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In regards to the CORSA League main series, I will be taking sign-ups/shows of interest for a March 2018 restart of this club series. I am looking at Fridays, either early afternoon 12 noon Est to attract our racing friends in Europe, or late Friday nights around 11pm est. Please post your interest and/or intent to join,and the time that best fits your schedule.

Read through this post, and sign up by posting your PSN ID, GTPlanet ID, and your interest in joining here in the thread, or via PSN pm to: II-NOVA-II (capital i's). If enough numbers are reached (20 driver list), I will announce a start date for a restart of this series. I hope to see some new interest in the hope of getting this going again.

For the interim, I will be taking weekly rollcalls and signups for casual Friday race days/nights. All you need to do is be signed up for the league, and on the PSN network at 11pm est Friday nights. Prior confirmation of attendance will give priority for the race nights. A room with will be opened, and invites will be sent out.

Welcome to the Competitive Online Racing Sim Association. The focus of this league is to challenge and push the boundaries of your racing and tuning experience in a clean One-Make racing enviroment. Clean racing practices, consistency, patience, and good tuning strategy will be the keys to finding the podium. Read on for details of the One-Make Challenge Series of CORSA, and good luck if I see you on the grid.

One-Make Challenge Series of CORSA
The One-Make Challenge Series of CORSA is the primary series for this league. All details, signup instructions, and race information is posted in detail in the "Spoiler" boxes below.

**Races will be held on Fridays at (time TBD)**

(A 20 minute practice session will open the race room at TBD est. Warm up laps are allowed until TBD (15 minutes after room opens) at which point everyone should return to the pits)

Gtplanet OLR and guidelines will be followed and apply to any practice or racerooms associated with this league.
Please read and make yourself familiar with the rules and guidelines in the link below.

CORSA One-Make Challenge Series Details
-A racing season will run for 4 weeks/events. A driver's 3 best point nights will be counted toward the overall season standings.
-The race night will consist of 4 races total at 2 seperate tracks.
-Each race will be approximately 20 minutes each (number of laps will vary by track/car combo), with a 10 minute qualifying session before the 1st race.
-Race 2 will be a reverse grid based on the 1st race's results, and will use the following process:
Reverse Gridding Setup Procedure
*1- Once the room resets, a vote to skip to qualifying will be initiated. Please vote"yes" immediately.
*2- When the room sets to qualifying, the Room Host will send a group PSN message to all participating drivers with a position number for the 2nd race.
*3- After that message is sent, the lead driver will exit the pits and "STOP" at turn 1. (All remaining drivers are to then file into their position and "STOP" behind the lead driver.)
*4- A STEADY/SAFE parade lap will begin. **Please leave a safe amount of distance from other drivers, and keep the car ontrack at all costs**
*5- Once past the start/finish line, the lead driver is to "STOP" again at turn 1 with everyone stopping in position.
*6- The Host will verify the grid order and initiate a "skip session" vote to force the 2nd race to start. Please vote "YES" immediately.
[For this to work, everyone will need to be attentive and cooperative. This format will allow us to start the reverse grid race off a starting light and should take no longer than 5 minutes to organanize if everyone cooperates and does it correctly.]
*Anyone who runs off track during the parade lap forfeits their proper position and will start a the back of the field.*

**Anyone who initiates contact during the parade lap with another driver(s), will be disqualified from that race**

In the event the above does occur, a vote to restart the qualifying session will be initiated, and we will repeat the gridding process to allow the affected drivers their rightful starting position. The disqualified driver(s) will be asked to stay off track for the re-gridding and the race. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a "kick" vote for that race.
-All drivers will be using the same car for each of the two combos.
**Tuning is allowed and encouraged, and the softest/stickiest tire compound available will be allowed.
The top 12 positions will receive points for the night for each race, with 1 bonus point to the pole sitter for each qualifying session.
1st place: 12 points
2nd place: 11 points
3rd place: 10 points
4th place: 9 points
5th place: 8 points
6th place: 7 points
7th place: 6 points
8th place: 5 points
9th place: 4 points
10th place: 3 points
11th place: 2 points
12th place: 1 points
13th-16th: 0 points

Total points available for a perfect night (wins every race and sets pole position for every race): 50 points

Overall points for each race night of the 4 weeks will be recorded to the season's standings, with the lowest performing night being dropped.
Weekly prizes will be awarded to the top 3 drivers of a Sunday Race Night. Below are details:

Winner (Prize A):
Freezes the combo of their choice to stay, OR; Passes the Freeze option to the Prize B winner, then chooses either the new combo car or new track.

2nd place (Prize B): Freezes the combo of their choice to stay if freeze is passed down from Prize A winner, OR; Passes the Freeze option to the Prize C winner, then chooses the opposite (car or track) of the Prize A winner.

