Brilliant Racing Videos

I may be alone on this one but it is my opinion that electronics by the way of ignition cut to allow full-throttle gear changes have ruined the audible pleasure of so many cars & categories since inception, I can barely listen anymore.

I loved every part of the video above except for the gearchanges recorded externally. Every one sounded like someone was being shot, both up & down the 'box.
Fantastic explanation of MotoGP aerodynamics, including how Ducati are creating ground effect when the bike is in roll (!):

Pirelli post race tire test at Imola. Kind of interesting to hear the cars running by themselves without any other track noise. Also that dive down into Acque Minerali is awesome.

Clips from various end of season interviews of Graham Hill making quips at the expense of Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart, with Stewart giving as good as he got.