Can we kill the 0/0 debate once and for all?

Discussion in 'Site Support' started by HOODFIELD, May 2, 2012.



    GT Planet Staff,

    I'm sick and tired of the 0/0 collecting debate. People should play thier game however they want and not be ridiculed for it. This debate falls into the same category as the 4WD Drifting, Duping, No Porsche, etc... No winners.

    Here's the latest thread:

    The thread has no value whatsoever. First off the answer to what a 0/0/0 car is can be found by searching. The answer has been answered dozens of times already.

    There are tons more.... and they just keep coming....

    This one in particular is a great example of why these threads are pointless. :

    These threads all have a common theme. Someone will say something along the lines of "It's only a game, these cars are meant to be driven, your not playing the game properly, you have OCD, etc..."

    I was hoping that we can start reporting these threads/post and they become locked immediatly or warned if it's a post. In the past I have seen the staff do this. But as you can see there are way more examples of no action taken.

    This may only be a minor thing to most staff and I totally understand that, also there is not really any staff that frequents the marketplace that really takes this subject to heart, but to some of us, especially the people from the marketplace this is a touchy subject and I feel were not getting our due respect by letting these threads continue. So once and for all can we just add what a 0/0 car is to the stickies and start killing these threads as they come. You can even tell by the tone of the OP they are usually just trolling threads.
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  2. ch1potle

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    I agree. The definition of what a 0/0/0 car is should be in the sticky and an end put to the "this is what I do with my game and I'm going to bash anything that is different" threads/posts. I don't drift in GT5 but because I don't I'm not going to start a thread trying to illustrate non-existent pointlessness to it (merely an example). Everyone is going to do what they enjoy in this game and we all don't have to agree on 1 way to play it. The forum should be a friendly, helpful place free of any form of discrimination and/or judgement.
  3. Racin510s

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    +1, I totally agree!
  4. jstanford124


    I agree everyone should be able to play the game how they want to and not be jugded by others who play it differently.
  5. Toyinster

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    Yeah, stop it!

    Doesn't bother me either way, I never read them - come to think about it, not sure why I read this one.
  6. Davidies

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    For real. Anyone can play like they want. If anyone is against my opinion, whats the worst they can do? Caps Lock me to death? Its not like they change anything...
  7. Downhill Dino

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    Freedom of speech. They may, if they want, share their own opinion on this forum as long as it abides to the AUP. As far as I know, that's how it works.
  8. Machate-man

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    Well, this issue is akin to the IBTL (In Before the Lock) posts that plagued GTP in the past, but this is more of a bias issue than a non-contributing-post issue that IBTL became. Freedom of speech only runs so far, until it becomes counter-productive, or just downright annoying.

    I can't seem to find that thread about the IBTL. It used to be stickied somewhere...

    EDIT:I agree with any posts suggesting a stickied "0/0/0" description. It would (Perhaps) alleviate the mass of threads emerging from the subject.


    3rd line of AUP reads:
    You can sift through some of those threads I posted including the latest and see the hate for yourself. Or if a member of the staff ask me to provide examples I will go dig up more post and actually quote people, but I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about already. If this was freedom of speech on this site then their wouldn't be taboo subjects like I listed in the OP. This subject is taboo worthy IMO.
  10. Downhill Dino

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    I think it's the defensive attitude (Or harassing in their own way) of some collectors that trigger such a reaction. I could be wrong and digging and looking through a bunch of whiny posts is not how anyone would want to spend there time so I'll stay out of that.
  11. Fobia

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    Why do you care, you're not a mod. Leave it up to them to decide how to apply the AUP.
  12. Monatsende

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    Hi Mr. HOODFIELD, I can literally feel your anger and my mirror neurons are dancing lambada. :lol: I totally agree and subscribe your speech.

    But PLEASE correct the brands name "Porshe" into "Porsche". It really hurts my German eyes. No offense, mate! Thanks. <--- This will be edited if OP is updated, you don´t need to reply. :)
  13. hawkeye122

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    In my many criticisms of people who seem to need to collect Virtual cars which have no virtual miles on them, so they are virtually pristine, I have NEVER been hateful, and I have NEVER been abusive.

    Do I think it is a waste of time? Indeed.
    Should people be abused because of it? Certainly not.
    Should people be allowed to share their perspective in a civil way? Of course.
  14. Ellis

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    I agree that people need to stop asking these questions and maybe a dictionary of terms and what that implies should be stickied. The Porsche one particularly winds me up. But in my honest opinion if somebody does post something such as "whats so good about 0/0/0?" I honestly think the best type of response would not be

    Just seems unfair to someone who wanted a question answering :)


    I'm making a suggestion to make the site better, I care because I enjoy using the site. Of course it's up to the mods to apply the AUP I'm simply bringing this matter to their attention because I feel it gets overlooked. If they don't agree with me thats fine, but I'm saying something regardless.