3rd place (Prize C): Freezes the combo of their choice to stay if freeze is passed down from Prize A and B winners, OR; Chooses the opposite (car or track) of the prize A or B winners.

NOTE 1: Prize winners choosing the track or car may reselect the same car or track as the week prior.
NOTE 2: Prize winners who choose to select the track for the next week may set weather and/or track conditions to their preference. Please be sure to post all conditions when posting your track selection.

*Prize winners will be officially announced on Tuesday by 11pm est.

**All prize selections must be posted in this thread or via PSN pm by Wednesday 6pm est.
(If no selection is made by a prize winner by the deadline, a vote will be started with instructions)
-New combos will be announced shortly after all prizes are selected and locked.
-Each driver has the responsibility to record each race using the video capture option of the ps4. (Make sure to adjust video capture option to at least 30 minutes)
-During the race countdown, everyone will begin a recording of the race from their view by double tapping the share button or the button mapped for your wheel/controller to be ended at the race's finish. Do this separately for each race.
- Any notable infractions should be noted by combo, race number, and race time.
-Anyone who forgets or chooses not to record the races from their viewpoint forfeits the ability to file an incident for review.
-For instructions on how to file an incident complaint, click here:
If you are interested in joining this club to participate in it's series, click here for instructions:
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Active Drivers List
PSN ID. (Gtplanet ID)

Full time
II-NOVA-II (@llNovall
ACorsa1 @Corsa (Friday nights)
Nevano16 @Nevano (Friday nights)
LexLathor @LexLathor (Friday nights)

Part time
Gr8_Lakes (@Gr8_Lakes)

BL99DY-NINE @BloodyNine
Anderson3boys @Anderson3boys
dan_3_16 @dante_3_16
Schmiggz (@Schmiggz)
IWannaB_SPruett @PerryB
McTrucker000 (@McTrucker)
ItsOsvaldo123 (@OsvaldoBlanco )
Rizred68 (@rizred68)
XbrocktonhockeyX ( @cdc9906)
simracingindian (@Melroy) (aka: higgakhan)
robqt @ROBQT
Nixilistiss @nixilistis

Signed Up, but Inactive
Gr8_Lakes (@Gr8_Lakes)
Alex_ONeil @Alex ONeill
DutchRacer_GT (@DutchRacer_GT)
abetterplaya (@killerjimbag)
Luzinder. (@Luzindro)
ItsAllAboutWins (@ItsAllAboutWins)
wAUt (@wAUt )
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Current Combos

Archived Combos
Season 1
Event #3 July 23, 2017 Combos

Combo 1

Ford Escort MK1 RS1600
@ Monza 1966 Junior Course
18 degrees C (64F)
19 laps/

Combo 2

Toyota Supra MKIV Time Attack
@ Brand Hatch GP
Heavy Clouds
22 degrees C
11 laps/ race
Season 1
Event #2 July 16 2017 Combos

Combo 1:

Alfa Romeo GTA
@ Magione (Autodromo di Umbria)
Light Clouds
28 degrees C (82F)
12 laps/ race

Combo 2

Ford Escort MK1 RS1600
@ Monza 1966 Junior Course
18 degrees C (64F)
19 laps/ race
Season 1
Event #1 Combos

Combo 1:

Alfa Romeo GTA
@ Magione (Autodromo di Umbria)
Light Clouds
28 degrees C (82F)
12 laps

Combo 2

Scuderia Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizione 2011
@ Spa Francorchamps
24 degrees C (75F)
9 laps

Exhibition/Testing Combos
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Weekly results and Season Standings



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Volunteer Duty List
Backup Host
2nd Backup Host

Scorekeeper: II-NOVA-II
Backup Score keeper:
2nd Backup Scorekeeper:

Chief Steward

PSN ID: II-NOVA-II (uppercase i's)
GTPlanet ID: llNOVAll (lowercase L's)
Race Supporting Stewards
*Stewards may begin reviewing incidents as soon as an incident group pm is recieved.
*Click each link provided in the pm and review, taking into account any rebuttals or explanations that were made before reviewing. (It is the offending driver's responsibility to respond as soon as possible)
*Refer to the penalty guidelines page and the GTP OLR to base your opinion.
*Simply state the penalty stage the infraction best applies to for each incident in the pm.

