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United States
Bel Air, MD
MPCC Season 2 series banner.png

Pilot GT4

Season 2

16 Primary Spots
Reserve Spots Available

*Races will run on
Friday nights 9:00pm EST

Season 2 Finished Early
after 8 of 12 Events

A New Season
is being Organized
on GT7 for Season 3:
Season 3 Preview of the Michelin Pilot GT4 Challenge presented by Snail
*Review the series details for more info, and if interested, See the next post to verify a spot is still open for the chosen car class, and (Tab 3.1 "Eligible Vehicles, and Initial BOP Specs") to verify your car choice is available before proceeding to the signup intructions.
To Sign Up, go to:
(Tab 2.2 "Driver Sign up/Time Trial Instructions)
shown below

Series Format:
-1 Race Night/Month over a 11 month season cycle. (July 2021 to June 2022) to run parallel to Season 3 of the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge
[12 race nights total (10 best nights are kept)]
-15 minute Warm up/Entry session
-15 minute Open Qualifying Session
-(2) 40 min races (Laps to = 40 minutes)

-Light Damage
-1x Tire wear/1x Fuel Consumption
-Penalties OFF (Steward and Peer Governed)
-GS/GT4 Class Rear wheel drive Race Cars Only
-16 Primary grid spots/12 Reserve drivers will be Available.
-Modified Vehicle BOP Regulations using GTSport BoP as a base. Each car then recieves a 3% deduction in weight, and a 17% addition in Horsepower.
-Drivers will be asked to time trial upon sign up to establish a Driver Skill specific BoP adjustment to start the Season.
-Ballast adjustments to be made after each event for podium finishers and drivers finishing outside the Top 10 Overall for each event.
-Driver and Team Scoring will be kept.

Series Details and Information
1.) Race Scheduling and Event Related Information Hub
Barcleona (July 30th, 2021)
Nurburgring GP (August 27th, 2021)
Spa Francorchamps (September 17th, 2021)
Sardegna Track B-II (October 22nd, 2021)
Autodromo Monza (November 19th, 2021)
Lago Maggiore GP (December 17th, 2022)
Dragon Trail Gardens (January 14th, 2022)
Mount Panorama (Bathurst) (February 11th, 2022)

Season 2 Finished Early. Not Enough Drivers to Continue on GTSport
GT7 MPCC Test Night (March 25th, 2022)
Suzuka Circuit (April 22nd, 2022)
Fuji Speedway (w' chicane) (May 20th, 2022)
Laguna Seca (June 10th, 2022)
Daytona Int'l Road Course (July 8th, 2022) - Season 2 Finale
-9:00pm est: RACE ROOM IS OPEN for ENTRIES (Verify your Driver BOP Regulations before making your entry.) Warm up laps are permitted during this time until the room resets for qualifying. (RACE DIRECTOR WILL BE SCREENSHOT THE DRIVER REGULATIONS SCREEN AT THIS TIME)

est: All previously confirmed driver entries must be in by this time. (Standby Reserve drivers will be notified and called to the Race Room at this time if grid spot are still open)
*Race entries and Driver BOP Regulations are verified.
*The Host or Series Director will instruct all Drivers to begin Open Qualifying. Run as many laps as you choose to set a time.
Do not return to lobby for tuning or cancel your entry at any time during this Open Qualifying session. Park your car in a safe area on track or return to pits (do not cancel entry) if finished lapping early. (Drivers entering the race room late, after 9:15pm est, may still make their entry and set laps using the remaining time available up to the start of Race 1 if a vacant spot is still available)*
*At approximately 9:30pm est, the Series Director or Host will instruct all drivers to line up past the 1st sector line. Qualifying times will be Recorded, and all late entries and driver's regulations will be verified before Race 1 is started.
Race 1 will be Started at 9:30pm est.
Late entries after 9:30pm est will have to wait to race for Race 2 and must be sure to have their tires verified before race 2 start.
-9:30pm est:
Race will be started at this time.
-9:30pm-10:10pm: Race 1 (Laps to = 40mins)
-10:10pm-10:20pm: Race finish, record scores, save replays, set room to reverse grid, 10 minute break/post race party chat.
All drivers must maintain their entry from the end of previous race to start of next race. Any Drivers that missed Race 1 must make their entry and have BOP Regulations verified before the start of Race 2.. Any disconnected drivers must re-make their entry and have regulations re-verified before the start of Race 2.
-10:20pm-11pm: Race 2 (Laps to = 40mins)
-11pm-11:15pm: Race finish, record scores, save replays, post event party chat, and conclude the night.

The schedule below is a guide to stay within a 2 hour time window, but may vary depending on issues throughout the night
Standard Lobby Settings
Basic Settings

