Daily Races with Friends, Fridays @ 9pm EST. All Drivers Welcome.

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Bonus races for this week's DRWF:
1: Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo at St Croix C - if you need to buy it you'll find it in Japan - Gran Turismo showroom.
2: Mazda RX7 GT-X (FC) '90 at Sardegna Road Course C II
3: Honda S800 at Streets of Willow

Don't forget it's "Friends Only" so send a friend request to TPC_Fudsy on PSN if you want to join in!
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Excellent racing. Thanks for hosting Afraid.

Highlights from Race B2. :D

This was the smoothest video of the bunch. Some of the other replays where pretty jumpy, like the races. Good job by everyone to adjust to that.
As always thanks for creating these artfully done videos 🤙🏽 Side note, I appreciate your choices in the music. Never repetitive always different and well fitting.
please forgive my grammar, not sure what but feel like this shoulda been carved into stone.
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If we are not friends, send a request to Chevy_Heavy to see lobby as it's friend's only.

Happy almost Friday everyone! :cheers:

So this week I will be hosting my first DRWF lobby. I think it would be cool if we could get a full lobby. I have some fun bonus races planned. Lobby will open at least 45 mins prior to race time for practice. Hope to see you all out there. And the bonus races are:

1. Mini Clubman VGT @ Northern Isle, 25 Laps, SS Tires, 100/100.

2. N500 Road Car @ Tokyo SOL, 4 Laps, SM Tires, 100/100. (excluding GT by Citroen)

3. VW Sambabus @ Nurburgring N24, 1 Lap, SH Tires, 293/85.

Note: For the Sambabus, change to custom transmission and set top speed to 124 mph (200 kph).

Travelin' along, there's a song that we're singin'
Come on, get happy, We'll make you happy...

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