The Chief Steward will review all incidents as well, and will issue penalties based on all steward opinions.
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Penalty filing instructions
-Review your in-car replay in your Capture Gallery.
-Once you locate where the infraction occurred, select the options button on the highlighted video.
-Select "Trim", and set the start and end times 1 minute before and 1 minute after the incident to be reviewed.
-Then save as a new video clip.
-Do this process for each incident you would like to submit.
-After you have gathered all the incidents you would like to submit, upload them to your youtube account, and set to public.
-Then submit your incident(s) filing via pm to the Chief Steward, all supporting stewards, and the offending driver by including the information listed below.
List of Stewards and Volunteers

**The offending driver may plead his/her side within the group pm within 24 hours of the initial pm**


Incident filing PM's must include the following in this order for each incident to be accepted:

-PSN name of the driver being filed against
-Your PSN name
-Youtube link for each incident to be reviewed
-the time the incident occured
-description of the incident being filed

Please remember, as mentioned before, Assetto Corsa's contact and crash physics are very unforgiving, and any incidents will likely be obvious. Please use your descretion when filing an incident.

Due to the unforgiving nature of Assetto Corsa's contact and crash physics, the penalty point deductions will be rather simple and very basic. If a penalty is ruled to apply to one of the follow conditions, those point deductions will be made at face value to the offending driver's overall points for the night.
GTPlanet OLR will be the standard used by the Stewards for judging fault on filed incidents, and proper on track etiquette is expected to be adhered to. Please review this to be familiar with the rules, especially regarding corner rights and acceptable overlap. "I didn't know" will not be an excuse.

Stage 0 incident
Minimal/light contact resulting in little to no adjustment in racing line and does not cause an off track incident or loss of position:
*0 points

Stage 1 incident
Minimal/light contact resulting in an adjustment or correction to the racing line, does not cause an off track incident, but DID cause a loss of position(s):
0 points (if only one position was lost and was immediately conceded on track by offending driver)
*3 points for initial loss of position, and
*1 point extra for every position lost due to incident. (if no immediate concession was made)
A Stage 1 violation will be considered for any track boundary or corner clipping.
**The rule is very simple and I am posting it here: 2 wheels must be in contact with the track surface at ALL times. The track surface is considered the main track, and any painted curbs/rumble strips. Where there are painted track boundary lines, 2 wheels must stay within the track to be safe. No exceptions unless clarified otherwise.**
3 points for each violation.
1 point for each violation if a 2 sec throttle lift is made as a concession.
(Stewards will not be "looking" for off track violations. If a position is lost or a driver feels that a track boundary violation created an advantage to the chase driver, a penalty can and should be filed.)

Stage 2 incident
ANY incidental or unintentional contact by a pursuing driver resulting in an off track incident.
*5 points (for single car incident), or
*10 points (multi car incident)
(A reduction of 2 penalty points from the above will be applied if immediate on track concession was made)

Stage 3 incident
ANY off track incident resulting from an over aggressive or erratic driving/racing maneuver.
*10 points (single car incident), or
*15 points (multi car incident)

Stage 4 incident
ANY off track incident judged to be negligent, intentional, and/or retaliatory in nature by the Stewards:
*20 points (single car incident), or
*25 points (multi car incident)
*AND 1 week suspension

**Please Note: If the Chief Steward deems, in any way, the lead driver lost control, and the chase driver attempts to brake or evade, but still makes contact, no penalty shall be issued at the Chief Steward's discretion. **

All penalty points assessed to a driver will be applied to that race night's points that the incident(s) occured with no probation period.

At an 8 week season's end, the results sheet will be reviewed for each driver. All repeat offenders of the rules of this league will be reviewed by the Chief Steward on a severity and case by case basis. If the review reflects a consistency or lack of improvement, the Chief Steward may recommend removal from the series by a peer to peer judgement .

Drivers may file incidents after the last race to Monday at 8pm est.
The Chief Steward and/or any support stewards will review all incidents filed and submit a ruling in the respective incident group pm by Tuesday 8pm est.
The Chief Steward will make a final review of all incidents filed, taking into account any rebuttals and the other Stewards opinions and will make a final ruling by 10pm.

Penalty points will be shown in the Overall Season Standings Scoresheet and will be adjusted to the total points at the season's end.

Final Prize winners will be announced by Tuesday 11pm est.
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League sign up instructions
If you made it to this point, you're ready to sign up.
Please post your intention to join either here in this thread or via PSN messenger by including the following.
GTPlanet ID

I will then send a PSN Friend request and Community invite to you. Once accepted, you will be added to the active driver's list.

Good luck to everyone, and I look forward to racing with you all.
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Time Trial Control Combo
Track: Nurburgring GP/GT
Car: BMW E92 M3
Hot Lap mode
Time: 14:00
Weather: Mid Clear
Ambient temperature: 23 degrees C
Time multiplier: 1x

If you are interested and would like to see and share where you stack up against other drivers, run the Time Trial Combo below. Post here in the thread or via PSN messenger a screenshot of your time. Your result will then be added to the list below.

Time trial results for each driver
**Times with an (*) next to it are corrected times to account for new V 10 tire model + 1.8 seconds.