Room Mode: Practice/Race
Room Privacy: Public *
Room Settings
Room Name: Snail Gr4-Michelin Pilot Cup Challenge. Event #1-12 (Date)- Members only
Race Type: Race for Real
Fixed Room Ownership: No **
Max no of participants: 16
Required Sportsmanship Rating --
Required Sportsmanship Rating --
Track Settings
Track: As per Race Date
Select Condition: See Event Details
Laps: laps to =40 minutes
Race Settings
Start Type: Grid Start
Grid Order: R1, Fastest First (Set by host off qualifying)/R2, Reverse Grid from previous results.
Boost: None
Slip Stream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Light
Tire Wear: 1x
Fuel Consumption: 1x
Initial Fuel: Default
Grip Red. On Wet Track / Track Edge: Real
Race Finish Delay: 180 sec
Overtaking System Usage Time Multiplier: Default Qualifier Settings Time Limit: none
Qualifying Continuation Time: none
Tire Wear during Qualifying: N/A
Fuel Consumption Qualifying: N/A
Regulation Settings
Filter by Category: Gr4
Balance of Performance: Off
Power Limit: No Limit
Weight: No Limit
Maximum Tire Rating: Racing Medium (RM) Minimum Tire Rating: Racing Medium (RM)
Livery Restrictions: No Limit
Type of Racing Number: No Limit
Assign Car Number Automatically: None
Tuning: No Limit
Kart Usage: Off
Ghosting During Race: None
Shortcut Penalty: None
Wall Collision Penalty: None
Wall Collision Detection: Default
Side Contact Penalty: Off
Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collission: Off Replace Car at Course Out: Off
Flag Rules: Off
Limit Driving Options
Countersteering Assist: Prohibited
Active Stability Management (ASM): Prohibited Driving Line Assist: Prohibited
Traction Control: Prohibited
ABS: No Limit
Auto-Drive: Prohibited
Notes: * There seems to be a glitch that not all friends can find a Friends Only room ** Friends Only room only allows for Fixed Host. Special permission is required to set up a Fixed Host lobby *** In case manual lineup is required, there is and option to set grid manually.
Series Director: II-NOVA-II
Assistant Series Director:
Backup Host:
2nd Backup Host:
Replay Uploader:
Backup Replay Uploader:
Scorekeeper: II-NOVA-II
Backup Scorekeeper: Bologna-Duc
2nd Backup Scorekeeper:
Chief Penalty Steward: II-NOVA-II
Steward: Bologna-Duc
Steward: Moby45
Steward: Rob Brown
-9:00pm est: RACE ROOM IS OPEN (or Reset) for ENTRIES ONLY- Warm up laps permitted (Verify your Driver Specific BOP regulations before making your entry.)
est: All previously confirmed driver entries must be in by this time. (Standby drivers will be notified via a posted invite in the thread if grid openings are available)
The Host or Series Director will instruct all Drivers to begin Open Qualifying. Run as many laps as you choose to set a time. Do not return to lobby for tuning or cancel your entry at any time during this Open Qualifying session. Park your car in a safe area on track or return to pits (do not cancel entry) if finished lapping early.
(Drivers entering the race room late, after 9:15pm est, may still make their entry and set laps using the remaining time available up to the start of Race 1 if a vacant spot is still available)

At approximately 9:30pm est, the Series Director or Host will message the finish of qualifying, and qualifying times will be Recorded.
The room and grid will then be "set by host" ALL DRIVERS ARE TO VERIFY/FIX THEIR ABS SETTINGS. Once all drivers are set, Race 1 will be started.

16 player Party Chat Policy

The Party Chat feature will opened after the Race Room with the following Rules:

1.) It is required that drivers enter the Open party chat to help in the flow of communication to start the night and communicate Caution requests/issuing and directives during the Caution.
2.) Open Conversation is allowed at the opening of the Race Room to the official start of Qualifying, approximately 9:15pm est. ALL MICs MUST BE MUTED AT THIS TIME, thru Qualifying, and Race (Host will remind all drivers to please mute mics before the call to start qualifying)
3.) During the race, Drivers may only come on the mic to verbally request a Caution/Yellow Flag, and for the Caution to be issued by the Race Director and directives related to the Caution.
4.) Once the race finish countdown is complete, drivers may resume un-muted conversation up to the call to mute mics before the next race.

Be reminded that no discussions regarding on track incidents are to be discussed, except obviously, if it is simply an apology and no more. Please review the penalty guidelines for more detail on this policy.

And Lastly,

Please don't be that guy who has their mic on the whole race (If your headphones do not have a mute feature, simply leave the party chat before the Qualifying Session begins**

Hopefully this will add to the overall quality of these Events.

2.) Driver/Team Related Information Hub
Points Structure
The points below will be awarded for each race.
  • 1st = 16 points
  • 2nd = 15 points
  • 3rd = 14 points
  • 4th = 13 points
  • 5th = 12 points
  • 6th = 11 points
  • 7th = 10 points
  • 8th = 9 points
  • 9th = 8 points
  • 10th = 7points
  • 11th = 6 points
  • 12th = 5 points
  • 13th = 4 points
  • 14th = 3 points
  • 15th = 2 points
  • 16th = 1 points
*No bonus points for pole or fast laps
**32 Points Available for an Event Sweep.

TEAM RULES (2 Drivers per race team)
-Drivers wishing to team up may announce their intentions, drivers, and team name any time up to the the start of the season.
-Team cars are NOT required to have the same liveries.
-Team cars will be required to display the same team name/logo on the designated area of the quarter panels.

Team Scoring
-The total score of both attending primary drivers of a 2 car race team will be the team points earned for an event.
-Independent Drivers/single car teams will be scored in the team standings, but scores will obviously reflect the points of only that driver for an event.
-Reserve drivers filling in on a race night will have their score count toward the team/driver they are covering for.
To sign up for the series:
1.) Chose the Car of your choice from the list of available cars (Tab 3.1), and apply the base BOP Regulations shown for your chosen car.

Please "Copy/Paste" the following and post in the thread:

"I have reviewed the first post and would like to participate in the Snail-Michelin Pilot GT4 Cup Challenge International Tour, and agree to run the time trial to establish my driver specific initial BOP regulations.
Race Team: (not required at sign up)"

2.) A PM will be sent with Time Trial Lobby settings and details.
3.) See the tuning links (Tab 3.3) and tune your car or chose not to tune, just be sure to time trial the way you plan to race the car.
4.) Run the time trial until you cannot achieve anymore time (Run at least 12-15 laps)
5.) Reply in the pm, your time trial results in the form of a screen shot or picture as shown below, displaying lap history, sector bests, and fast lap:
Drivers signing up:
*Sign up and run the time trial as instructed in the sign up instruction tab above.
*after all time trials are received, a median time range based on the driver majority within 0.5 sec of each other in each car Class will be established. (Assessed times will be based on drivers fast lap and consistent lap times)
*time trial results will be referenced against the handicap/concession Leveling standards shown below to establish an initial driver parity.
*A Testing/Exhibition race night will be scheduled to test the parity of all drivers in attendance.
-Drivers unable to attend will be asked to Time Trial using the Exhibition night track combo.
*All data collected will be used to bring all drivers within a 0.5 sec range of each other to start the season.
*A final Driver bop Regulation sheet will be drafted and displayed for all drivers.
-(These settings will be the starting point of each driver for the Season opener)
*Drivers who participate more in this process will have a more accurate assessment going into the Season.
-(Initial Leveling will be on the aggressive/more challenging side of the base driver pace range.

