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  1. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)



    Tired of dirty racing, or just can't find a clean lobby? Well this is the place for you. Racing contact is fine, just no ramming, severe blocking or swerving etc. ;)

    All you have to do to sign up, is add your PSN ID in your post.
    Also, you will need to add the following accounts:
    - jkt008_CRC_TC (Test / Challenges)
    - jkt008_CRCCasual (Casual Racing)
    - jkt008_CRC_Hardc (Hardcore Racing / Events)
    Read the OP of this thread for more details. :tup:
    Social Group: https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/group.php?groupid=435
    Room name will always be: GTP Clean Racing
    We have weekly challenges, so be sure to
    check the OP regularly for updates.

    Leaderboards, Season Standings and Previous Challenges & Events can be found here. In other words post #2. :tup:



    Club members: PSN:

    jkt008. jkt008
    Jaywalker. Rhinoafrica
    MindlessRiff. MindlessRiff
    odge39. odge_79
    keysersose1. keyser_sose1
    gt5 brad gt5. BrAdErZz93
    Krizzay. krizzay
    spunwicked. dunkrez
    johnnyclark. CerronesParadise
    GTP_ken_b. ken_b
    usuhaia08. Ushuaia08
    ollyb. ollybsides
    metalcue. blacktop_bandit
    mad_as_toast. coyle1982
    xtexterx. xtexterx
    Vend1go. Dimse91
    MrGrado. MrGrado
    albteman015. albtifosi
    bass264. bass264
    Doncowleone. Doncowleone1
    bcmountainspeed. Mustafa_Jones
    RacerPaul. RacerPaul
    xeon980. xeon9800
    Vitzio. vezze61
    Fantomas666. Mr_bungle83
    Alp1986. Alp1986
    Dragonthing. Huskyfluff
    yoman297. yoman297
    chris 1992. chrislong08
    Bushby_23. Bushby_23
    hsdioce. harneal
    indiemo. Vftemo
    mitsurugi27. mitsurugi27
    Swinkel. Swinkel
    HaoleHatingWRX GTP_Wifebeeter
    Thomas2012. MJTbreww
    RAVELLRON. Ravellron
    FuSiioN_HaVoC. FuSiioN_HaVoC
    BlingBlaine. BlingBlaine
    kent253. kent253
    silverdawn3. silverdawn3
    Toonarmypad. NUFC_1989_
    The_Boyce. The_Boyce
    FED777. NB_RS
    RAIDONKU. Raidonku
    acedition333. Acedition333
    LaurelLondon. Laurel_London
    Jsenna. karaz77
    Witless76. witless76
    TrevorsTII. TrevorsTII
    Tintorea. Tintorea
    cjmonkey. cjmonkey610
    Barnezy318. Barnezy318
    ampj6. ampj6
    D67LC. D67LC
    gtfan4life. scoobydenon
    vinze1129. Vinze1129
    Sach_F1. Sach_F1
    YuRiPa. YuRiPa84
    Troylee2601. Troylee2601
    harrison1476. harrison1476
    bmoe24x. bmoe24x
    MaX Iceman. MaX-Iceman
    eNJS. LordChopsington
    Captscarlett CapScarlett
    emacifa. cifalu
    anastasis14. anastasis14
    MrNiceRIder. MrNiceRider
    GTracer38. MarfyB22
    ckrookie. ckrookie
    Thermite. thermite_917
    kajaja08. kajaja08
    TomMcD. Tom_97_COD
    superfluidity. Superfluidity
    fireblade5us. Fireblade5us
    espinheira rio. espinheira1770
    hainuinimic. hainunimic
    GReeK W1ZaRd. GReeK W1ZaRd
    boons. boons4zn
    starbutt033. starbutt33
    Barrett. L3ggoMyGall3gos
    Renan GTRedKim. RedKim_Senna
    Pyro64. Pyro_64
    BlauPunk9000. BlauPunk9000
    kolden76. sersjanten90
    James-Ere. James-Ere
    qqlis. qqlis
    asjacsd. as--jac--sd
    ivann. ivann_11
    superspeed. Dist234
    luvtadrive. livetiludye
    cnd01. cnd01
    Vend1go. Dimse91
    bcrocks414. elite_sniper414
    locoman88. locoman88
    northsidemassiv. northsidemassive


    The Grand Finale:

    Car: Any car with 2 seats or more. (No formula cars etc.)
    Track: Nurburgring 24H
    Tuning Regulations: Tune the car as much as you like.
    Ending Time: 10:00 A.M. GMT 10th June 2012
    Aids Regulations: None. (You may use however many as you need.)
    Points Available: 1st - 500 points / 2nd - 300 points / 3rd - 250 points / 4th - 200 points / 5th - 150 points / 6th - 100 points / 7th - 50 points / 8th - 1 point


    The Indy Champions

    Car: Any car in the Super GT class.
    Track: Indianapolis Road Course
    Laps: 15
    Tuning Regulations: 630PP
    Race Start Time: TBA
    Aids Regulations: ASM off. (All other aids can be altered.)
    Points Available: 1st - 50 points / 2nd - 35 points / 3rd - 30 points / 4th - 20 points / 5th - 15 points / 6th - 10 points / 7th - 5 points / 8th - 1 point


    jkt008: Nissan Xanavi Nismo GT-R '08
    harrison1476: Nissan Calsonic Impul GT-R '08
    Bushby_23: Nissan Calsonic Impul GT-R '08
    ivann: Toyota Castrol TOM'S SUPRA '97

    Prizes: (For Challenges and Events)


    1st: Selection of 1 Car/Ticket + 5 rare paints from my garage + 2 sets of gear.

