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Two questions on the game so far
1. What is FFB slip? Default is 0 so I'm guessing I don't want/need it
2.Am I missing a way to see telemetry on tyres, temps etc?
Just testing a few combos for the 1st time.

This Lotus single seater would make a great car for a little championship, shame about the private lobby situation at the moment. :(

The Ferrari 599XX Evo is wonderful, and that sound!!! :D

The Lambo Huracan GT3 is a beast!! Would make a great one make series!!

Love it!
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Hi, i am based in South Africa, PSN ID is Pyromaniak666, can i also take part should the private lobbies or make shift sessions be setup? What are the restrictions?
Here you are @knukken !!

The RUF Yellowbird in this game is scarier than in Pcars!! The Grim Reaper on 4 wheels!! A nice touch that you can turn the turbo down while out on track, needed with that MoFo! :lol:

The Nissan GTR!

This Ferrari is nuts!

Nothing like sliding an old BMW around Paddock Hill Bend at Brands Hatch! ;)

so, on the topic of online rooms. If you go in one of the preset rooms, you can invite your friends. Of course because its open Riff and his cousin Raff can get in too. So once you decide you gotta get everybody in toute suite :)
Interesting interview (with musical interludes :P ) from one of the main devs of AC, talking about the game and (lots of) plans for the it in the future. It seems the game will have lots of work done on it in the next few months, good news!

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So is there a PS4 community for you guys? I'd like to start getting into online racing and maybe get a bit better, I'm slow as crap right now in pCars. And unlike my failed DiRT rally league attempts I've got AC and PC on PS4
there is the CRAP pCars PS4 community, don't know that we need another group specific to AC but JSB will know best :D
I'm in, assuming I'll have time to actually play :lol:

The Cannonball Run is here!! :D JJ where are you!!


This game is so challenging, but so rewarding when you nail it! I was so nervious going around Nords in the 488GTB, all i could think was "Don't crash it, don't crash it" lol so good!

I'm still enjoying DiRT and feel kinda tired of pcars but still enjoy a good online race. And if you read the other thread you know I'm tired in general. Why should I buy AC? I need a few good reasons to get it :) offline is something I haven't bothered with since GT5 in 2010/2011. please help me want to buy it! It's expensive here with season pass...

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