Changes to driver BoP regulations will then be adjusted after each event based on each driver's Preliminary Overall finishing placement for each event prior to any penalty points issued.

Driver Time Trial Initial Parity Ballast
*Level 1 handicap/concession:
0.1-0.5 sec vs avg fast lap pace (0.5 sec range)
Primary tire compound of series (RM)
GT4 Cars:
-1% hp/+1% wgt handicap for faster drivers or
+1% hp/-1% wgt concession for slower drivers

*Level 2 handicap/concession:
0.6-1.0 sec vs avg fast lap pace (0.5 sec range)
Primary tire compound of series (RM)
GT4 Cars:
-2% hp/+2% wgt handicap for faster drivers or
+2% hp/-2% wgt concession for slower drivers

Level 3
Handicap on faster drivers:
1.1-1.5 sec vs avg fast lap pace (0.5 sec range)
Primary tire compound of series (RM)
GT4 Cars:
-3% hp/+3% wgt handicap for faster drivers or
+3% hp/-3% wgt concession for slower drivers

Level 4
Handicap on faster drivers::
1.6-2.0 sec vs avg fast lap pace (0.5 sec range)
Primary tire compound of series (RM)
GT4 Cars:
-4% hp/+4% wgt handicap for faster drivers or
+4% hp/-4% wgt concession for slower drivers

Level 5
Handicap on faster drivers:
2.1-2.5 sec vs avg fast lap pace (0.5 sec range)
Primary tire compound of series (RM)
GT4 Cars:
-5% hp/+5% wgt handicap for faster drivers or
+5% hp/-5% wgt concession for slower drivers
*Driver status, grid priority, and car choice is on a first come, first serve based upon sign up.
*Previous Season Drivers will each be offered a primary spot, and upon accepting, may choose their car in the order in which they replied. (Car Choice will open after the last race of the past Season.
*First 16 Drivers to sign up guarantee their entry and grid spot for an event and only relinquish their spot if reported absent or if forfeited for not adhering to the Series Confirmation and Attendance Policy (tab 2.6)
* All drivers who sign up outside the first 16 will be placed on the Reserve Drivers List to fill in during a primary driver absence or to bump in to the primary roster if a spot becomes open. (NO priority within the Reserve group: See tab 2.5 for Reserve Driver Process)
Apply Link for Post below.
12 Reserve Drivers will be kept for this Challenge series:
-Reserve Drivers will chose from the remaining cars/classes available and complete the signup and time trial process as if they were Primary Drivers.
-A Reserve Driver Newsfeed PM will be sent to all Reserve drivers to communicate any primary driver report offs or solicitations of open primary grid spots if one becomes available.
-Reserve Driver grid priority is:
*1st based on the number of events completed, **then the date and time a driver confirmed available for an upcoming event (if number of events raced is equal).
Reserves with extended priority as a result of event participation have until 5pm est on the Monday prior to race night to confirm their availability to race. At this time, any Reserves from the remaining reserve driver pool who have confirmed available will be of equal status and establish priority for that week's event based on date and time confirmation was posted.
Partial event participation does not count. Must run an entire race night to be counted
-Report offs will first be covered by the highest priority Reserve drivers
-Reserve drivers will be scored and earn points toward the season as a normal driver entry whenever they obtain a spot on the grid. (Reserves who consistently participate and/or confirm their availability early have the best opportunity at finding a spot on the grid and potentially a strong season standing if enough events are raced.)
-If the Primary Driver being covered is part of a "2 car Race Team", points earned by the covering Reserve driver will count towards that team's points for the event.
-Reserve Drivers will be notified of any report offs in the Newsfeed PM as they are recieved.
-Any additional un-used Reserve Drivers are encouraged to be online and on standby at 9pm est of Race Night. In the event there are "NO REPORT/NO SHOWS" at 9:15pm est of race night, a PSN group message will be sent to any Reserve Drivers online (PSN) inviting them to the race room to fill any vacant spots on a first to enter basis. DO NOT ENTER THE RACE ROOM UNTIL AN INVITE MESSAGE IS SENT. Once in the room, be sure to verify your driver specific BOP regulations and begin qualifying with the remaining time available. (Driver specific BOP regulations of last minute entries will be verified after qualifying results are recorded. Any late entry driver with incorrect BOP regulations applied will be disqualified for the race: be sure to verify before making your entry and qualifying)

Solicitation of Primary Grid Spots
In the event a Primary Driver fails to adhere to the Confirmation and attendance policy or chooses to retire from the series, the follow process is used:
1.) The Reserve Driver with the most point scoring events completed will be offered the open spot first. (If tied, it will be offered to those drivers tied; first to reply wins the spot)
2.) If no point scoring Reserves accepts an offered spot, the open spot(s) will be solicited to the remainder of the entire Reserve Group if still not filled.

-Confirmed drivers have until 8pm est of race day to cancel and maintain their primary status. Any confirmed drivers who cancel after this time will forfeit their primary grid spot to a wanting Reserve and will be moved down to the Reserve driver roster.