DutchRacer_GT. 2:19.092 (gold)*
higgakhan. 2:20.840 (silver)
II-NOVA-II. 2:21.045 (silver)
therealstig_22. 2:21.314 (silver)
ItsAllAboutWins 2:21.845 (silver)
Luzinder. 2:22.047 (silver)*
Rizred68. 2:22.077 (silver)*
SGETI 2:22.198 (silver)
abetterplaya 2:22.718 (silver)*
Schmiggz 2:22.750 (silver)*
Gr8_Lakes 2:23.756 (bronze)
wAUt 2:23.882 (bronze)*
McTrucker000. 2:25.025 (bronze)
These times and driver ratings are for fun and comparison purposes only.
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Hey fellas,
I tagged you all in this forum in the hopes of stirring some interest with familiar faces. With private lobbies approaching, I'd like to get the ball rolling to have this near ready to start. Take a look at the OP and see if it might interest you.
PSN/gtplanet id
II-NOVA-II @llNovall
USERID_77a23 @USERID_77a23
flip_jj @FlipJ
vsfit @vsfit
McTrucker000 @McTrucker
Z06fun @z06fun
GOTDIRT410sp (?GTPlanet ID)
DesertPenguin09 @DesertPenguin09
Alex_ONeil @Alex ONeill
OMG_mang @TomMang_68
Schmiggz @Schmiggz
gtr3123 @gtr3123
Gr8_Lakes @Gr8_Lakes
Raw10_2u @Raw10_2u

New Members
HeyZeusss666 @pretend racer
Dimse91 @Dimse91
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The new upgrade got delayed again :rolleyes:

"Despite our best efforts, we are unable to launch our next major console update at the end of this month, as hoped. However, we’re pushing hard and fingers crossed, we should have a release date to share with you all very soon. We’re almost there!

Thank you all so much for your continued patience and support - It means so much to the team!

This update is full of incredible content and features, including Custom Online Lobbies, Custom Championships and much more. Stay tuned for more info..."
Frustrating to say the least, but good to have an actual news update, and eventually a hard release date to be announced soon. Hopefully the traffic for this league will grow once custom lobbies release.
Did you guys see the screen shots (regarding lobby settings) they posted at the same time?

Things look promising, if still a little way off arriving.

We've gone from soon to very soon, what do you think will be next, very VERY soon? :lol:

Hopefully the next one will be... It's here, go check for update now :sly:
GTPlanet ID: llNovall (lowercase L's)
PSN ID: II-NOVA-II (Capital i's)
Here is my official placement time trial.
New Version 10 tire model
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PSN ID: Rizred68
GTP ID: ??
Posted official lap in PSN via pm:
Posting pic on behalf.
PSN ID: DutchRacer_GT
GTP ID: DutchRacer_GT
Posted official lap via PSN pm:
Posting pic on drivers behalf.
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After the recent news regarding the upcoming update that will include custom/private lobbies, I am confident the features will work for this series. I hope some of you make a return to give Assetto Corsa another chance. With that said, if you think you will be interested in racing this series, please click the link at the bottom of the first post for instructions to join and post a time. I would like to get a full grid worth of drivers ready and placed before the update so we can kick this off shortly thereafter. I plan to run a week or two trial races to see how the format functions before starting a season. Hope to see some of you back.

II-NOVA-II @llNovall
USERID_77a23 @USERID_77a23
flip_jj @FlipJ
vsfit @vsfit
McTrucker000 @McTrucker
Z06fun @z06fun
GOTDIRT410sp (?GTPlanet ID)
DesertPenguin09 @DesertPenguin09
Alex_ONeil @Alex ONeill
OMG_mang @TomMang_68
Schmiggz @Schmiggz
gtr3123 @gtr3123
Gr8_Lakes @Gr8_Lakes
Raw10_2u @Raw10_2u

New Members
HeyZeusss666 @pretend racer
Dimse91 @Dimse91
PSN ID: abetterplaya
GTP ID: killerjimbag
Posted official lap via PSN pm:
Posting pic on drivers behalf.
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PSN ID: Luzinder
GTP ID: Luzindro
Posted official lap via PSN pm:
Posting pic on drivers behalf.
Thanks buddy. Hey Nova,how about doing a race this Sunday night? Pick a single car and track.
I'll try to get something together, but it would probably be on the later side since its Moms day...1030pm ish est. If everybody can be on around that time, we'll try to make it happen that night. It would be good to get acquainted with some new faces.
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Funny how everybody's lap times are really close...then there's that Dutch racer! :boggled:
Thats the beauty of the format on this series...if most of the grid are drivers of the same driver classification, it almost makes for a spec race, "then, as you stated, there's that Dutch racer!" @DutchRacer_GT is fast. Hopefully, after the update hits, it will attract some familiar faces back to AC.
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