    2nd: GT Academy GT-R or GT Academy 370z. Or, a sendable car of your choice from the NCD. + 3 rare paints from my garage + 1 set of gear.

    3rd: 2 rare paints from my garage. + 1 set of gear.

    I have all gear and rare paints, so the selection is free. Also, if the winners would like some Jeff Gordon suits, Double Stripe 00 (Glitch Suits) or a Horizon 00 (Glitch Helmet), feel free to ask me.

    My Garage: http://www.mygranturismo.net/user_sheet.php?id=24449

    Prizes: (For Season Standings)


    100 points = 1 Car/Ticket from my garage + 5 rare paints + 1 set of gear.
    250 points = 2 Cars/Tickets from my garage + 10 rare paints + 1 set of gear.
    500 points = 4 Cars/Tickets from my garage + 20 rare paints + 2 sets of gear.
    750 points = 6 Cars/Tickets from my garage + 30 rare paints + 2 sets of gear.

    End of Season Prizes:

    1st: = 10 Cars / Tickets from my garage + 50 rare paints + Any gear you need.
    2nd: = 5 Cars / Tickets from my garage + 25 rare paints + 3 sets of gear.
    3rd: = 4 Cars / Tickets from my garage + 20 rare paints + 2 sets of gear.
    4th: = 3 Cars / Tickets from my garage + 15 rare paints + 2 sets of gear.
    5th: = 2 Cars / Tickets from my garage + 10 rare paints + 1 set of gear.
    6th: = 2 Cars / Tickets from my garage + 5 rare paints + 1 set of gear.
    7th: = 1 Car / Ticket from my garage + 5 rare paints + 1 set of gear.
    8th: = 1 Car / Ticket from my garage + 1 set of gear.
    9th and Under: = 1 set of gear.
    Racing Car Classes:

    See OP of this thread. Thanks a lot to jitcup for making this!
    Enjoy the clean racing everyone!:)

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  2. Andy89

    Italy Roma

    I can't stand people that just rams you all the time, so I'll join for sure ;)
  3. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    Ok psn?
  4. tecknical


    let's do it.

    PSN: tecknical
  5. Andy89

    Italy Roma

    andreadg89, I usually play around 18 - 23 gmt :) If we can create a good group of people it would be nice, at the moment I spend every day almost 40 minutes just to find a good room :(
  6. Jaywalker


    I'm in. PSN: Rhinoafrica

    Your time zone?
  7. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    Cool I'll add all of you


    Fr sent to all of you
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2011
  8. Andy89

    Italy Roma

    Ok mate :) I like a lot to do class races, e.g. Only super gt, only dtm, or mixed races, so everyone are at the same level with the car :)

    Be careful with posting multiples times, use the edit button ;)
  9. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    Yeah those are the sort of races that are best. :) I did press the edit button but did I post it twice somehow?

    Anyone want to do some racing now?
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2011
  10. Andy89

    Italy Roma

    I'll be online in 10 minutes so yes, I'm up for some racing ;)
  11. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    Ok I'll make a room now
  12. Jaywalker


    I'm still at work for the next 5 hrs. :(
  13. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    Oh ok:(
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2011
  14. MindlessRiff


    Stick me down as well, most public lobbies tend to end in some kind of rage quit for me these days lol...

    PSN = MindlessRiff

    I did have an idea a while ago about a GTP lobby that would never close, always being kept open by people coming across it in the racing forum, but I don't know how it would work, was just a random thought I had :p
  15. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    I'll add you now
  16. Yeah sounds good to me you already have me as a friend ;)
  17. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    Ok I'll put you up
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2011
  18. VBR

    United Kingdom London England

    If you guys are looking for super clean, same car racing, so that everyone is on a level playing field, check out my SSCS race event by clicking here.

  19. Thaddaeus



    if you want feel free to participate in the Fun Racers group here:
    We all try to drive as clean as possible, but if a bump happens you wont get booted.
    Main purpose of the group is to have fun and clean racing and there are a couple of different events each week (For EU and US times).

    If you dont wanna join, you can add me.
    PSN = thaddontes
  20. keysersose1

    England paignton/devon/

    I am looking for clean racers to race with when im online so add me my psn is: keyser_sose1
  21. gt5 brad gt5

    United Kingdom East Midlands

    What types of racing do you do? PP restricted, shuffle? If so I'm up for some clean racing. Been looking around for some good guys to go head to head with online.:idea:

    PSN: BrAdErZz93
  22. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    We do lots of different types of racing, pp, classes etc.
  23. Krizzay

    Belgium Genk

    You can always add me, psn: krizzay
  24. jkt008

    Australia Perth (+08:00)

    Will do
  25. spunwicked

    United Kingdom Bakewell UK

    Count me in:

    PSN ID: dunkrez
  26. I'm in too :)

    PSN ID: CerronesParadise
  27. GTP_ken_b


    I dig it man! Please count me in....PSN: ken_b
  28. It sounds pretty good, as long as people is fair and kind, in the end this is just to have fun with a group of online buddies, isn't it?

    Please count on me, eventhough private issues does not allow me to play as much as I would like. If you allow me to get online with you sometimes I would appreciate it a lot. I am extremely fair, if overtaking is not clear I wait and I just change my line one time if I try to defend my position.

    PSN: Ushuaia08
  29. ollyb


    I'm in too!

    Especially like doing same car racing with appropriate tyre selection.

    usually online 22:00-24:00 UK time

    psn: ollybsides
  30. ebhk


    count me in too

    PSN: ebhk
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