Driver "Race Night" confirmation policy

-A Confirmation Reminder Post with ALL drivers tagged will be posted in the main thread as well as a PSN conversation by the Friday of the week before a scheduled Race night
All Drivers, primary and Reserve may "Early" confirm their attendance or availability at any time after the most recent Event. (For Reserves, priority will be based on date and time availability was confirmed)
-All drivers tagged must confirm that they "will" or "will not" be racing by 5pm est Thursday (day before race night) to secure their grid spot and/or to adhere to the absentee policy.
-Any Primary drivers who fail to confirm their status for race night by 5pm est Thursday will forfeit grid priority to confirmed Reserve Drivers for the night.
-If any drivers forget to confirm by 5pm est Thursday, and grid spots are still showing open on race night, they may post their intention to race in the thread or via PSN by 9:00pm est (race might) with priority given based on time of post.
-Any left over open grid spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis when the room opens until the grid is full.
-Qualifying starts at 9:15pm est, with the race to start promptly at 9:30pm est.

Absentee and Reporting policy
As a courtesy and a series policy, anyone who knows they will be absent or thinks they will be absent for a race night, please report here in the thread by no later than 5pm est Thursday (day before race day). This will give myself and the Reserve drivers plenty of notice and time to prepare to keep race night on time and fill the grid as much as possible. With a report off, you will forfeit your primary grid spot for the night, however, if your plans change and you can make it last minute, and there are still open spots on the grid, you may proceed to enter and race.

Any "NO REPORT/NO SHOWS" by a Primary Driver on race night will immediately forfeit their spot on the primary drivers list to a reserve driver for the remainder of the season or until a spot re-opens. This also applies to drivers who confirmed their attendance and failed to cancel before 8pm est of race day or did not show without notice prior to 8pm est of race day

Any "NO REPORT/NO SHOWS" by a Confirmed Available Reserve Driver on race night will forfeit the ability to accept a permanent primary grid opening until at least 1 event is attended. This also applies to drivers who confirmed their attendance and then did not show without notice prior to 8pm est of race day

Any driver who confirmed attendance for race night and does not make their Race entry by
9:15pm est without prior notice that they will be late (by 9pm est) may be forced to forfeit the grid spot to a standby Reserve Driver for the night if the Reserve Driver enters the room to begin qualifying. The Primary driver must then post in the thread that they forgot/lost track of time/etc to adhere to the no report policy and maintain their primary grid spot for the season! (No report/no show is grounds to forfeit your primary grid spot for the remainder of the season.)
IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE TO MAKE YOUR ENTRY, PLEASE PM ME VIA GTPLANET OR PSN BEFORE 9PM, AND YOUR SPOT WILL BE HELD, or if there are still openings when trying to enter after the 9:15pm cut off, the primary driver may do so and maintain grid priority and begin qualifying for the remainder of the session.

Also, any primary driver who misses 3 consecutive race nights "with" advanced notice will forfeit their spot on the primary drivers list to a reserve driver; or if a Reserve Driver, you will loss any Reserve roster priority obtained when active

With smartphones, computers, playstations, etc...there should be no reason that any absence could not be reported. Please confirm your status or report your absence as soon as you know.

Race Night Participation Policy
Any drivers that confirm their attendance for Race night are holding a grid spot and committing to a full night of racing. For this series format to function the way it was intended, participation to the end of race night is extremely important. Therefore, any driver who leaves prior to the conclusion of race night will receive
-5 Points for the Race Event.

(If you disconnect during a race, please return to the room and wait out the remainder of that race. This will satisfy the above participation policy.)
[Life does dish out Emergency situations. If this occurs, please exit the race and post the message: "Emergency Exit Needed" before leaving the room.]

Please remember that a grid spot was held for you to race when you confirm attendance, and there may be events later in the season that Reserve drivers want to race and are turned away due to priority being given to the primary drivers. Let's be sure that the grid spots we are holding are being used up for the night.

Thanks Fellas.

3.) Vehicle Information and Regulations Hub

Car Change Process
-1 car change will be allowed within each Season.
-Drivers must choose among any cars that remain available.
-Drivers will be required to render a livery to the series standard found in Tab 3.2 or accept a pre-rendered livery and number before competing in the next event. (If rendering your own livery, drivers will be asked to share the livery to the GTSport Community for photo captures and spotters guide needs.)
-Drivers with a handicap of any form will be handicapped at the same levels for the new car.
-Drivers at Base BoP or who have any concessions afforded will be defaulted to the newly selected car's Base BoP values for the next event.

To request a Car Change:
1.) Verify the car you want is available
2.) PM myself, @llNovall with your new car choice and whether you will be rendering your own livery or need one that is pre-rendered.
3.) Provide livery link if rendering your own livery prior to our next event for approval.
4.) Spec new car to the Specs that I reply with.

GS Class Livery Requirements
Please apply all specific decals/details/number plates in their specific locations as shown in the example pictures below:
-Wheels are to be a motorsport/sportscar styled wheel in standard size (No over sized or non-racecar styled wheels), any color.
-Clear headlight lenses
-Black Windshield banner with white lettering
-Black Spoiler with white lettering
-Team name/logo to be placed high on rear quarter panel.
-Sponsor name/logo to be placed on door/lower to mid quarter panel
-Light Blue Michelin Pilot Cup Challenge number plates with White standard GTSport supplied number font.
-"snailracing.org" decals on A-pillars between front windshield and side windows (hard to see in pics)
-Car Color, graphics, and all remaining details are open for your creative freedom. (No inappropriate graphics/decals)
-additonal contingency sponsor decals are allowed (no contradicting brands of same item, oil, tire, etc)
List of links for required series decals-Thanks Guido