    I'm not discrediting anyone's opinion or saying people should not be allowed to share it on this matter. What I'm saying is there are already existing threads that already contain both sides views on this matter, everything that needs to be said has already been said and then said again in different words by someone else. Time to just put it to bed and stop talking about it. We're not going to learn anything new at this point.

    I had actually answered the question, then later removed it, but there was originally a serious answer there. I had also reported that thread (for trolling) and nothing was done. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with asking the question, what I'm saying is everytime the question is asked it turns into a debate about how you should spend your free time.

    What else bothers me is the fact there is a Marketplace subforum which brings in traffic, ad revenue, premium memberships etc... to this site. Collecting and 0/0 collecting in particular are regular themes over there. I think it's time for GT Planet to take an official stance on this subject in respect to the people who enjoy doing this. All I'm asking is if future threads on this subject can get locked with the report button, same way a duplicate PSN outage thread gets locked. If the staff collectively takes positions on subjects like 4WD drifting, and wishlists then I don't see this as an unreasonable request.
  16. Nicksfix

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    Agreed Hoodfield.

    Within the tools of this forum is an icon called "search" it seldom gets used by newer users or someone who thinks they are the only one with a "hot topic or subject" and they have to be the one to post it up. It's too bad (take a look around, the evidence is there... as in your OP). I'm sure the Boys in Blue are trying their damndest to try and filter out such threads and keep the forum as clean as possible concerning duplicate, triplicate, quadruple threads of the same topic. But as real life has it, unfortunately you can't catch all of it, things happen.
  17. Grand Prix

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    http://[domain blocked due to malware]/instances/400x/20047210.jpg
  18. NLxAROSA

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but unless there are personal attacks involved, people can love or hate whatever they want, and that's all within the boundaries of the AUP.

    If you don't like what you read in those threads, don't click on them. If it's offensive/abusive, report to a mod. If the mods don't act on it, than obviously it's not as important to the site as you think.

    If people think 0/0/0 collecting is stupid and want to discuss that, they have every right to do so. While reading this thread, I find it sounds suspiciously like a 'please ban threads that I don't agree with' thread.

    I do agree about the 'what is 0/0/0?' question though, that's been answered to death and should be in a FAQ/sticky.
  19. christara321

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    Hi Hood totally agree with you.:tup: Nice OP.

    Thats one thing I would like to see with GTPlanet is the amalgamation of certain stickies (Or threads) to make it as simple as possible for any new members to be pointed in the right direction to a question they may have and which have more than likely been answered already?
    While I say that, its not just 0/0/0 but many a subject matter?

    And secondly while these things could go on it would give chance for mods to get rid of some of the further threads that keep asking the same questions? Over an over again.:(

    Just a simple few tasks to clean up the messy place,s that arise thru out the GTPlanet site. With multiples of threads for the same questions.

    Anyway nice thread keep up the good work you do round here.
    Chat soon bye for now.:)
  20. grrlpurple


    I simply can't understand any of the bickering over this game at all - and let's face it, with cars, museum cards, gear, paint, tickets and horns, GT5 practically promotes OCD :)
  21. christara321

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    :lol: Now thats definately one I agree with. PD promotes Obsessive–compulsive disorder in my opinion with all the collecting.:D LOL :lol:

    But I guess its up to the individuals to stop it.:D
    (Not easy when you get on the bandwagon)
  22. Famine

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    Read the stickies, folks.
  23. Nicksfix

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    Therein lies the problem. While yours is a verbal answer, how many will adhere to it ? How many will see your answer of "read the stickies" ? Few ... if any. Sad to say but it's true.

    I'm going to go off topic just a bit here, sorry. I don't mean to thread jack from Hoodfields original OP, but reading stickies has to be addressed. Maybe this should be a thread in itself.

    A prime example of "not reading stickies" can be found in the Marketplace. How many times do you see a member wanting to trade for an untradeable car ? Quite a few. How does one get a member to read a sticky before posting a want ad for a particular car that is not obtainable via trade ? I'm guessing here, but I cannot be certain on how this works, if it is at all possible. Before posting a "want ad" in the marketplace, is it possible to have the thread re-directed to the sticky stating that certain cars cannot be traded ? The same can be said / applied to anything in this forum that is stickied. Before starting a thread, can you get re-directed to the proper sticky ? Perhaps this may cut down on excess threads that do not need to be.

    Just a thought.
  24. Dennisch

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    Put "Read the stickies" in the Aup. In big fat bold size 7.
  25. Nicksfix

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    The AUP is something that is to be read when you sign up for GTPlanet. How many actually read that ? The same answer, few, if any. Once again, sad but true. :indiff:
  26. christara321

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    Firstly congrats on the promotion.:D Noticed the avatar.

    But I agree read the stickies, Like myself when I first came here am guilty like any new member?
    They have a tendencie to be flown past.:(

    Thats the answer we need.:tup:

    Don,t work, Even when you point new members or someone who just make threads that seem pointless when there question has been answered previously but unable to go search for an answer whats already out there?

    Majority of people think they are the first to come up with that elusive question. So its easier for them to make a new thread, So we end up with hundreds of the same type of threads for one question?

