
    I get any amount of throttle I want across any of the games...I dunno what else to say.
    Doesn’t matter anyhow I’m still a slug out there.
    What’s important is I have fun...
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    It‘s an investment decision after all. You could have the money and just be „Naaaah...“ Nothing smug there, anyway, if you don’t have it, don’t try to make a case against it since you have not experienced it yourself, that’s all I was getting at.

    It‘s funny, when you have the Podium Wheel everyone is like „OMG, how is it??“ and when you say „Fantastic!“ everyone is like „Yeah, but it‘s too expensive...“ or „But my 500rs is doing great since 2011...“ or stuff like that. Like no one can just accept that a) DD is a superior concept b) Fanatec has done a pretty good job and c) professional gear costs professional money. Heusinckveld pedals cost a lot of money and are worth every penny. Leo Bodnar makes crazy good wheels and there are enough customers who value that. Etc etc.

    I‘m repeating myself here: Nobody NEEDS a DD wheel (unless you are a professional driver IRL and have a simulator), but if you can afford it or make that investment anyway it‘s a great experience.
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    I bought my kids a PS3 & 4 so that they could have a bit of fun with console gaming. It was just an amazing coincidence that a GT game got released just before I bought them. Who'd a thunk it?:sly:
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    I couldnt agree more. When it comes down to it racing games are a hobby, the way I see it $2K invested in a hobby really is not an incredible amount of money. Did anyone ever check prices on photography equipment? How about bicycle riding? A customer of mine showed me his bicycle and asked what I thought it cost, I figured I would compliment his bicycle when I guessed $1500, the actual price was $6K for a 10 speed bike. I also play pool, there are people out there, mainly collectors who will spend far in excess of $5K on a pool cue, for a piece of wood!!! That's not even close to what folks will spend on a Harley Davidson or even race cars. Once again, all hobbies, $2K in your racing rig ain't that bad for a hobby you enjoy.
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    Do not worry guys in the future there will be a cheaper Club Sport Direct Drive Wheel.
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    Still haven't plateaued with my G29 yet but I'm at the point of really noticing its weaknesses when I push as the dead zone is a killer for keeping the feedback constant. I don't need a DD though as I prefer lighter torque with lower, less strenuous peaks of feedback. It would be like me buying a Lambo for shopping trips.

    The TGT looks great but TM's legendary quality control scares the crap out of me. I'm not in a position to gamble this sort of money so the Elite is the one I'm looking at, or whichever is cheapest and matches my savings anyway. Fanatec is such a reassuringly reliable and quality brand name from what I've watched and read and the difference to a G29 has got to be huge and easy to take advantage of. (<<- Ignore this bit. I'm just reinforcing my will to keep saving for one.:lol:)

    Hopefully that will shorten the goalposts on me getting one of their belt driven wheels. Hard work to save but I'll get there. Eventually...
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