4.) Caution Procedures
Yellow Flag/Cautions Process
Since this series will be a (2) 40 minute race format, we will be instituting a "Called Caution/Yellow Flag" feature to regroup the field in the event of an incident. (1 Caution available for each Race)
The following processes and rules will apply:
1.) ALL Drivers must enter and remain in the 16 driver party chat whether they have a Mic or not. (Chat audio will come through your monitor/tv for those without a headset.)
2.) Mics must be muted at all times, Except:
a.) When a driver verbally requests a caution/yellow flag, or
b.) When the Host/Race Director grants and calls the "Full Course Caution", or directions during Caution (Green this lap, etc)


3.) Drivers should continue racing until the Host/Race Director verbally calls out:
"Full Course Caution"
4.) Single Car accidents or "off-tracks" are not permitted to request a Caution at any time. (This can be cause for distraction and will be met with a penalty assessed post race)
5.) At least (2) Drivers of any size incident must request a Caution for it to be issued.
6.) ALL drivers must slow to 65-70 mph, single file, and avoid any contact with other cars.
7.) A maximum of (1) Cautions/Yellow Flags per Race will be afforded. (If there are incidents after a caution was granted, we will stay Green Flag.)
8.) NO PIT STOP. This is a regrouping caution only.
9.) The Caution period will be the remainder of the lap when the Caution was granted and 1 complete lap if necessary.
10.) NO Cautions will be granted for any incidents that occur in the opening 2 laps or the final 2 laps of any race.

How to Call for a Caution:
(At least (2) Drivers of any size incident must request a Caution for it to be issued.)
1.) Verbally over Mic, say: "Caution Requested, by (your name)"
if No Mic, text in the chat box: "cr" or "Caution"
(If no response from the Host/Race Director within 10 seconds, request again)

2.) Host/Race Director will respond:
"Full Course Caution" when acknowledged.
(Drivers should continue to race until the Caution is acknowledged and issued)

Play by Play Process during a "Full Course Caution"
Once "Full Course Caution" is called:
1.) The Overall race leader becomes our pace car and is to gently slow to 65-70 mph, with all drivers catching up and slowing to the 65-70 mph pace speed, single file and in the position they were in when the Caution was issued
2.) Overall Race Leader is to pace the field for the remainder of the lap when the Caution was issued and/or 1 complete lap if necessary.
3.) All drivers are expected to be grouped up before the final corner. If not grouped prior to final corner, the Race Director will instruct an additional Caution Lap.
4.) Once the field is grouped up and the Race Director is satisfied, he will announce "Track going green on my Call"
5.) All drivers are to maintain position and pace speed until the Race Director calls " Green flag, go, go, go"
6.) The Race Director will call the start at any point from the exit of the final corner up to the finish line.
7.) Drivers are not to try and jump the start. Any Driver that causes contact or overlaps the car in front of them in any way prior to the green flag being called will recieve a 5 point penalty assessed to their overall point total for the night. Wait for the Green flag call.
8.) Drivers may begin racing as soon as "Green Flag" is stated by the Race Director.

5.) Penalty Reporting and Information Hub
Drivers may file incidents after the last race on Friday race night to Monday at 11:59pm est of the same weekend.

Penalty filing instructions
-Submit your incident(s) by filing via pm to the Chief Steward, all supporting stewards, and the offending driver by including the information listed below.
List of Stewards and Volunteers
II-NOVA-II (Chief Steward)

Incident filing PM's must include the following in this order for each incident to be accepted:
*Tag: Stewards and Driver you are filing against
*Conversation Title: "Your PSN ID": IR filed against "PSN ID of driver you are filing on"
*Include the following information in the report:

-PSN name of the driver being filed against
-Your PSN name
-Race Number the incident occurred (Race 1,2,3)
-the lap number that the incident occurred
-the time the incident occurred (Use time posted in the middle of the screen)
-description of the incident being filed

(Multiple offenses filed on the same driver may be included in the same group PM)

The offending driver may plead his/her side within the group pm by 8pm est Monday, 10 days after the night Raced.

After the 1 week rebuttle period has ended,(Monday 8pm of Race weekend to the following Monday at 8pm) the Chief Steward and/or any support stewards will review all incidents filed and submit a ruling in the respective incident group pm by 6pm Friday of the next race event.


The Stewards will be utilizing the penalty guidelines set up and used within the Snail Spec Racing Series. Follow the link below for:
Penalty judging Guidlines

All Stewards are to review a replay of an incident in question and reply to the PM with their opinion as to what "Level" the incident falls under, and a recommended point value within selected level to deduct.
*The Chief Steward will make a final review of all incidents filed, taking into account any rebuttals and the other Steward's grading of the incidents and will make a final ruling for issuing penalty points.

*Please Note: If the Chief Steward deems, in any way, the lead driver lost control, and the chase driver attempts to brake or evade, but still makes contact, no penalty may be issued at the Chief Steward's discretion. *

At a 10 week season's end, the results sheet will be reviewed for each driver. All repeat offenders of the rules of this league will be reviewed by the Chief Steward and Steward Corp on a severity and case by case basis. If the review reflects a consistency or lack of improvement, the Chief Steward may recommend removal from the series by a peer to peer judgement .