    Am guilty too, But my lesson has been learnt.:D With time served on here.:lol:


    Reason for adding this last quote is.
    Why must we endure thread upon thread with the self same questions or type of questions that have been answered before.
    Search function is not being utilised.
    The example given was about 0/0/0 but it could be about many a subject here on GTPlanet?
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  27. Ross

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    I signed up to another forum a couple of months ago and when I signed up, I had to read all of the stickies and to stop me just skipping it, I had to stay on the same thread for at least 1 minute. I wonder if it would be possible to run something like that here if the forum software allows it. (It was a VBulletin forum so I don't see why not)


    Your absolutly right by saying simply don't click on them. The problem with that answer is applies to any thread.
    So instead of locking a GT6 wishlist thread why not just not click on it? Instead of locking a thread about why Porshe wasn't included in the game why not just ignore it? See what I'm getting at?
    Mods are the ones with the power to enforce this etiquette. It doesn't say in the AUP your not allowed to start a thread about Porshe yet its part of the forums unwritten etiquette.
    Also about mods not acting on it, I was feeling like it was inconsistant. I gave an example where the thread got locked, I gave a bunch of examples of where it didn't. That was only a 5 min search that brought me those threads and there are tons more. I'm also bringing attention to this matter in hopes moderation becomes more consistent. Like I said I reported that older thread and nothing happened. At the very least it should have been locked for being a duplicate, not necessarly because I felt the OP was trolling.

    Not at all man. If I felt that way I would have said something a year ago when these threads first started popping up. I've been noticing them for a long time now, and I finally felt like saying something. I didn't think much of it at first, but after a year of seeing the same argument, I felt like offering this suggestion.
    Also people have been discussing that 0/0/0 is stupid for over a year now, thats sort of my point. It shouldn't be allowed if other topics like "no Porshe in GT5" aren't allowed either. Another example, I wouldn't just go start a thread about "People who use Photomode are wasting their time because this is a driving game" yet that is exactly what happens in these 0/0 debate threads. Just read the OP of the latest one.

    Exactly, it's been done to death. :tup:

    I think everyone is missing the point I'm trying to make. It's not about reading the stickies. It's about respecting how other people play the game whether you agree with it or not. I keep repeating myself but the best way I can explain it is the AWD drifting example.

    The way I'm reading this thread, is GT Planet acknowedges there is 4WD drifting and people are not allowed to argue otherwise because it still technically drifting.

    Also states that "even the use of the term "drifting" in relation to non-RWD cars will similarly be met with a lock." So basically no more AWD drifting threads because the discussion leads no-where.
    If I'm reading that wrong please correct me as I don't have much knowledge on the matter.

    What I'm saying is I believe this 0/0 topic should be given the same type of attention. Now here we are over a year later. Marketplace subfourm still bringing in traffic to this site. Tons of 0/0 collectors on this site, tons. It's very obvious that this is a viable way of playing the game. There is an entire subfourm dedicated to it and its the main reason I enjoy the site and I'm sure it is for many others as well.

    So why shouldn't GT Planet step in and say "Enough 0/0 discussion, play the game how you please." Just like they did for the AWD drifters. I'm not asking anyone to do additional work. I'm not asking anyone to merge threads. I'm not asking anyone to erase the existing threads with peoples opposing opinions. I'm not saying moderators are doing a bad job. Im happy that this site is run fairly strict and thats the reason I thought it would be ok to ask this. I'm also not asking anyone to agree with me. I'm simply making an observation that I didn't believe mods were taking notice too. All I'm asking is if we can report NEW threads (so they can get locked before it turns into a debate) and report NEW blatant trolling post on this subject.
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  29. Famine

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    Certain people were trying to issue their own official proclamations that those who drift 4WD cars couldn't post in/participate in the drifting forum (largely by way of making it as uninviting as possible for those people) by defining the term to suit themselves. The two posts you cite can best be summarised as "Jordan makes the rules, not you.". It's nothing to do with GTP officially recognising anything - nor is it related to this "situation" in any way but one.

    0/0/0 collecting is a way some people play the game (hey, I like a nice original to go with the awesome car I drive so I've always got a spare to clone to myself) - just as drifting 4WD cars is (and the fact PD made a 4WD-specific drag event suggests they do too). Some people don't. Some people really dislike 0/0/0 collecting or 4WD drifting. This seems to be the limit of "the debate". So what?

    When people start trying to force 0/0/0 collectors out of the Marketplace forum by ganging up and making their own street rules, we'll be visiting certain moderator controls. Until then it's irrelevant.

    People are free to play the game how they want to and say so. The downside of that freedom, for them, is that other people are free to play the game how they want and say so.
  30. Jordan

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    This does seem to be quite a common question in the Marketplace, so I've just added a simple, informational sticky thread that should hopefully cut down on questions about these types of cars.

    To add to Famine's comments and to re-iterate one of the points you already made, please do report anything that you feel is abusive towards or harasses another member or group of members.
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