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Reserved for CRAP a'Corsa Club.

CRAP was started in GTPlanet in 2011 as a slightly casual (but still obsessive) race group for PlayStation racers. We have primarily use Project Cars and previously Gran Turismo 5 and 6. We also run a DiRT Rally Club. CRAP A'Corsa is a natural addition.

More info to come.

Early sign ups welcome. Boy, you're keen


CRAP DiRT Rally Club

I'm in.

PSN: USMCinfinity

Own PC, DC and soon AC.
any of you guys got it early??
Got mine today from local toyshop in the netherlands!?!
any of you guys got it early??
Got mine today from local toyshop in the netherlands!?!



:lol::lol::lol::lol: Enjoy mate!! Get some practice in before the other CRAPpers.........!
I would really like to join as well. Just name any type of races anywhere. With positive vibes I'm seeing here, it will be a joy to experience and share Assetto feelings 👍

If stuff :) can be suggested... I would very much like to have a relaxed, laid back series to feel out all those lovely GT3 cars on as many tracks... With a twist that we don't all use same cars at the same time, but leave free choice to everyone in what order to use those cars - as long as each is used only once.

I did plenty of such series from GT5. We would get to experience not just all GT3 cars and plenty of tracks, but also to test how they actually compare against each other - good data for future. Could also add shorter "support" races of DTM's, GT4's...
No worries Elite, you can give a name to a lobby you setup, so we're gonna setup lobbies called "The Brony Gang" That way you can see what lobbies to join and no problem!! :) And we can kick anyone that's not welcome too!!! :cheers::gtpflag::gtpflag:

Wait....You can name lobbies on this game? That's excellent news if so. I remember I asked about that and i think the guys that already own the game on PC said no. Unless it's just for PC which i think that's what they said.
I'm definitely in - Dice73AF is my PSN handle. I see some familiar names from the C.R.A.P. DiRT League...and that's insanely fun.
@Bjorn Lucas - you lucky devil!! How awesome is it?

car handling is great,.. the new tracks are fun!!
for your expectation, just imagine a barebone game in the option department (where project cars has 30 options, ac has 3) but like i said the racing is great!!!
ai is fokking hard, do not know if the patch will turn it down,... normally i play racing games on hard or up, but this is sometimes freaking me out at medium difficulty...

on another note about medium (pace);

I've joined you @Bjorn Lucas styles in getting the game early!! :D Here's my first run, great fun already and the FFB is sublime!!!

Played the game before and after the patch installed, and improvements to graphics and sound were there to be seen and heard, and also a pit limiter lol!! This game will be great over the coming months with patches and lots of DLC, can't wait to race all my mates here in CRAP online!! :)

Just checked my online store and it says its shipped............. now........ imagine some little guy scooting my way on his scooter :D
I'm gonna be a little behind sadly. But once i get use to the game (somewhat) i guess that's when i will join y'all for some racing.
Reading some reviews for the console version of Assetto Corsa. I think we're going to hear a lot of the same moaning that went on with DiRT about how it's "too hard" and "why doesn't it drive the car for me", blah, blah, blah.
There's tons of arcade racers out there for people who like those things. Heck, I've even enjoyed NFS...but if you don't like a simulation, don't buy one, yeah?
just race man,.... you will get used to it when you race,..
who gives a s*** where you finish, just enjoy the fights!!!

I don't know if you notice or not but i like being competitive. Trust me, i enjoy the battles for position and stuff but every time i enter a race, i wanna win.