Penalty points will be shown in the Overall Season Standings Scoresheet and will be deducted from the event score it was recieved and from following event scores until cleared.
This series will be adhering to the following linked OLR and good racecraft guidelines when deciding fault for any reported incidents.
https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/snail-olr-policies-and-guidelines.332619/#post-12630786. **
Note: Disregard Snail OLR, Section 14: "Incident Reporting Instructions". This Series will have it's own Reporting policy and Instructions in the tabs below
To be linked

6.) Calendar
Screenshot_20210610-155630_Samsung Internet.jpg

Season 2 Return Driver Selection Post

Season 2 Time Trial Instructions Post
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Drivers List

Primary Drivers List (16)
1. llNovall / II-NOVA-II
2. Bologna_Duc / Bologna_Duc
3. Stelephant / stelephant
4. Rob Brown / no1needs2perish
5. IceWarden / Ice_Warden
6. Fudman420 / Fudman420
7. Moby45 / Moby45
9. MrDonovan / MrDonovan
10. Noob01_lmdead / rauljimenez76
11. Harry Rowley / Harry_Rowley_10
12. Stryker13 / DrSpyderPig
13. Rotary_Pilot /Rotary_pilot13
14. socalnatv / Sand_68
15. JDMKING13 / jdmking13
16. fruitloop31 / fruitloop31

Reserve Drivers (priority) as of 1/21/22

Roman_GT23 / Roman_GT23 (1 event)
aedenmaddok / aedonmaddok (1 event)
Yugofan / Yugofan (4 events)
Deal24 / fullerbunch (0 event)
MikeGrove / GroveStreetRacin (1 Event)
Beeg Brady / Brady_Imawesome (1 Event)
Scarecrow937 / Scarecrow937 (2 Events)
Kgffy / kgffty (1 Event)
Trickybrewer / Trickybrewer

TEX36 / TEX-36
GTP_Guido / TPC_Guido
Phlano099 / Phlano_099

Success Ballast Sheet
for Event #9 on March 11th.
Updated 2/17/22, 5:35pm est


Suffix after Level Codes:
B = base BoP
C = Concession
H = Handicap

It is the responsibility of ALL Drivers to verify your BoP regulations prior to entering the race room or at the latest, 5 minutes prior to the Start of Qualifying. The BoP Tracking Sheet will be displayed here and in other reminder posts leading up to each event. I will not be verifying BoP regulations prior to the start of Qualifying. Rather, Race Director will screenshot the Driver Performance Regulations screen to be referenced during scoring.
Any Driver whose BoP is not correct for the event will recieve a 10 point penalty against points scored for that event.
Please verify your BoP regulations before every race night.


[*]Chart on the left is the BoP from most recent event, and the right side is the next event BoP. Use the chart above (outside the spoiiler tab) to verify your BoP for our next event.[*]
[*]Drivers that did not complete both races on race night forfeit being eligible for any BoP adjustments.
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MPCC Spotter guide Season 2 png entie roster.png

Drivers Profile Page

Gtplanet ID: llNovall
Car: Corvette Gr4
Car number: 4
Sponsor: Urban Grid/
DelTegrity Construction
Race Team: HPS Racing


Gtplanet ID: Bologna_Duc
PSN ID: Bologna_Duc
Car: Ferrari 458 GR4
Car number: 66
Sponsor: Hella/Pagid
Race Team: Ronin Racing

Gtplanet ID: Stelephant
PSN ID: stelephant
Car: Toyota Supra Gr4
Car number: 12
Sponsor: 23XI Racing
Race Team: Wheelspin Racing

Gtplanet ID: Rob Brown
PSN ID: no1needs2perish
Car: Hyundai Genesis Gr4
Car number: 06
Sponsor: ContiTech
Race Team: Shake N Bake Racing

Gtplanet ID: IceWarden
PSN ID: Ice_Warden
Car: Ferrari 458 Gr4
Car number: 22
Sponsor: Gulf
Race Team: Salt Life

Gtplanet ID: Fudman420
PSN ID: Fudman420
Car: Aston Martin Vantage Gr4
Car number: 42
Sponsor: 23XI Racing
Race Team: Wheelspin Racing

Gtplanet ID: Moby45
PSN ID: Moby45
Car: Toyota Supra Gr4
Car number: 45
Sponsor: Bilstein
Race Team: OuttaSight Racing


Gtplanet ID: GTR4MROD
Car: Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
Car number: 37
Sponsor: Red Bull
Race Team: No Brakes Motorsports

Gtplanet ID: MrDonovan
PSN ID: MrDonovan
Car: BMW M4 Gr4
Car number: 27
Sponsor: Puma
Race Team: Puma Motorsports



Gtplanet ID: Noob01_lmdead
PSN ID: rauljimenez76
Car: Hyundai Genesis Gr4
Car number: 13
Sponsor: Hyundai
Race Team: Shake N Bake Racing

Gtplanet ID: Harry Rowley
PSN ID: Harry_Rowley_10
Car: McLaren 650S Gr4
Car number: 96
Sponsor: ACASS
Race Team: Caveman Motorsports/ PFAFF Racing
Acass Reserve car.jpg

Gtplanet ID: Stryker13
PSN ID: DrSpyderPig
Car: BMW M4 Gr4
Car number: 7
Sponsor: Red Bull
Race Team: No Brakes Motorsports

Gtplanet ID: Rotary_Pilot
PSN ID: Rotary_pilot13
Car: McLaren 650s Gr4
Car number: 64
Sponsor: Puma
Race Team: Puma Motorsports


Gtplanet ID: socalnatv
PSN ID: Sand_68
Car: Corvette Gr4
Car number: 68
Sponsor: GranStand
Team: Caveman Motorsports/
Corvette Racing

Gtplanet ID: JDMKING13
PSN ID: jdmking13
Car: Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
Car number: 35
Sponsor: Bilstein
Race Team: OuttaSight Motorsports


Gtplanet ID: fruitloop31
PSN ID: fruitloop31
Car: Jaguar Gr4
Car number: 77
Sponsor: Urban Grid/
DelTegrity Construction
Team: HPS Racing/Jaguar Motorsports


Reserve Drivers
(no specific priority order)

Gtplanet ID: Yugofan
PSN ID: Yugofan
Car: Honda NSX Gr4
Car number: 49
Sponsor: Champion/IFly
Race Team: Reserve Entry/KMR

Gtplanet ID: MikeGrove
PSN ID: GroveStreetRacin
Car: Ford Mustang Gr4
Car number: 49
Sponsor: SPEC Clutches
Race Team: Reserve Entry
mikegrove reserve.png

Gtplanet ID: Beeg Brady
PSN ID: Brady_Imawesome
Car: Mercedes SLS AMG Gr4
Car number: 57
Sponsor: JKTG
Race Team: Reserve Entry
mercedes reserve.jpg

Gtplanet ID: Roman_GT23
PSN ID: Roman_GT23
Car: Jaguar Gr4
Car number: 23
Sponsor: Jaguar
Race Team: Reserve Entry/JAAAG Motorsport

Gtplanet ID: aedenmaddok
PSN ID: aedonmaddok
Car: Honda NSX Gr4
Car number: 76
Sponsor: Aero
Race Team: Reserve Entry

Gtplanet ID: Deal24
PSN ID: fullerbunch
Car: Dodge Viper Gr4
Car number: 24
Sponsor: Nicola Pizza Delivery
Race Team: Reserve Entry/Viper Racing

Gtplanet ID: Scarecrow937
PSN ID: Scarecrow937
Car: Lexus RC F Gr4
Car number: 44
Sponsor: Alpha Tauri
Race Team: Reserve Entry

Gtplanet ID: Kgffy
PSN ID: kgffty
Car: Lexus RC F Gr4
Car number: 84
Sponsor: TREK
Race Team: Reserve Entry

Gtplanet ID: Trickybrewer
PSN ID: Trickybrewer
Car: Mustang Gr4
Car number: 21
Sponsor: Super Cheap
Race Team: Reserve Entry

Gtplanet ID: TEX36
Car: Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
Car number: 36
Sponsor: Texas Speed and Performance
Race Team: American Racing

Gtplanet ID: GTP_Guido
Car: Aston Martin Vantage Gr4
Car number: 69
Sponsor: Bilstein
Race Team: OuttaSight Racing

Gtplanet ID: Phlano099
PSN ID: Phlano_099
Car: Lexus RC F Gr4
Car number: 99
Sponsor: Diesel Direct
Race Team: Lexus Racing/HPS
MPCC Spotter guide Season 2 SVG Remaining Reserve Cars.png~3.jpg
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Teams Hub

Team: HPS Racing
fruitloop31 (#77)

Team: OuttaSight Racing
Moby45 (#45)
jdmking13 (#35)

Team: Wheelspin Racing
Stelephant (#12)
Fudman420 (#42)

Team: No Brakes Motorsports
GTR4MROD (#37)
DrSpyderPig (#7)

Team: Shake N Bake Racing
no1needs2perish (#06)
rauljimenez76 (#13)


Team: Puma Motorsports
MrDonovan (#27)
Rotary_pilot13 (#64)
rotary pilot alt.jpg

Team: Caveman Motorsports
Harry_Rowley_10 (#96)
Sand_68 (#68)
Acass Reserve car.jpg

Team: Team Salt Life/Ronin Racing
Ice_Warden (#22)
Bologna_Duc (#66)
bologna duc.jpeg
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Race Photos
Scroll down to Photos tab to view
Event #3 Photos at Spa on 9/17/21
Scroll down to Photos tab to view
Nova's Photo Collection
Event #6 Photos at Lago
scroll down to photos tab to view

Race Broadcasts
Event #1, Race 1 at Barcelona 7/30/21

Event #1, Race 2 at Barcelona on 7/30/21
Race 1

Race 2
Race 1
Race 2
Race 1

Race 2
Race 1

Race 2
Race 1
Race 2
Race 1
Race 2

MPCC Spotter guide S2 Event 1.png

MPCC Spotter guide S2 Event 2.png

MPCC Spotter guide S2 Event 3.png

MPCC Spotter guide S2 Event 4.png

MPCC Spotter guide S2 Event 5.png

MPCC Spotter guide S2 Event 6.png

MPCC Spotter guide S2 Event 7.png

MPCC Spotter guide S2 Event 8.png
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Daytona 2021

Sebring 2021

Mid-Ohio 2021

Watkins Glen 2021

Lime Rock 2021 (Northeast GP)

Road America 2021 (Aug 5-8)
Laguna Seca 2021 (Sept 10-12)
VIR 2021 (Oct 8-10)
Road Atlanta (Petit LeMans)(Nov 11-13)
Daytona February 2022

GT7 Post for transition plan

New GT7 Snail Michelin Pilot GT Challenge Post
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Alright Drivers,
The thread for Season 2 of the Snail Gr4- Michelin Pilot Cup Challenge is in the building phase. In the meantime, and while we still have 2 events to go for Season 1, I wanted to highlight a few major changes to the series for this next season.

-While we wait for GT7, and the hope that a larger grid size will be afforded, Season 2 will be an all GS Class series. We do intend to hopefully return to a multi-class format, but for now Season 2 will be a single class.
-BoP is no longer based on my tested numbers. For this season, I simply turned on the game BoP and collected all the hp and weight values of all cars selected for this season. From these numbers, I dropped 3% weight from every car's gtsport BoP values, and added 17%hp to each car from their base gtsport BoP values. These BoP regulations will be the base values that all drivers will time trial to set their initial driver specific BoP as we did in Season 1.
-For Season 2 we will implement a success ballast system that will handicap the fastest, and give help to the lower paced of the field.
Basically, after each driver chooses his car, decides to tune or not tune, then runs the time trial as we did for Season 1. As we did before, each driver's time will be compared to the field avg pace and issued a corresponding Bop concession level or handicap level to start the season.
This season, however, we will be further adjusting the Bop's based on finish placement in each race. Max concession will be +5%hp/-5%wgt, and max handicap will be -5%hp/+5%wgt.
This will allow everyone to be very competitive and close in pace right out of the gate, and then based on overall placement for an event, drivers will be adjusted accordingly.
1st place: -1%hp/+1%wgt from starting or current driver BoP
2nd Place: +1%wgt from starting or current driver BoP
3rd Place: +1%wgt from starting or current driver BoP
(Any drivers with a handicap that finish outside the top 8, will recieve a 1% deduction from the higher BoP variable first (likely weight), and if equal (example, -1%hp/+1%wgt), the driver would recieve the hp back first, then weight removed.

Drivers who start or have a concession in BoP and place on the podium, their BoP will be adjusted from that number.

Any drivers that are at base BoP or have a concession in BoP and place outside the top 10 will recieve a further concession of 1% first for weight, then for hp.

This should allow us to enjoy the same level of competitive racing, but with the results fine tuning the parity after every event based on performance.

Now, there are chances that drivers recieve more concession than they should. Lets say a driver is posting times on the faster side of the avg, but spins out and finishes outside the top ten earning further concession. First off, he lost the points from that event. Secondly, if he is too fast at this point, it would likely only take an event or two for him to get ironed out and into the avg pace.
Hope you all are onboard with the ideas to help evolve the series and create even closer and every matched racing.
-Race Night format, driver and teams scoring, and most rules and processes will carry on from Season 1.
-tuning will continue to be permitted but not required. Be sure to time trial as you plan to race...tune or stock. You can change your mind any time since the ballast system will eventually take away any advantage gained if you finish strong.

Now, I will introduce you to the eligible cars and their Base BoP regulations for the series.
Use these numbers to test and select your car.
-2 of each car will be available to the series
(Drivers may change cars only once for the season. Chose wisely, but quickly as it will be 1st come first serve in stages based on attendance in Season 1 once )

After Season 1 is complete, all drivers who scored points in at least 8 events will be afforded Drivers List priority in Season 2 and will be among the first stage to select their car choice. Once the deadline to sign up and select a car is reached for stage 1 sign ups, all remaining drivers who raced in the series can sign up and choose, and then finally we will open sign ups to everyone.
From there, a time trial track and details will be set for everyone to time trial.
-Target Season 2 start: July 2021
Start testing the cars out to be ready when sign ups open.:cheers:

If tagged below, please reply on whether you plan to race in Season 2.
👍 @llNovall / II-NOVA-II
👍 @TEX36 / TEX36
👍 @Rob Brown / no1needs2perish
@nmcp1 / nmcp1
👍@Bologna_Duc /Bologna_Duc
👍 @Noob01_lmdead / rauljimenez76
@Roman_GT23 / Roman_GT23
👍 @GTP_Guido / GTP_Guido
👍 @IceWarden /Ice_Warden
👍 @Moby45 / Moby45
👍 @stelephant / stelephant
👍 @Phlano099 / Phlano_099
@JLBowler / JLBowler
👍 @MrDonovan /MrDonovan
👍 @Fudman420/Fudman420
@Harry Rowley/Harry Rowley
@Granadier / TPC_Granadier
@Kermit_2142 /Kermit_2142 (tentative as last resort for all events, contact on raceday if needed)
@Stryker13 / DrSpyderPig
@The Afterman / Valkyria61
@BossyBruin BossyBruin
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Completing the requisite Entry Forms in triplicate. Blood type, Finger prints, “sample” for drug certification, Retina Scan, and Background Check.
Thanks for letting the Tail Gunner return
Completing the requisite Entry Forms in triplicate. Blood type, Finger prints, “sample” for drug certification, Retina Scan, and Background Check.
Thanks for letting the Tail Gunner return

We are going to need your height, weight, eye and hair color, favorite food, DoB, left or right handed and the name of your first pet as well to complete sign up.
We are going to need your height, weight, eye and hair color, favorite food, DoB, left or right handed and the name of your first pet as well to complete sign up.
Will provide upon acceptance of my Application by the League BOD.
Will provide upon acceptance of my Application by the League BOD.
Nah, everyone who has been a constant in the series is automatically guaranteed a primary entry. Car choice will open once Season 1has concluded. Start testing, and have a backup or 2 to choose. Only 2 of each car will be allotted for the series.
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So…I can’t find a Gr4 Toyota Supra.

After googling I suppose it is a special car only obtained through a questionnaire back when I was not playing. Oh well…I shall choose another! Tally hoooo
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I want the 458 if I can’t have the Supra. Looks cool even if it might be slow or whatever makes no one want to drive it :)
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So…I can’t find a Gr4 Toyota Supra.

After googling I suppose it is a special car only obtained through a questionnaire back when I was not playing. Oh well…I shall choose another! Tally hoooo
I believe you’re right about obtaining it through the questionnaire (which I did) but it’s not called GR.4. Nova will clarify.
Either way I don't have it...and apparently I can't get it. I'm ok with the 458. Something different from the Cayman for a change.
MPCC Season 2 series banner.png

Season 2 Signup and Car Selection Announcement

Alright gentlemen, I've decided that rather than going in stages, everyone tagged below is guaranteed a primary grid spot if they reply and/or choose their car within the selection period.​

Starting this Friday, 5/14/21 at 3pm est the car selection period/formal sign ups will open and will run up to Friday, 5/21/21 at 3pm est.


**Cars will be limited to 2 of each and will be granted on a first to post in the thread basis after the the selection period opens **

Please test and have 2-3 car choices ready in the event the one you prefer is already chosen. The date and timestamp of your post will be the basis for priority of choice.
At the end of the 7 day selection period for drivers tagged below, the car list and sign ups will be opened to everyone. Hoping for another strong season.:cheers:

Please "Copy/Paste" the following when making your post and selection.
Race Team: (not required at sign up)

@Noob01_lmdead /rauljimenez76
@Rob Brown /no1needs2perish
@GTP_Guido /TPC_Guido
@Harry Rowley
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